‘RHOBH’ Eden Sassoon Assures It’s Acceptable To Pop Pills & Still Call Yourself Sober?

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Eden Sassoon is weighing in on her controversial stint on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and how her past plays into her choices. 

Although Eden veers in and out of Twitter-speak, she does give us a peek into a thought process that has triggered fan annoyance, and uneasiness within the cast. 

Eden begins by assuring her readers that it’s perfectly acceptable to pop pills, and still call yourself sober.

“First of all, yes, you can be a sober woman and take medication prescribed by a psychiatrist, especially when it’s medication you need. My sister’s death was so incredibly tough. Fast forward 10 years, and now my dad, my rock, passes away. At that point, yes, I needed medication. I was depressed and anxious, not able to get out of bed and walk to the shower without sobbing. But not once did taking a pill make me want to drink. Drinking was always my problem, not pills.”

Eden claims that her pushy way of relating to people came from being raised by a man who “questioned the purpose” of everything.

“My dad, and his death, is a major reason why I am the way I am. Always questioning everything and everyone. It’s not to make anyone uncomfortable, it’s just the way I was raised. My father had #Nothing. For him to become successful, to become an icon, he questioned the purpose of everything, the meaning of everyone in his life, and the reason for his actions. I am like my papa. #DaddysGirl.”

Eden implies that her no-boundaries way of relating to people is making her a better person. She admits that she sometimes questions her actions, but those actions are about her truth — so it’s all good.

“If you don’t question your thoughts and actions, and the actions of those you’re surrounding yourself with, you will never become a better version of yourself. You will be stuck in old habits. #Truth”

“Reliving the moments with these women is not easy. Could I have approached things in a different way? Yes, probably. But I have to remind myself that in those moments, that was what I was feeling, and that was my truth at that moment. Hindsight is always 20/20. But as I have said before, my goal is only to live out MYtruth, and if I am doing that, I am being as authentic as I can be.”

Eden questions Dorit for bringing up Rinna’s baggie of tricks — a pill for any occasion.

“What is Dorit trying to accomplish by bringing up Rinna’s bag of pills? Whose pot is she trying to stir? All I know is that most of the pills in that bag would make these women healthier…and calmer. #Vitamins”

Eden writes that she thinks that she makes Kim uncomfortable because of fear — and shades Kyle for not opening up on command.

“But watching it back, now I see that Kim wasn’t happy with me. And apparently I am “always around.” Damn I’m quick! #LightningBolt. Truly, I think the things you notice that are “always around” you are the things you’re most scared of — or the things you’re scared to face. For Kim, that may be me, another sober woman who knows the disease inside and out.”

“But again, with the moment I don’t understand… Kyle was so easily able to open up about her mom to Erika, but when I asked, trying to understand where she comes from, I was attacking her?”

Eden questions, pushes and pries simply because she wants to. Will the others shut her down?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday nights, on Bravo.


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