‘RHOA’ Shocker! Matt Jordan Accuses Kenya Moore of Cheating With Married Nigerian Men For Money

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Kenya Moore and Matt Matt Jordan’s relationship has played out like a rollercoaster from hell on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kenya recently appeared on the B. Scott podcast and spoke in depth about Matt’s violent outbursts, she also alluded to his dark secrets.

Kenya maintained she’d never seen Matt do drugs or steroids, so she couldn’t say for sure it that was the reason behind his mood swings. Over the past two seasons, she’s accused him of being immature and jealous. She hoped he’d get intense therapy to deal with his anger issues. It appeared as though Kenya had tried everything she could to help Matt.

But Matt has a different side of the story. He wrote on his Instagram that he was wrong to take out his anger and frustration on Kenya’s property. However, Matt gives several instances where he felt played by Kenya.

When she was in the hospital, Matt showed up, but Kenya was in her room holding hands with another man.

“I sat in a hospital waiting room 5 hours wondering what was wrong with shorty. I sat there and watched her hold hands with another man while I sat back and watched.

Not only that, he insisted Kenya had been cheating on him. Through the grapevine, Matt found out Kenya had been dating a married Nigerian man. When Kenya started talking about her secret relationship, the rich African broke it off. Matt was disgusted when he found out.

“…how you think that make me feel??? She claim she love me??”

The entire time Matt and Kenya were together, he said she texted her Nigerian lover. His name on her phone addy was simply Jojo. She texted him “hey baby hey sweetie” and “when are you going to send for me.”

When Matt’s mother questioned the relationship with “Jojo”, Kenya explained that he was an investor in her hair care product line. She also said he used to date her “friend.” But Matt said it’s all a lie and called Kenya “evil.”

Matt admitted that he had his own demons to fight. He was in the hospital last year for depression. But Kenya wasn’t by his side. She was in LA at the time, and he was worried about who she might be meeting. Kenya was his “in case of emergency” person. But she had other priorities instead of checking to see if Matt was all right.

He claimed that she was too busy calling TMZ to take pics of her walking through LAX to bother with Matt’s hospitalization. He also said that Kenya had a friend who worked at Emory Hospital who gave her Matt’s medical details, even though it’s illegal.

He once picked her up from the Marriott hotel in Buckhead. When he asked why she was there in the first place, Kenya refused to answer.

Finally, Matt begged Kenya to go to Miami with him. He wanted to get away and work on their relationship, but Kenya said she had to be LA. Later found out she was in Miami, too—staying a short four blocks away. Read Matt‘s now deleted rant below.

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