‘RHOA’ Matt Jordan’s Violent Threats Against His Former Assistant’s Life Exposed!

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Kenya Moore’s ex, Matt Jordan, is being skewered on social media — and the drama began with a cheap $12 hoodie.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta personality’s former personal assistant, a woman named JayMarie, revealed how a lost hoodie from Ross, pushed Matt over the edge.

Evidently, a phone argument about the misplaced hoodie between Matt and JayMarie became heated, and JayMarie cut Matt off, when he launched into profanity.

The nastiness continued via text — with the reality hothead issuing a threat to his former P.A. JayMarie spilled the tea on social media.

“I want you to try me and play games like I’m one of these pu**ies out here, I have nothing to lose. if you so much as do one devious thing to me trust me I will try my hardest to get rid of you. think I care??” Matt ranted. “log out of every social media and email account that has anything to do with me cease and desist from any contact with anybody that has anything to do with me. I promise you if you play games with me you have to hide for the rest of your life. play like I’m lying ..violate me or use my ssn or any information of mine that u have. I promise you will have no futher doubts in your mind that i am purly evil. Try me…. Im actually daring you to violate or disrespect my name or my business. This is the wrong time to play strobg black woman. I promise on everything you will lose. Return tonight my credit card my compact flash drive the black one. And dont do a single thing else.”

JayMarie slammed Matt back — and did not back down.

“Over a cheap ass $12 hoodie???? You brought it to this… I warned you not to threaten me…I’ve held my tongue and have taken your abuse for way too long. I’ve always walked on eggshells making sure not to say the wrong thing to have you blow up. I stayed in my lane as the perfect personal assistant who wasn’t getting paid….cooking your meals for the week…washing your clothes…calling back clients…managing your social media…(spell checking) ????????…booking endorsements…emails…designing logos…website design….keeping up with court dates…bailing you out the times Kenya couldn’t because you didn’t want her to know….sending resumes…making music playlist…packing bags…I did everything but wipe your ass…oh thanks for the boost mobile phone by the way…way to boss up

Matt later wrote “Ok, it’s over, don’t worry about it,” but JayMarie decided to offer Matt some choice advice.

“Whatever you say….think about this….if everyone in your life is a problem….then you might wanna look in the mirror…you fall out with everyone in your life…why is that?” JayMarie wrote. “Dont burn bridges you cant rebuild”

“I was in your corner and we fell because of a hoodie???? Comical.”

JayMarie took it to a new level when responding to another one of Matt’s texts. She WENT OFF — alleging an “addy addiction,” an abortion push directed at a random woman, and lots more. 

“#PersonalAssistant #Rant… How the f**k you tryna win when you spending all your money Kenya just gave you last week frontin for the new girlfriend who is an ex prostitute and pornhub wh0re…atleast Kenya is classy…Matt you’ve gone all the way to the gutter after Kenya…you mix your DNA with low vibration women…you will stay low…and not investing in your “Brand” you lose! Should’ve paid me my money clown! I use to see you as a #KING but you snapped on me, the real one in your corner from day one…for some new pu**y that wont be around long when she see you can’t buy her a sandwich or you flip out and hit her or destroy her property like you did mine and Kenya’s… your lil b!tch mad bc your personal assistant was too much competition with my natural hair and unmatched beauty…you let the snake talk you into going against your day one that bailed you out of jail…washed and folded your drawls…cooked your meals for the week…let you borrow $20 when you needed it…got you the plug for your addy addiction…brought you food when you were sick..will Goof troop hold you down like this? Not after she gets her followers for her business…she played you son just like the plastic chick man did…and the fitness girl did that played you for app downloads lol…i told you to watch these girls…pu**y should never run you…run the pu**y…that’s real n!gga talk tho…a language you will never understand bc you soft…you told on your homeboy and got him sent to prison ehen i first met you…then told your roommates girl to get an abortion then f**ked her the same night she came to our apartment looking for her man….you pawned that man TV too…lol…wild..I cant make this stuff up…and before you think its bc I’m salty and we use to date…lets be clear..I’m not attracted to brokenness.. .You taking my hard drive was the worst bc you f**king with my livelihood #musicians #producers #singers #engineers #songwriters know what I’m talking about…Say what you want about me…you steal from me….I f**k you…so many receipts on hand…return my sh!t back to me…don’t come knocking and kicking on my door like yesterday…watchers will be in the tower..”

JayMarie also sounded off on Twitter about the drama with her former boss.

JayMarie responded to a commenter asking if Matt had moved on from his attachment to Kenya, noting that Matt still brings her up on Instagram.

“Actually no he hasn’t moved on bc he still gets really emotional when talking about her and I’ve seen emails begging her to take him back….he thinks being with these other women will shake Kenya up but she could care less,” JayMarie dished. “It would be in his beat interest for him to move on and focus on building his brand and not spending his last dollar to please these IG thots. Ask the closest person in his life…I tried to be the voice of reason….he told me to get out of his business and personally assist him with the brand.”

JayMarie captured video of Matt stopping at her place to pick up some things, that she had tossed over her balcony.





JayMarie added a bonus jab, when she posted a later text from Matt, requesting cash for an order of fries.


Kenya Moore’s relationship fallout with Matt is playing out on the Bravo stage — but apparently Matt has not yet learned that he can’t push around strong women. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights on Bravo.


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