‘LHHNY’ Peter Gunz Is Trying To Win Back Tara Wallace; Confirms Marriage With Amina Buddafly Is Over!

Posted on Jan 23 2017 - 10:00am by Dani-K

Has Amina Buddafly finally come to her senses and dump Peter Gunz?

Amina Buddafly stunned the world when she announced she was pregnant with on-again, off-again husband Peter Gunz’s tenth child. The Love & Hip Hop star alluded to a possible divorce last year and she may be serious this time — because Peter Gunz is now professing his love for his other baby mama, Tara Wallace!

However, neither woman in this love triangle want to be with Peter anymore. Amina is busy in California and Tara is promoting her new book, ‘The Goddess Potential.’

In a preview of Monday night’s episode, Peter tells Tara he’s ready to change his unscrupulous antics.

“Yo, I really learned a lot from this book. I’m gonna start doing the right thing,” the father of ten says.

Peter claims he’s tired of his lying and cheating ways and says he’s ready to move forward and accomplish change. Tara is annoyed and not ready to get on this perpetual roller-coaster ride again.

“Who are you to keep this crap going on in my life when it is leading nowhere,” Tara let’s Peter have. “Who are you to do that to me?”

“You embarrass me and you humiliate me. And like I gotta be a mom to our kids when I’m hurting, when I’m trying to be cool, but when I see you I’m so upset because of all the things you’ve caused me.”

Peter wants his goddess back and Tara tells him for $11.95 he can have a copy. Boom! 

Tara has taken back Peter before, do you think she will again? Tell what you think.


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  • the underground train

    Tara better not take him back! BTW don’t want to be mean but Tara is looking kind of rough in that clip.

    • RealitytvJunkie

      Tara is weak and trifling so she likely has already.

      • the underground train

        How is Amina doing? Does she really live in California now? What about her second child, did she have a boy or girl?

        • RealitytvJunkie

          Amina does really live in Cali now and she had a girl, so expect her and Peter to try for the boy soon. Smdh.

          • Cookie Lyons

            and her permanent greendcard

    • EvenKeeled

      Tara has never stopped messing with Dirty Feet Pete. Amina was just a distraction for Peter because he knows no matter what he does; Tara will ALWAYS take him back. Amina moved as far as L.A. to get her life back. Tara is fine living in her New Jersey apartment with Peter. This bish is nasty. She probably has a gold VIP pass at the clinic.

  • Contessa Bel Raven

    Hopefully both women will move on from this trifling man-child.

  • Ronnie

    Yeah, because Amina is done with him.

  • Orlando Chan

    I still don’t know how the hell did these two think it was a good idea to have another baby with this deadbeat.