‘RHOBH’ Dorit Kemsley Wishes To End The Drama With Eileen Davidson & Lisa Rinna and Move Forward!

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While Dorit Kemsley may have a lot to say on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she doesn’t say much in her blog this week.

Even though Erika Girardi and Dorit have been at odds (and Dorit said Erika’s music must be a hobby rather than a career) she appreciated Erika’s transformation from Housewife to sex kitten.

“This week it was nice watching Erika shoot her music video and see how she transforms herself into Erika Jayne for the stage. I was dancing along to her music.”

And when Lisa Vanderpump, Ken, and son, Max, started to search for Max’s birth parents, Dorit was totally supportive.

“I think it’s beautiful that Max wants to know more about his heritage and history. I’ve seen Lisa V and Ken give him so much love, and it’s inspiring to see them wholeheartedly support their son in his search to learn more about his birth parents.”

Now, down the aftermath of game night. As you’ll remember, Eileen Davidson, who never met a comment she couldn’t twist into an insult, brought up pantygate yet again. She called Dorit over to the table to discuss it and said Dorit had blindsided Erika with the gift. Even though Erika shrugged and said it was over, Eileen continued.

Things got very heated and Dorit became defensive. She even pointed a finger at Kyle Richards, who was there when she discussed giving Erika panties as a joke. Kyle cackled with glee at the thought, but when Dorit pointed that out, Kyle backed away, claiming she wasn’t involved.

Later, Dorit called Eileen and Lisa Rinna to try and sort things out between them. She mentioned the fact that Eileen keeps bringing up the subject, but Eileen was all, “What? No, I don’t.” Oh, but you do, Eileen. You most certainly do.

Dorit was glad the women met up over lunch to discuss their differences in a neutral setting.

“I’m personally glad that Eileen and Lisa R accepted my lunch invite and we had a chance to chat and clear the air. I do like to talk and feel that communication is so important… I enjoyed seeing Eileen and Lisa R for lunch and put our differences behind us.”

Good luck, honey. You’re going to need it with those two.

So, do you think Dorit will accomplish her goal of moving on with Soapy and Sudsy? 


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