Eden Sassoon Grows Bizarre Cult-like Twitter Following Who Attacks #RHOBH Fans “Your Fans #SassQuad Have Your Back!”

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 12:31pm by BeachSpin

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills part-timer Eden Sassoon, is creating waves of controversy — and the drama is spilling over into real time.

The Twitter world has been sounding off about the rookie, and the noise is  reaching a feverish pitch.

A bizarre online clique has formed — and a hashtag, #SassSquad, has even been created to mark Sassoon‘s followers.

Eden and her disciples devoted fans have been blocking and slamming opinions, targeting even easygoing viewers who were once embraced by the fan circle. Ringleaders have even managed to manipulate the system to the point of suspending and/or shutting down accounts, that have dared challenge Eden’s presence on Bravo.

Fans have been weighing in on the disturbing hero worship, and the online shots launched against anyone who dares to disagree.

Some viewers have taken it to another level, alerting Andy Cohen and Evolution Media with their complaints. Screenshots have been grabbed, to illustrate what has been going down.

Eden Sassoon preaches truth, love and hugs — IF you sign onto her loopy  agenda. Fans have begun to catch on — will Bravo?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday nights, on Bravo.


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  • Mental Iceberg ????
    • LuxLuxLux

      Never thought I’d agree with Taylor!

  • LuxLuxLux

    She’d be cool if she wasn’t so obsessive

    • Jen

      I agree and I thought she was cool at first.

  • ScrappieONE

    Good Grief

  • Ronnie

    Eden puts on a facade of strength but she is really insecure and craves external validation. Notice how when Kyle and Kim didn’t give her the level of attention she deemed appropriate, she commented on it. Once an addict, always an addict and the work is always ongoing. She should use her energy to focus on her sobriety and stop making so many uninformed statements about Kim and her family, after only meeting the sisters once or twice. If she wants to help Kim, don’t add to her stress.

    • Jennymckitty

      Well said.

      • Ronnie


    • Great comment!

      • Ronnie


        • Dayle Hudson


    • Jen

      She’s the first “sober person” I’ve ever encountered that’s analyzes, judges and diagnosis people she does not even know. She’s a complete weirdo and a fraud. I call bs that she’s been sober for 4 years. Last nights show confirmed it for me when she had to make a comment that Kim did not even acknowledge her helping her down the stairs at PK and Dorit’s party. Geez lady could you be any more needy?! I am a recovering alcoholic and you are spot on Ronnie, the work IS always ongoing. Anyone working a good program does not focus their attention on other peoples recovery unless asked for help. I will also mention that when she said she takes medication, I laughed. Ok she’s a pill popper, that’s not living a life of a sober woman. She’s cookoo for Cocoa Puffs!

      • Ronnie

        I couldn’t agree with you more!

        • Jen

          Thanks I’m glad I discovered this site last night, it’s hilarious!

          • Ronnie

            Yes. I enjoy it too.

      • Well said!

    • Dayle Hudson

      Renna and Eileen are camp Eden now????

      • Ronnie

        They can stay there.

  • Jennymckitty

    I wonder how many of these accounts are real. It seems so odd that with the realitvely brief time on this show, she would have such devoted followers. She isn’t someone who is polarizing…..the sort of person that cultivates rabid fans. I find her creepy and a bit unhinged but, to me, she hasn’t done or said anything to generate this sort of blind devotion. If it’s real, it’s odd.

  • MarcoPolo

    This chick has a screw loose–Andy has mixed himself up with a real crazy.

    • Oh Snarky Me

      And she’s not even entertaining. At least Kim is sometimes entertaining (You stole my gdammed house!)

      • Dayle Hudson

        I thought it was so funny when Kim said I’m not wearing panties????????

    • Lynn

      When you said that, you made me think of something. Eden reminds me of Danielle Staub.

    • It cracks me up when she gets all offended when people don’t spend a certain amount of time with her at an event. Like who the hell is she? Or if she isn’t the first person they talk to at a party. She’s a moron.

  • Oh Snarky Me

    “They wants us to cave”
    Smeagol, is that you???

    What a bunch of idiots and SassLoon is their ringleader. The dumb leading the dumber.

    • Cave to what exactly? wth were those hens cackling about? I wonder if they even know.

      • Dayle Hudson

        The only one that might know a little bit is the one who has the brain for a day

  • This Eden psycho is Andy’s karma. She’ll be the death of his empire.

    • Bryan

      He will be the death of HER, when she gets the boot LOL back to being no one

    • Dayle Hudson

      There is just something creepy about her. She acts like she is on some kind of drug that has her spaced out.Kim does not need her in her life.

  • italiano bambino

    Those twatter wars

  • Mental Iceberg ????

    OT, but RIP Mary Tyler Moore. What a great role model she was.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Not feeling this chick. From the looks of her “cute” little house, as Rinna put it (which is code word for ‘small’), she’s clearly another fraud without a pot to pee in. I still want to know where the $150M went; especially since it was revealed that sister is dead and Vidal pulled a Joan Crawford and cut the son out. I also want to know what’s up with her (deflated) bosoms. I’m wondering if the doctor foreclosed on her (and repossessed her boobs) or has she undergone a mastectomy?

    • bellaboo

      The first time i saw her in a low cut dress its was ewwww. Not flattering at all

  • Bryan

    Oh, please bring on these clowns!!!!, I left a few ” interesting” comments I wonder If I have been blocked

    • She blocked me a long time ago. I told her to that she was wrong about something she said, that she needed to have thicker skin. And she responded with some incoherent babble and blocked me.

      I’m devastated. lol

      Eden does not have the temperament for reality TV combined with social media.

      • Bryan

        She isn’t going to last long this way LOL

    • Blocked and reported for sure, lol!

      • Bryan

        I’m not, still have access

    • BetteDavisEyez1

      Interesting coming from you is on a whole other level. LOL!! This Eden chick has some strange ass fans.

      • Bryan

        I didn’t go off on her I told she needed help more then Rambles

        • BetteDavisEyez1

          Oh. That wasn’t bad. LOL!!

  • becky webb

    Paranoid people can make you paranoid. I hate when they act out against fans.

  • bellaboo

    Ok right off the block i didnt like eden, but i feel much stronger now & dislike her even more.

    She is using her being sober & going after kim as her sl, & thats disgusting bc shes NOT really a sober woman bc she still takes pills. If you truly are sober u dont drink or drug, bc on both you experiance euphoria. I know all of this bc iv lived it & im really offended how shes using this disgusting disease as a sl. Shes disgusting to me. I just hope somebody, either kim or kyle confronts her & shuts her down.
    Shes soooo boring too.
    This cast is really good except for Eden, LR, ED, those 3 i could do without

    • Dayle Hudson

      Me too. Those three need to go.

  • Darris

    I’m more concerned about the fans upset she blocked them. Who cares it’s just twitter…also stop @ing her and she will not see it. They all block people…I’m blocked by Nene and I was actually talking shit about her and you don’t see me crying to Andy. I’m blocked by Lisa V as well for saying/agreeing that she stirs the pot once on twitter and again you don’t see me crying. Get a grip people

    • As far as I know I’m only blocked by Brandi. I’ve only talked shit about her on blogs so she must read them. I’ve certainly never tweeted or @ her. Not losing sleep though.

    • People don’t have to @ her….Eden trolls the #RHOBH hash tag and responds to anything about her. It’s quite disturbing to witness.

  • Shy-ra

    It should come as no surprise that the wacko running Teresa’s “fan page” Team_Felon gushes all over Eden. They tweet each other frequently, giving each other the attention they each crave. Totally vomit worthy. Two loonies!! Team Felon’s behavior frightens me. If I were Teresa I’d take out a restraining order on that nut.

  • Sunflower

    What are you guys trying to tell me by posting this “Evil”… “Devilish” looking picture of Eden…??
    Is she that Evil..??
    Where is Rinna’s Evil Picture…???

  • margaret

    Just looked at Eden’s Twitter feed. As of 11:23pm PST, this nonsense is still going on. Her page is a nightmare. Eden clearly has mental issues. For someone claiming to preach love, peace and harmony, she sure does thrive on spewing and promoting hate.

  • WeCouldBeHeroes

    She must be paying people to support her. I can’t see any real normal person supporting her. Her tits are ugly too. Have you seen them on the show!

  • bluedye33139

    She is one massively scary individual. Yikes.

  • TeaLuvR

    Andy doesn’t care -he let Eileen get away with insulting and blocking thousands of fans. He let wackadoo Rinna threaten and abuse people He brought both back as a full time HW so wouldn’t be surprised if he promotes Eden to full time.