‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans’ MTV Pregnancy Timeline Explanation Reveals Discrepancies

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Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, is defending herself in the face of an MTV  edit that colors her a liar.

Jenelle is preparing to deliver her third child, her first with boyfriend, David Eason, and MTV’s timeline is a blurred one. Fans watched scenes linked to the reveal during last night’s episode of the reality hit. The confusion begins when Jenelle and David are confronted by an MTV crew, asking about a pregnancy. Jenelle and David deny it, but are challenged to explain Flip Cam footage, revealed an an earlier scene, where we see the couple riding in a car, clearly discussing a surprise pregnancy. The pair continues shoot down the claim, as the crew giggles through obvious doubt.   

Later in the episode, Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, is seen discovering a released car accident report that pointed to Jenelle being at least 10 weeks pregnant. Amping the confusion is the fact that Jenelle’s co-star, Chelsea Houska, is also pregnant and due after Jenelle. Chelsea had already revealed and discussed her condition on the show.

Jenelle took to Twitter to set the wonky edit straight.

“Here’s the deal… April of 2016 I filmed the car cam scene with David and found out at lunch from my Endo. I was pregnant…”

“Then coming home from lunch the car scene with David was filmed with me not remembering we were recording lol…”

“A week or few days later we flew out to the reunion, end of April 2016. At that time I had to go see a doctor because I thought it was…”

“The time of my month. Saw the OBGYN the Doctors show connected me with in LA. He conducted an ultrasound and told me I was not pregnant.”

“Once I got home from the reunion MTV came over unexpectedly to congratulate us, but sadly I wasn’t. I didn’t want to explain on camera.”

The conception of Baby #3 would have occurred during this early May time frame, according to the reality star’s January 28th due date. Jenelle and David are seen shifty and snickering in the aired footage. 

“Then I went to Farrah’s birthday in May and even made a post on IG how I wasn’t pregnant if you all remember. Found out I was in June.”

“After finding out of course I kept it a secret becuz everyone claimed I was already lying but as for my mom she tells everyone everything.”

So Jenelle was allegedly not pregnant in the scene with the MTV crew, but did deny the real deal until late August. She “kept it a secret,” aka lied about the pregnancy, in the face of reports that she was indeed with child. These reports began circulating in mid-May—weeks before Jenelle alleges that she discovered her condition. 

One astute follower of the drama pointed to some holes in Jenelle’s story.

Jenelle says that she discovered she was pregnant—then saw a doctor because she thought it was her “time of the month?”

Jenelle is a seasoned pro, when it comes to allegedly shading the edges of her ever-shifting reality.

Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights, on MTV.


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