Brielle Biermann Accused of Having Butt Implants After Posting Racy Backside Photo!

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 10:47am by Dani-K

Does she or doesn’t she have butt implants? That’s the question being asked after Brielle Biermann posted a photo of her backside on Saturday. Having her daughter’s back, Kim Zolciak-Biermann was quick to play defensive end on the topic of Brielle’s somewhat natural physique.

The racy photos were posted by Brielle on Snapchat and many of her followers reacted by accusing the Don’t Be Tardy star of getting butt implants. Kim told TMZ that these pictures only prove her daughter didn’t get implants.

“There isn’t an ounce of fat to use for butt implants.” According to Kim, Brielle gets her “big ass” from working out at the gym.

Although most people wouldn’t describe Brielle’s ass as fat, she is only 19 and could obtain that on her own. But tell what you think. Has Kim’s daughter made a trip to the family plastic surgeon’s office or are good genes and a good workout her remedy?


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  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I’m a firm believer that all of Kim’s children are doomed.

  • Athena Panagakos

    This is sad. This is just so sad.

    • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

      Sad is going to be when it starts breeding.

  • RRRobin

    Who on earth takes ass shots in the kitchen?

    And poor thang still has bad legs.

    • Barb Jean

      I was thinking the

  • JustSayin

    One thing is for sure, no one will ever accuse her of having class…

  • Like mother like daughter. Both filthy, no class, whores!

  • Sandy Wood

    Put some clothes on you fame ho and clear the clutter in that messy kitchen.

    • EvenKeeled

      Brielle is also really messy. There was an episode where Kim went in Brielle’s room to show the cameras how messy it was. She had food, dirty clothes and shoes everywhere. When you are that preoccupied with only your looks; the rest of your life becomes second. Kim is raising future thots that will marry for money and have no education. Shame

      • Sandy Wood

        Did someone else say “looks before books”…it seems Kim is raising her daughters with the assumption they will never have to do anything as mundane as cleaning if they can buy themselves a body and face.

        • chacha1

          Brielle is cheesy looking

    • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

      Don’t they have the fat baby trucker ‘personal chef’ to do that?

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Only a matter of time when the ovaries in her throat are fertilized and she’s got 15 kids of her own … God help us.

    • Lawd Jesus!

    • chacha1

      dumb as a box of rocks and she is not funny at all ….

      • Wishmich

        No one is that stupid. Seriously….no one.

  • italiano bambino

    Just wanted to say i feel bad for this girls nothing else

  • ScrappieONE

    Pathetic and very sad and I’m sure Kim is yelling “Brielle they’re just jealous of you”….

    • chacha1

      Yeah jealous of a large boned moon faced dumb as a box of rocks bimbo with fat legs and horse teeth ….

      • lloleary


      • DaisyMae2011

        I’m glad you don’t mince words when it comes to these idiots. I didn’t think anyone could despise them as much as I do. I refuse to watch their stupid show. Hoping it gets cancelled so they get knocked off their high horse.

        • chacha1

          LOL IKR I despise those arrogant assholes ALL OF THEM

  • CB

    Kims upbringing of her daughters is so disconcerting.. dear Lord she’s making them a mini “kim” and i don’t think that’s a compliment. Why doesn’t Kroy see the shallowness of Kim? Why is Brielle posting pics like this ? isn’t she supposedly in a wonderful relationship? sadly they all have become fame hungry and sadly Brielle is so unintelligent its kind of scary.. geesh

    • chacha1

      Goober runs on one brain cell that is why he married the Pig in the Wig and Brielle is a mini me of her mother who is nothing but white trash and a self proclaimed prostitute. And now they are making Ariana who is 14 a skank like them and here I thought she would be different ….

      • MBB14

        Its sad about Ariana as she seemed to thrive in school etc.
        sad sad sad

  • chacha1

    Hey Goober….. how did the Falcons manage to go to the Super Bowl with out you ? LMAO and the best is when Buffalo told you to shuffle off ….. Mrs. Wigs says you and her were so excited for the Falcons because they are like family to her and Goober …. LOL no one on that team could stand either of them especially the two pigs in wigs Kim and Brielle blocking everyones view at the games in their wig hats when he did play …. also Goober had some major fights with his teammates because I saw it on a sport show…… the come around for screwing a married man is starting to come around …. as soon as the Falcons got rid of Goober they marched to the Super Bowl ……. LMAO at how The Pig in the Wig is steaming over this …… tick tock

    • DaisyMae2011

      My husband and son are avid football fans and know who most of the players are on every team. When I asked them if they knew who he was, they had no idea. LOL. Yet, those fools live like he makes the salary of a starting quarterback. I would love to know what happened between him and his teammates. Maybe they had something to say about the slug he’s married to.

  • Marcy Scrot

    Implants….she used to have a flat butt and wide hips and thighs…that butt did not come from working out in a gym.

    • chacha1

      She wants so bad to be a Kartrashian

      • MBB14

        Mom clone.

  • chacha1

    You have to go to Mykeltie Padrons face book page, she must have been inspired on how to bend over and have your boobs almost fall out from the Bierman Bimbos ..and Fish Whiskers is in a crumpled wedding suit with nasty gym shoes … Drippy has to be spinning and whirling and twirling like a muskrat

  • margaret

    This is not the body of a 19 year old girl that works out on a regular basis. She is chunky and has no muscle tone whatsoever. Sorry, not buying it. What I would believe is them saying her but is most definitely natural. She obtained this look by sitting on her ass all day while consuming copious amounts of Chick a Fil and ho-hos.

    • chacha1

      I totally agree and not only is she big boned and very thick in the legs she is also pigeon toed with horse teeth …… the hair isn’t even real

      • margaret

        Right???!!!! She has “toddler legs”. Those knees and cankles! Is Brielle wearing wigs now too? I try to avoid snarking on people’s looks in general, as there is usually so much other material to work with. I just can’t anymore with these types who just sit around all day admiring themselves in the mirror and taking selfies with little or no clothes on looking like wannabe prostitutes.

        • chacha1

          she has hair extensions where she has to fly to arizona to have them attached …. that is what she said …. well excuse me Brielle you are so special …. tick tock little skank …..

  • WeCouldBeHeroes

    WTF is wrong with this chick. She’s desperate to be a Kardashian. Her mom is such a bad influence and horrible parent. That body is not real and doesn’t even look good

  • WeCouldBeHeroes

    WTF happened to her boobs. They are massive. This girl is barely legal. 19 yo. What a mess

    • Anoymouswillgetyou

      That is the first thing I noticed too. I commented on that.

  • KT

    This will fall on deaf ears: Put down the damn cell phone and go to college.

    Kim is following in pimp mamma Kardashian’s footsteps. Her littlest ones are embarrassing trash mouths already. Maybe it won’t be long before we see Kroy morph into Kaitlyn Bierman and become besties with Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.

    • chacha1

      or pull out his triangle and do a little dance (Ed Grimley’s look alike)

  • Digitus impudicus

    A useless plastic, narcissistic whore just like her mother.

  • Heckleberry

    That’s hilarious that Kim’s vacuous “mini me” gave herself a wedgie to take a selfie of the fat transplanted to her ass. Fungi have more brain cells than this girl.

  • Violet~Princess Pumpernickel

    Achhh, I hate when people say stupid stuff like they’ve never had plastic surgery, blah, blah, blah, not an ounce of fat……….. It makes me feel like I have to speak the truth and I really would rather not be talking about someone’s body.

    I’m not saying the girl is fat. She’s not. But she’s not skinny. She definitely has body fat, like one should. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that this kid works out. She’s LAZY like her mother. Unless working out consists of eating pizza while someone melts your fat away or getting your fat sucked out during surgery.

    Those pictures are horrendous though! Horrendous! Kim, WAKE UP. Your daughter is going off the deep end. I’ve seen way more of this 19 year old than I should have. No. Just no.

  • cali

    I don’t believe that’s her butt. She probably got a fat transfer. I doubt she works out she’s a lazy bih. We all know Kim is pro plastic surgery so I wouldn’t be surprised if they use the same surgeon. It’s sad that Kim approves of her daughter posting pics like this. She looks ridiculous, so much work done to her face you can tell from earlier pics to how she looks now.

  • chacha1

    Hey little skank guess who is going to the Super Bowl ?… The Atlanta Falcons …. guess who isn’t? Goober Biermann LOL

    • Starside

      Hahaha. Awesome comment!

  • Anoymouswillgetyou

    Looks like she has had breast augmentation to increase her size. She is thick in the legs like her mother. They have improved their make up. The daughters are becoming mini clones of mama. The younger daughter has also had lip plumped.

  • LuciLulu

    Cover up those enormous tits and azz, and get the heck out of the kitchen half naked!