‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump Feels Lisa Rinna May Be Behind Eden Sassoon’s Attack On Kim Richards

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Lisa Vanderpump has a question for you all in her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog this week:

“Is Eden’s perception and judgement of Kim Richards formed from the brief amount of time at two social situations? Or is it a judgement that has been brewed, construed by an interference from a person who has an axe to grind?”

LVP thinks Lisa Rinna is behind this whole storyline, and I don’t disagree with her. She was savvy enough to see that Eden Sassoon would be a sympathetic ear—and possible do some dirty work for her.

LVP didn’t know about the conversation that took place between Eden and Rinna, talking about Kim’s sobriety and how she was close to death. She did know that Eden had been intrusive with Kyle Richards, asking about Big Kathy and whether she was an alcoholic, but LVP didn’t realize Rinna was also sat the table, listening to every word.

So, LVP invited Eden over for tea. She was acquainted with Vidal Sassoon and Eden’s sister, Catya. It seemed like the natural thing to do.

“…I was curious about Eden and welcomed her to our group. We had an interesting conversation until it turned to Kyle.”

As we know, LVP is far more loyal to Kyle than Kyle has ever been to LVP. And that thread continues this week as LVP put the brakes on calling Kyle an enabler.

“Loyalty is of paramount importance to me so, yes, I was vociferous in my defense of Kyle, and I speak from a position of strength. My strength is a direct result of witnessing Kyle do her utmost to deal with a complicated sibling relationship…”

LVP was shocked that Eden (and Rinna) would so freely give their opinion on Kim’s sobriety without thinking about how it would affect her or her family.

“Something that baffles me is the notion that anyone is authorized to speculate in a public domain. They are obviously disregarding the ramifications, the ripple effect as loved ones view these statements…”

Lisa wondered if she should give Eden a pass. After all, her sister died of an overdose. Kim’s situation feel all too familiar.

“…I briefly entertained was the fact that this woman who had lost her sister, struggled with sobriety herself and had obviously copious amounts of experience regarding alcoholism…”

Lisa soon discarded that notion and teases us with episodes to come.

“I soon dismissed that and rightfully so. You will see.”

LVP is firmly putting this storyline down to Rinna. She and Kim have had beef from the start. Is this Rinna’s way of getting back at Kim—starting rumors, getting Eden on her side, calling Kyle an enabler?

“…it is my conclusion that a little tiny bird might be fluttering around Miss Sassoon‘s ear, tweeting an opinion that is a result of a grudge that has festered over the last couple of years. We will see, and just as the black curtain was pulled back, we will also see a greater reveal soon.”

So, what do you make of it? Is Eden being too intrusive because she’s following Rinna’s lead or do you think that’s part of her personality?


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