Kathy Hilton Exposes Eden Sassoon’s LIES About Sister Kim Richards & Issues Legal Warning

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Eden Sassoon has turned a part-time gig on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, into a full time effort to bulldoze her way into Kim Richards’ recovery story. Kim’s sister, Kathy Hilton, is now telling Eden to back off — no hashtags necessary.

CLICK: Eden Sassoon Says Connection With Kim Richards & Her Dead Sister Gets Her ‘In Trouble’

Kathy sounded off on Twitter Thursday, soundly spanking Eden’s reality shtick, and ripping holes in her story of an intermingled past with her sister. Kim got the party started, responding to a poster who called her attention to Eden’s Kim-soaked double-talk.

Kathy jumped in — shredding Eden’s credibility, and spilling her thoughts about the meddling newbie.

Eden talked about her deceased sister, Catya, and her link to Kim, early in the season.

“Kim would come over with Robert Downy, and Robert would play the piano like crazy,” Eden told Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi, in an early episode. “Sure enough — they all sort of had their ‘stuff.’”

Wrong — says Kathy. Kathy offered to back up her claim, straight from the celebrity source.

Kathy also pointed out that Eden was just a young child during the time period in question.

Kathy issued a stern warning to Eden — in language she should recognize.

The New York Times once called attorney, Marty Singer, a “guard dog to the stars.”

Shots have been fired — and the stakes have been raised, as Eden Sassoon’s chaotic fight for relevance plays out. The season has been filmed, but Eden’s bizarre social media habits continue. Will her loopy banter become a no-Kim zone?

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