‘Ladies of London’ Recap: Lady Julie Is Trying To Create A Divide Between Sophie and Caroline

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Cheerio! The Ladies of London are out of Scotland and back in London. Later we will be going to a fancy regatta that requires a hat, but for now, we are with Caroline S aka the black sheep of the family as she visits with mummy and daddy. They discuss her move to Dubai and the weekend in Scotland. Caroline explains she’s built differently than other girls because she doesn’t like to cry or hug. The entire family agrees that hugging is an American thing.

Next we join Juliet and her family as they picnic and discuss how England is now their home, no matter how many tests they have to take as ex-pats. The best part of Juliet is the adorable relationship with her daughter. Hopefully that won’t be quashed like her relationship with Marissa.

Caroline F is making lobster tail salad when Marissa pops in. This recipe is part of her new book proposal, and although Marissa still isn’t feeling like herself, she’s happy to be Caroline’s Guinea pig. They talk about Mid Summer’s Night which is not a Shakespeare play, but a night to celebrate life, love and nature where you can prance around practically naked. But this is a reminder of Caroline’s mum, so that makes her sad. More sad news, while Caroline cooks, we learn that her dad is currently in surgery in Scotland. 

Caroline F tells Marissa she would like to have someone she can trust to talk about her father, but doesn’t know if that person is Marissa. Marissa is friends with Caroline’s sister and ex-husband and has learned most of what she knows about Caroline from the tabloids. The two got off to a rocky start because of a comment Marissa made about one of Caroline’s love interests that got back to her parents. Marissa promises Caroline she can now be trusted. Just then, Caroline gets a text that her father is out of surgery and things went well. Marissa cries at the news and needs a hug because she’s American.

Next up is Adela. She and Julie are shopping for proper makeup and how to apply it properly. First off, use primer. They talk about who is going to the regatta. Juliet, Marissa, Sophie and Caroline F are all going, but Caroline S has got something else planned. Julie explains that per Sophie they are no longer allowed to speak about Caroline S. Adela calls that a gift. That’s her polite way of telling Julie it’s none of her business. The conversation moves onto Judge Juliet and her struggle with insecurity. Other than that the makeover was a success.

It’s time for the Henley Royal Regatta where hats are optional it seems. Fun fact: Adela has never rowed, but has been rowed. Fingers crossed for her she gets rowed tonight! Juliet and Sophie arrive at the regatta via helicopter. Is there any other way? The weather is typical London wet and blustery, but the ladies get through the ride. Let the drinking commence – except for Adela – she’ll busy herself with giving Juliet the stink eye.

Marissa shares that she wasn’t in a good place in Scotland, but after a few drinks, she is in a great place now! Sophie reveals that Caroline S’s father had a heart scare, received a few stints, but all is well for now, you know, stiff upper lip.

The ladies continue to drink and drink and drink and apparently you don’t actually watch the rowing races at the fancy regatta. Adela is ready to speak to Juliet about her tacky comment about suicide. Juliet says living in London has caused her to put up a wall. However Juliet’s no longer as needy and desperate as she used to be. (Cough, cough.) Adela explains that as friends they need to have boundaries. Sophie yet again tells Julie she loves her, but cannot speak about Caroline S anymore, it’s in the agreement that she signed in blood, not with a hug. Julie calls bullshit on this and needs a hug, but there is none to be had. The ladies end the deep conversation by deciding it’s better to drink than to talk.

We are with Marissa as she visits her doctor to discuss her “intense sadness” and how she just wants to cry all the time. But that was last week. She says this week is better, but after Sadie was hospitalized it was difficult to reconnect because Marissa was afraid of losing her. Her doctor is sympathetic and reminds Marissa that she didn’t voluntarily give up never having another child ever again, so there’s that to feel lousy about as well. His diagnosis: she is normal. And don’t worry about the lousy sex, that’ll get better when she stops breast-feeding Sadie and begins the process of distancing herself from her children. No good drugs are prescribed.

Caroline F and Juliet meet with Liam, the event manager, to discuss the Mid Summer event and the chance that spirits are invading this particular island where the event is going to be held. Liam has no idea what Caroline is talking about, but accepts the holy water just the same because this is a paying gig. Caroline thinks of her mother and cries as she talks to Juliet. So what’s an American to do? Juliet puts her arm around Caroline – and Caroline doesn’t push her away. Hooray! Caroline is now ready to bring back this lost tradition and celebrate her mother.

Over at Sophie’s house, her mother, Angela, stops by after picking Harry up from school. Sophie and her mom are super close and speak every day. Angela asks if now is perhaps the best time to tell the boys about the divorce because they are not stupid like their parents think they are. Sophie and her ex keep putting it off. Angela explains all that they need to do is assure the boys both mummy and daddy still love them, you know, stiff upper lip.

Caroline S is visiting with her mum. She’s stunned but the recent thought of her parent’s mortality. The Stansbury trait is their ability to sweep emotions and what-if’s under the rug. It’s so American to admit your feelings and deal with them. But it was a nice bonding time for Caroline and her mother as they barely touch hands over tea.

Marissa leaves the hospital and phones her husband to tell him she’s normal. Matt is like, great, stiff upper lip, goodbye. Sophie spends some quality time with the boys in the garden playing baseball (invented in America-where they hug). Caroline S sits back while her mother picks flowers for her father. And Marissa comes home to bond with her daughter – before she stops breast feeding for the very last time ever.

Tune in next week for the Mid Summer’s party and Caroline S takes a major dig at Adela.


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