‘Teen Mom 2’ Javi Marroquin Dishes On Leaked Nude Photo Scandal!

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There’s a d*ck pic floating around the net, and it’s rumored that the unit in question belongs to Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin

The photo shows a man lying on a bed with his dork exposed. But wait! Those with an eagle eye spotted a striped blue shirt (Javi had one just like it) in the background and the man in question wore a pair of white ankle socks. Javi used to wear white ankle socks. Coincidence?!

Apparently so, because Kailyn Lowry’s ex husband is denying the rumors.

“No it’s not me. Someone reserved [sic] image searched it and it’s not me. It’s not me so I’m not worried about it, he tells RadarOnline.”

And those telltale ankle socks? He wore those like, two years ago. Jeez!

If it is Javi’s love wand in question, it had to have been taken while he was deployed and still married to Kailyn. But she’s so over him, she couldn’t care less.

A source close to Kailyn revealed,

“She saw it in passing when someone sent it to her and she didn’t examine it to find out. She just doesn’t care enough if it is or isn’t him.”

And after seeing the cruel way she’s treated him upon his return home, I believe it.

Evidently, one of Kailyn’s friends sent her the pic, questioning whether it was Javi. Unhappy about the rumors, Javi tweeted, “I’m mad Kail just sent me a screenshot of her friends starting s**t of me wearing ankle socks like two years ago. Stop.”


He also tweeted his denial, “I’m gonna set something straight for you weirdos who think the picture is me 1. That guy in the pic is white. 2. I never wear ankle socks.”


So, do you believe him? And why is Kailyn being so heartless to the father of her child. She wouldn’t even let him borrow her car seat for crying out loud!


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