Porsha Williams Took Her ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Dismissal In Stride In Episode 4

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 10:36am by Dani-K

Last week on The New Celebrity Apprentice, Arnold was forced to mix up the teams. Sent packing first was Real Housewife Kyle Richards for her failed Kawasaki concept. It was really Brooke Burke-Charvet’s husbands’ fault for not sitting on the back of the motorcycle, but Kyle had the target on her back because she should have “gone to the choppa” twice already. And on the new teams, Jon Lovitz was sent packing for his lackluster fundraising. Vince Neil won the most money so far this season for his charity, almost $790,000, so obviously he’ll be coasting from this point on. The new teams are:

Team Prima: Vince Neil, Porsha Williams, Chael Sonnen, Carson Kressley and Lisa Leslie

Team Arête: Boy George, Matt Iseman, Ricky Williams, Laila Ali and Brooke Burke-Charvet

Episode 7

The Task

Larissa’s Kitchen is the client. The task is to introduce Larissa’s Kitchen at an event. The teams will be given a retrofitted container they will use to create a fun and lively PR stunt and perform their stunt live at Hermosa Beach. They will be judged on audience engagement, brand messaging and creativity of theme concept. Bob Harper is the special boardroom consultant.  Up for grabs is $50K for the winning project manager’s charity.

The Project Manager and Strategy

Team Prima – Has chosen Lisa Leslie. Finally! She has a MBA but can she lead effectively? She certainly has no problem pointing out other’s faults. Lisa plans to be loud so they can pull the crowd away from Team Arête. Vince offers his only idea – sexy fitness girls. Carson thinks that it may be a turnoff to other women. Lisa knows that Brooke will do a workout so she wants to do one, too. Carson doesn’t like the idea of copying Brooke and says their concept is “not real snappy.” They will have a kitchen in their container and a fast, fun and free mommy workout. Porsha doesn’t like that Lisa keeps talking over her. Chael keeps going to Carson with his ideas because he’s not feeling Lisa’s overbearing PM ways. Chael and Vince are doing the bare minimum according to Lisa. Carson is a better leader and is worried their message is sloppy.

Team Arête – Has chosen the Brook because she has something to prove. So far, Brooke wants to make her container educational, inspirational and inviting. Boy George explains that he’s tried every diet under the sun, but it didn’t work until he changed his relationship with food. Then he lost 70 pounds! Brooke is the queen of fitness and teaches the booty-burn to the rest of her teammates. The difference is, her crew will do the workout, not models. Brooke’s PM style is flirty. Ricky doesn’t think the concept is solid and he’s confused by Brooke’s management style. Laila wants to name the concept and Brooke just wants people to feel the experience. Thank goodness Bob Harper has shown up. Brooke tells Bob they will be playing it safe. Why would you say that, Brooke?! Bob thinks this is a recipe for disaster – and lacks energy. Brooke says they will figure it out as they go. What could go wrong with that?

The Presentation

Team Arête is up first. Matt Iseman welcomes the crowd. Brooke and Laila take over pumping up the crowd and provide the history of Larissa’s Kitchen. Brooke begins her booty burn workout and the team, plus others, join in. Boy George tells his story with weight loss and Ricky talks about the fresh ingredients in Larissa’s Kitchen. They are a well-oiled machine until the “enemy” runs up and tries to steal the customers.

Team Prima sends over Carson and Chael to steal the customers with the promise of free tee-shirts. Lisa is bossy and practically barking at the crowd with her information. Chael is wearing tights and teaching boxing. Porsha is teaching her booty buster class. Lisa gives out samples and education. And Vince is holding a selfie-corner. Their PR stunt is chaotic and the message is completely lost. Vince loved the hot models working out, so there’s that, and Carson was having fun in the Congo line.

The Boardroom Feedback

The Governor welcomes the teams and tells them they are at the halfway point. (Finally!) The competition will only get tougher so they need to wake up and keep fighting. Brooke speaks highly of her team and their ability to work together. She says that Ricky is quiet and he could have been more vocal. Ricky responds that he’s not going to talk just to talk. Arnold asks Lisa for her thoughts. She says it was wonderful experience and Porsha and Carson were the most creative. Chael and Vince were slackers. Porsha says that Chael and Vince were phenomenal, but she won’t say who worked less and rambles on about something else. In German, Arnold says he should fire Porsha for talking so much. Arnold asks whose idea it was to have dancing girls. Reluctantly, Vince raises his hand.

The results for Team Arête – The execs loved the farm to table feel and Brooke’s connection with the moms.  On the negatives, they felt the space could have been used better. The wall going through the center was a big miss.

The results for Team Prima – The execs loved that moms were the focus, Carson’s leadership, and how they used the space. The negatives were the chaotic message and the party atmosphere with the sexy dancers cheapened the brand.

The Winners and the Losers

Arnold explains that it was clear one team fell short. The winner is Team Arête! Brooke is relieved and overjoyed that her charity Project Smile will be able to fix 208 smiles with the $50K.   

So Brooke, Matt, Boy George, Laila and Ricky get to leave the boardroom. Team Prima will fight to see who goes home. The Governor asks Lisa what went wrong. She says they apparently got off-brand especially with the dancers that Vince wanted. She denies losing control of her team, admits she signed off on the dancers, but doesn’t feel she should go home for Vince’s mistake. The exes thought it was inappropriate for children to see the sexy dancers. Vince says they weren’t strippers, they were fit women, in tight cloths, doing aerobics. Chael throws Lisa under the bus and says she never had control from the beginning. Lisa goes for Chael’s jugular when she tells Arnold he did nothing and this is the most Chael has ever spoken. Carson says it’s a tie for who is weaker between Chael and Lisa. And don’t ask Porsha what she thinks. Arnold tells Porsha she has the perfect name since her mouth runs 100 miles per hour. Porsha says Lisa should bring back Chael and Vince. You can tell Vince doesn’t really care because got his charity nearly $700K. Suck on that! Lisa brings back Vince and Chael, but she tells The Governor she didn’t need Porsha’s help in determining this.

The Firing

Lisa says it only appears that she can’t get along with the women or the men, but they are all just slackers who don’t give 100%. Vince says he did what was asked. Arnold calls Vince out on doing his victory lap and being done with the whole process. Chael says that Carson was elected to be the leader by mutiny because they couldn’t work with Lisa. Arnold points out that Chael can fight in the boardroom, but doesn’t fight during the task. Lisa tries to talk over Arnold, but he shuts her down and shuts her up. Yay! Lisa says to fire Chael because he doesn’t fight to win. Chael says to fire Lisa. Vince says to fire him. Ask and ye shall receive. Vince, you are terminated. Now get to the choppa! But look out, because Chael is gunning for Lisa.

Episode 8 Boy George is not here because of a prior engagement, so he gets a pass on this task.

The Task

The client is Universal Studio Hollywood. They teams will create a celebrity inspired digital brochure to promote the Wizardly World of Harry Potter. They will be judged on the following three criteria: creativity of theme concept, brand integration, and live presentation. The special boardroom advisor is Extra’s Tracy Edmonds. The winning project manager will win $50K for their charity.

The Project Manager and Plans

Team PrimaCarson knows about marketing but very little about Harry Potter. But nobody else wants the job, so Carson wins by process of elimination. They go check out the park to learn all they don’t know. But Carson has a concept. There’s a new celebrity in town, Harry Potter world. Porsha is on board with her magic wand. Lisa doesn’t like her ideas – get her a broom! And again Chael is practically asleep. Lisa recommends giving more credit to the Harry Potter fan base. Basically the concept is to take lots of photos and hope they tell the story they are struggling to tell. Everyone is taking pictures and it’s chaotic with all the crowds. But it’s time to go so they can get to the graphics. The team is not liking the pictures they’ve downloaded. Tracy Edmonds stops by to help give the team direction, and once they explain their concept, she’s not sure they actually have a concept. Chael is worried they are going to lose based on time constraints so he sabotages the whole thing by cutting the wires to the computer. He thinks this will buy them time, but all it does was make them move to a smaller computer. If Carson is Harry Potter, Chael is Voldemort.

Team Arête Matt Iseman is a huge nerd Harry Potter fan. In fact, he says he wishes instead of going to medical school he went to Hogwarts School – and I’m like – medical school? What the heck are you doing on this show? You should be saving lives, not emceeing American Ninja. Matt’s concept is to do a brochure of the Daily Profit which is the Harry Potter newspaper. Nobody can keep up with Matt’s relentless Harry Potter information. Laila thinks there could be people on the planet that haven’t heard of Harry Potter. She’s wrong, but at least she’s speaking up. Brooke and Ricky don’t know what to say or think or do. They take pictures of a family, but the crowds are getting in the way. This is when Ricky comes to life – moving people out of the way. The team definitely has to reel Matt in, but his enthusiasm is contagious although his concept may be too ambitious.

The Presentation

Team Arête – Goes first. Matt introduces their concept with a British accent. Brooke has to help Matt move along with the next slide because Matt is losing himself in the experience. The Magic is Real is the message. It’s hard to tell if the execs are won over by his enthusiasm or exhausted.

Team Prima – Per Carson he does not want to mention Chael’s attempt at sabotage during the presentation. Carson reads from notes, but stays on point with the slide show. It lacks the enthusiasm the other team has but has a clear message: Unlock the Wizard in You.

Carson plans to bring up what Chael did in the boardroom.

The Boardroom Feedback

The Governor begins with Matt and tells him he now understands why he’s not married. Matt says he loves two things: Harry Potter and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Matt’s team has smiles as they describe pulling Matt back in from time to time. Ricky said that Matt did a good job of sharing his expertise. Arnold then asks Carson how their team did. Carson cuts to the chase: Chael cut the cord and nearly ruined their concept. Porsha says she thought Chael got shocked. Lisa says this was a weird experience and she doesn’t know what Chael was thinking. Arnold calls him a cheater and Chael calls himself creative. Patrick explains that a technical difficulty can’t be caused by one of the team members. Arnold wastes no time and fires Chael for cheating. He’s not even offered the choppa!

The results from the execs are:

Team Arête: The execs loved how Matt was an incredible showman, he had the crowd fully engaged, and his knowledge of the brand and enthusiasm was overwhelming. They loved the creativity of the newspaper, loved their brochure and plan to use it.

Team Priva: The execs felt the creativity was predictable and presentation was uninspired. Overall they missed their mark out of the gate.

The Winners and Losers

Team Arête is the winner! This is the second win for Matt and the Arthritis Foundation and so far he’s the only one to have won twice. Matt says he will try to get a girlfriend now.

The Firing

Arnold asks what went wrong. Carson says it was like only working with three people because Chael hardly participated. As far as the concept, that was on Carson. He did the work and led the team as best he could. Lisa says she’s the most valuable of the three remaining players. Lisa likes herself, but says Carson is stronger than Porsha. Porsha says Carson is very strong, but rambles on and on Arnold is getting ready to fire her. Lisa over-explains that Porsha talks too much. Then they both start talking at the same time. Poor Carson is just sitting there but finally speaks up to say that Porsha was invaluable to him. Carson blames himself for the miss on creativity. Porsha says she can’t say who should be fired. She’s either talking too much or not talking at all. So guess what? Porsha, you’re terminated. Get to the choppa!

Tune in next week to see two more celebrities get fired. In the meantime, tell us what you think. Should this be the last season of Celebrity Apprentice? Do you feel that celebrities don’t really care that much anymore? Or are you still a fan of the show?


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  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    I was really expecting Po’Shit to go for Lisa’s jugular in the boardroom, but to my great disappointment surprise she didn’t. Her ditsy completely superficial and phony persona on RHOA is a better look on her anyway. Gurl bye.

    • LogicalLeopard

      That really surprised me. I dont’ watch RHOA, but her and Lisa had been getting into it for a while, so I’m surprised she just didn’t say “Lisa” when asked the question.

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        She was obviously ready to go home (she probably maxed out her Citibank CC).

        • LogicalLeopard

          *LOL* She did seem ready to go home….nobody was readier than Vince last week, though. He earned almost a million dollars for his charity and was like, I’m out!

    • BetteDavisEyez1

      I was proud of both of them because you can tell there was tension between them.
      Porsha proved to have a hellava lot more class & discipline than she gets credit for.

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        Agreed … and suggests that her (obnoxious) behavior on RHOA is all an act. Will the real Po’Shit please stand up?

        • BetteDavisEyez1

          Well to be fair, I don’t ever see Porsha just attacking anyone out of nowhere with exception of that woman she attacked in the ally. At the pop up shop, at Kenya’s housewarming, etc when Dust Mop throws jabs at her she gives it right back but doesn’t go batshyt crazy.
          Even when Kandi was raising up out of her seat during that lunch with Sheree & Porsha, you saw Porsha never lost her cool & she got her point across efficienctly enough.
          This picture that is painted of Porsha is exaggerated IMHO.

          • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

            Oh totally … she’s got no more of an “anger mgmt” problem that anyone else (I didn’t even necessarily buy the vicious assault on Kenya). However, I am curious as to how they did that scene (dragging Kenya across the stage by her hair).

          • BetteDavisEyez1

            That’s funny.
            Did you see MJ in the bridal salon?!? Kandi & Apollo during that pj party?!? Dust Mop in Anguilla & Cynthia on that boat?!?
            They ALL act like hotheads but only Porsha should be in anger management. That is BS.

  • LogicalLeopard

    On the whole Chael thing….you say all it makes them do is move to a smaller computer, but he did actually buy them time. It wasn’t apparent on the show, but he stated that they had like two minutes left at the time he cut the cord. After he did it, they were given ten minutes, and they finished in about nine and a half. So yeah, he did help them get it done. If not, they wouldn’t have had a product. I’m kind of surprised that they brought it up right away. If they wouldn’t have, it’s possible that they would have come back into the boardroom and only one person would have been fired.

    • Dani-K

      I saw what he said in the boardroom but at that point I didn’t trust or believe Chael anymore. He didn’t do it for the team – in my opinion – he did it for himself. Porsha tried to tell Arnold they had already fired one person and didn’t need to fire another, and I agreed with her, but I wonder if the producers realized this year a lot (not all) of the celebrities really aren’t into it. I mean, Vince Neil was more than happy to throw himself on the sword and go home. My thoughts are Chael was being deliberately arrogant to get sent home too. JMO

      • LogicalLeopard

        I think he did it for the team, because that helped his own chances. If by some chance they won, he wouldn’t go to the boardroom for being dead weight.
        Chael is a very different kind of guy. *LOL* The first time I heard of him was when I was listening to the Jim Rome radio show, where he interviewed Chael Sonnen and was asked why he said that Lance Armstrong “gave himself cancer.” Chael denied it, and asked him to play back the tape. *LOL* He said, “That doesn’t even sound like me,” and then Rome was like, “Uhm, respectfully, Chael, it sounds EXACTLY like you. ” Chael said, “No, with my phone connection it sounded like some guy with a Hispanic accent, I thought you were joking with me, Jim. Play it back and have your listeners call in, it wasn’t me.” *LOL* Of course, all the listeners called in and said it was him. He admitted it later, and became kind of a staple interview and participant on that show. He’s not above lying, not above cheating (he’s had multiple steroid bans in MMA, I believe), and not above badmouthing anyone. He is the perfect kind of snake for this show. *L*

  • lloleary

    Darned AATT! Usually you don’t put spoilers in your headlines. I tape things to watch on the weekend when TV is boring and look forward to the surprise….

  • HearWhatISay

    I think Porsha did very well. I was surprised. She looked very pretty too.
    We all know they really don’t get on that dumb helicopter.
    Plus Porsha had long extensions when she filmed the helicopter scene and short hair in the boardroom.

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Porsha did well at being a team player but she kept acting indecisive when asked who should be fired.
    A boss never has to go on & on with long explanations. Just answer the damn question. I think that was her downfall.
    At this point I am looking forward to Carson & George being the last two standing. Although I don’t see Lisa nor Laila going out without a fight.