Kyle Richards Calls Out Eden Sassoon For Making ‘Unconscionable’ Remarks About Kim While Claiming Sober & Popping Pills

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Kyle Richards is officially over Eden Sassoon. And Lisa Rinna, the thirsty drama queen who’s so boring she can’t find a storyline of her own, isn’t far behind.

When Kyle watched Eden and Rinna talk about her sister being close to death and label Kyle an enabler, she saw red. But these women won’t stop. In the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump invited Eden over for tea. LVP was kind, but direct, as she set Eden straight on a few things.

Kyle’s grateful for LVP backing her up as she takes to her blog this week.

Thank you Lisa V for sticking up for my sister and me.”

Over tea, Eden talked nonstop about Kim’s addiction and Kyle’s role in it all.

“It is extremely upsetting to watch someone who doesn’t even know us try to create drama at our expense. The accusations that came out in this episode were shockingly irresponsible.”

Agreed. Eden says she only wants to help people, and being sober might make you a good sponsor, but you can’t go around pinning labels on people you don’t even know—at least not on a reality TV show.

“…the things that both Eden and Lisa Rinna have been saying is unconscionable. My sister has children that will hear about these things. “Close to death”?  “One drink and she’ll be gone”? In seeing this I am truly at a loss for words.”

Remember, all this was based on one evening at Kyle’s house and Rinna’s dramatic interpretation of Kim and Kyle’s lives. Why is Rinna trying to get involved in this all over again? (Read the thirsty comment above.)

“There was absolutely NOTHING to give them that impression at Game Night. Eden certainly should not be making accusations about my sister when she says she is sober but admittedly takes pills.”

Touché, Kyle. Touché!

At PK’s birthday party, Kim was remarking on how having a grandbaby was releasing all those old fears and concerns about taking care of an infant. But Eden twisted it into something else, suspecting Kim was one step away from picking up a bottle. And let’s face it, she might be. But that’s not Eden’s or anyone else’s business unless Kim asks for help.

“…Kim expressed having “new grandmother” anxiety about her grandson, meaning the typical parental type of worrying… For Eden to turn that into anything other than what it was is beyond comprehension. As a sober woman (as she likes to say), doesn’t she see how damaging that is?”

Kyle was particularly put out at being called Kim’s enabler by Rinna. Eden was quick to pick up the moniker and run with it.

“Calling me an enabler? Neither of these women have any clue what goes on between my sister and me… Nobody close to us could ever call me an enabler, because they know what we have gone through.”

Kim’s sobriety has always been precarious. She’s had her successes and setbacks, and we’ve seen it all. But until someone wants help, you can’t force it on them.

So, who’s the bigger aggressor here? Eden, for being pushy in her need to help Kim or Rinna for stirring up shit — again?   


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