Kirk Frost Cheats & Has Secret Love Child — Mistress Sues ‘LHHATL’ Star for Child Support

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 2:48pm by Terri L. Austin

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Kirk Frost’s wife, Rasheeda, just knew her husband was cheating. She accused him multiple times.

Sometimes a woman’s intuition is spot on. Now Rasheeda has tangible proof that Kirk had a side chick and that side chick now has his baby.

Jasmine Washington has admitted to being Kirk’s mistress and is suing for child support. It seems that once she had the baby, Kirk abandoned her. Now, she wants him to pay up.

Jasmine stated in court records that Kirk discouraged her from working — most likely to be at his beck and call. She became a kept woman in every sense. Not only did he take care of her, but he bought her a car and gave her an allowance.

The baby, Kannon Mekhi Washington, is now six-months-old. When Jasmine broke it off with Kirk in October, he turned his back on her and baby. He even reclaimed the car. He started denying the child was his.

Jasmine said she can’t find steady work and has been in a “state of financial distress” since Frost cut off his cash flow.

Court documents state, “Petitioner shows that as a result of the respondent’s actions, she has suddenly, and without warning, found herself struggling financially to provide basic needs for herself and her child.”

She’s asked the court to expose all of Frost’s finances, claiming he makes $10k a month, not to mention the revenue he makes from his real estate properties. She’s asking for $2500 a month to take care of her and the baby.

Furthermore, the side chick wants a DNA test to prove beyond a doubt that Frost is the daddy.

Kirk hasn’t responded to the suit, but I’ll bet Rasheeda has something to say about all this.


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  • equinox2009

    A “bonefied” member of the Creep Squad, if not the President of the Squad. He’s a pig.

  • allison1050

    Some women such as this dolt are always looking for a free ride and I want to be clear, I’m also including married women. WHY would she allow, yes allow, herself to become totally dependent on a married boy but accept his popping over whenever he can squeeze her in? Why get pregnant by a married boy? If you cheat with a married boy then guess what, the same boy will cheat on you, I mean, why wouldn’t he since you’ve been so accommodating? Get your ass on a job and keep it, if a married boy gives you an allowance then bank it because that gravy train will stop one day.