NeNe Leakes Talks Blossoming Friendship With Kandi Burruss, Explains Beef With Porsha and Phaedra & Shades Marlo!

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Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Nene Leakes, will return to the Fashion Police and she also made her return to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

On tonight’s episode of RHOA, Bob hired a burlesque dancer to perform for Sheree Whitfield. But Bob wound up taking the stage, fondling both himself and the pink boa wrapped around his neck. Nene doesn’t think Sheree and Bob should get back together.

“I don’t think Sheree likes Bob — at all.”

The flash poll agreed with 62%.

Last week on WWHL, Porsha Williams said she and Nene were no longer friends, that Nene couldn’t be bothered to call her back. Nene spilled the tea to a grinning Andy.

“Well, we all know that’s a lie, including you. You know the last time…Porsha hasn’t spoken to me since the reunion. Remember I was trying to give her advice about fighting, and all that? She took offense to that. She left the show and went on her radio show and bashed me along with the rest of her coworkers. And I was simply just trying to give her good advice…that’s the reason why we haven’t spoken.”

Nene talked about last season when she showed up for Cynthia Bailey’s trip to Jamaica.

“When we got to Jamaica, she [Porsha] really wasn’t talking to me in Jamaica either. Because I was back on the show and of course these girls, they want to be the queen. You know when the queen is there, you can’t shine.”

Nene’s still in touch with Cynthia, Kenya Moore, Sheree, and even Kandi Burruss. Andy was surprised that Nene and Kandi were speaking.

Kandi just texted me about a week ago, inviting me to her baby’s birthday party. He turned one.”

Nene performed a one-woman show, and the only Atlanta Housewife who showed support was Cynthia.

“However, they all have reached out to me saying they wanted to come.”

While Nene claimed she hasn’t had any work done to her face or body after her last nose job, she thinks some of the women have had a little nip and tuck — actually, all of them. And she thought it was time they started admitting the truth.

Nene hasn’t heard from her old “boss” Donald Trump since he was elected. And if he asked her to come and work for him, his check “wouldn’t be big enough this time.”

On tonight’s RHOA episode, the women met up for dinner and talked about going glamping. But Kenya wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be stuck in the forest with a crazed Porsha. Naturally, talk turned to Porsha’s anger management. Porsha left in a huff, and later said Kenya provoked her. Sheree agreed.

The flash poll confirmed that opinion with a whopping 95% of the viewers thinking Kenya sometimes provokes her castmates. Even Nene admitted:

Kenya can definitely stick it to you over and over and over again.”

Nene gave her opinion on Sheree’s new romance novel. Could one of the characters be based on Nene?

“People have been telling me it’s supposed to be me, and I’m not surprised, because everybody wants me in their book. They want to sell, honey.”

On Cynthia and Peter’s divorce, Nene said she still talks to both of them.

“I think that happiness is number one. And if this is going to make her happy, get a divorce.”

On Phaedra’s gossip that Kandi had a girl fling with Shamea Morton:

“I don’t know about Shamea, but I think Kandi has admitted in the past that she’s dipped in the lady pond.”

And when Mama Joyce dropped by a lawyer’s office to get concrete proof that Phaedra had been lying about her divorce, Nene said:

“Isn’t that my divorce attorney? He’s been with everybody. That’s Randy Kessler. They obviously think it’s going to bring them up a notch, so go Randy…thirsty self.”

Kandi’s baby daddy, Block, popped up on the show and has talked about reentering Riley’s life. Nene had an opinion — of course.

“I think it’s never too late for a parent to step up…if he wants to step up, I say Kandi, let him step up.”

Nene also gave her judgment on the fashions of the RHOA ladies. Take for instance Sheree’s “Mama Joyce” wig. “I think it ages her.” Kenya’s confessional look shows a lot of underboob. Nene thought a little flash of underboob never hurt anyone. She hated Porsha’s big bun look, calling it a “mess.” And Kandi’s pink corset didn’t meet with Nene’s approval. “I just think it looks like it’s way too little for Kandi.” When Phaedra went to see Apollo wearing black and white stripes — a little lockdown fashion humor — Nene wondered if Phaedra thought she might get arrested before the visit was over.

In the sneak peek for next week’s show, Porsha brought a doctor’s note, saying she wasn’t a danger to the other women. Porsha finally admitted that she’s in anger management, but felt as though the ladies were attacking her when the discussed it over dinner.

Nene and Kim Zolciak are still in contact, but not close. She texted with Kim just two weeks ago. For Nene’s birthday, Kim sent her some of her skincare line. Nothing tells a woman Happy Birthday like getting the gift of firming lotion!

Last week, Marlo Hampton referred to Kenya as Nene Jr.

“I can’t believe we’re talking about Marlo. When are you going to give her a peach? If you were going to give her one, you would have gave her one a long time ago.”

Though Nene admitted that she really wanted Marlo as a permanent cast member years ago, all that’s changed.

“Many years ago. When you’re a good friend to these folks, you want to help them out. But they’re also very thirsty. I mean it shows.”

A caller wondered why Kim still maintains she’s never had a nose job — or any facial surgery for the matter. Nene looked aghast and agreed Kim has had her nose bobbed.

When asked about Matt and Kenya’s relationship, Nene said they never crossed her mind.

“I really, honestly didn’t have a real thought on them. Honestly, I never thought he was a match for Kenya at all. It’s just a bunch of drama. It’s so unfortunate. I’ve met him and I’ve been around him a few times. Kenya seemed like she really liked him, but I never thought he was for her. He’s definitely not the one.”

On the topic of Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship breaking up, Nene was fine with it.

“I’m okay with the friendship split. It’s just the way that’s it’s splitting is the problem. I think Kandi had been holding back so long and keeping secrets. For me, I know them in a different way… I got your back, and I’m loyal to you until you’re not loyal to me. You’re not going to just keep shooting at me and not think I’m never going to shoot at you. So, I’m okay if Kandi wants to blow her head off every now and then.”

Nene compared her friendship with Phaedra to her relationship with Porsha.

“I have not talked to Phaedra. When I arrived in Jamaica — which is a lot you guys did not see — Phaedra and Porsha were the two girls I was really cool with. So, I didn’t tell them I was coming. So, when I showed up…I was surprised at their reaction. I caught them whispering…but I get it. These girls want to shine. They want to be a star.”

Andy pointed out that Nene had been there for Phaedra during her split from Apollo.

“I’m cool with Phaedra. I feel like I must be the problem for them. When I show up, I’m a problem. The last time I saw Phaedra was at the reunion. She doesn’t talk to me.”

Andy was stunned.

“You’re telling me you’re in touch more with Kandi than with Phaedra?”

Nene agreed.

“That’s right. Me and Kandi made a bet that we were going to try to be cooler with each other, just try to get to know each other a little bit more. We both have kept to that. She’ll text me. Phaedra hasn’t texted me. Porsha hasn’t said a word. Porsha clearly said that she didn’t know she lived in my neighborhood, but remember I did a ladies’ luncheon when I first moved into my house.”

Nene said that Porsha lied about calling her.

“Let me tell you something. I’m the girl that call you right back. Okay? I’m that girl, honey. So, stop believing the lies, honey. I’m going to kick it to you straight. I’m just going to tell you like it is. So, this girl ain’t called me. How she going to call me when she bashing me with her radio crew all the time?”

A viewer wondered which was better, Chateau Sheree or Moore Manor. Kenya, Sheree, and Cynthia have invited Nene to their new homes, but she’s been too busy working.

“There are two very different homes, so it’s crazy when people try and compare… I think they both have nice homes. Including mine.”

Andy asked about Nene’s “big ass mansion.”

“Ask Porsha, since she don’t know I live there. You don’t know I live there, boo, but you were over there eating?”

So, are you going to be watching Fashion Police? Have you missed Nene’s tart tongue?


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