‘RHOA’ Kandi Burruss Praises NeNe Leakes For Shedding Light On Phaedra Parks Friendship Fallout

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Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Nene Leakes gave her take on the beef between Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks.

“I think Kandi had been holding back so long and keeping secrets. For me, I know them in a different way… I got your back, and I’m loyal to you until you’re not loyal to me. You’re not going to just keep shooting at me and not think I’m never going to shoot at you. So, I’m okay if Kandi wants to blow her head off every now and then.”

According to Nene, Kandi has been biting her tongue for years, keeping all of Phaedra’s business close to the vest. The two were tight, so Kandi knows where the bodies are buried, so to speak. But when Phaedra went after Kandi’s husband, Todd, last season, it was too much. Kandi drew the line, and started shooting back.

Kandi took to Instagram and cosigned Nene’s comments. She stated that she felt dragged by Phaedra, both on and off camera. She’d reached her boiling point, and although she’s a loyal friend, Phaedra wasn’t.

Furthermore, Phaedra didn’t respect the “girl code” that says once your friendship is over, you don’t talk about each other. Phaedra continued to “blast the hell” out of Kandi all the time.

Kandi noted that while we fans don’t get to see everything that happens behind the scenes, Nene has been privy to all the tea. So she knows what she’s talking about. Kandi must appreciate Nene having her back on this.


What do you think? Should Kandi have continued to hold it in or was she right to blast back at Phaedra?


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