‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Mariah Spills Shocking Tea About Quad’s Scandalous Past

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Recap by guest blogger LisaAnnP.

This week’s episode of Married to Medicine, entitled ‘Coconut Bars and Brawls,’ begins with Simone, who has one more surprise in store for the ladies, on their final day of the Hawaiian couples trip. The trip has been couple-less for a few of the ladies thus far, but I think I see a vision in the distance, of a man with his arm in a sling. Who could that be? Quad is spearheading a campaign to surprise Jackie with a photo shoot, both to honor her for being a two-time breast cancer survivor, and to make up for the way the ladies behaved at her “50 Shades of Pink” event.

Dr. Darren is leaving early because he has “bills to pay” and the ER awaits his arrival. The vision in the distance turned out to be none other than the elusive Dr. Darren Cloud.  He finally showed, on the last day in Hawaii, looking like the cat that ate the canary. Don’t bother asking, because he has no idea how his arm ended up in a sling. Lisa questioned him, and he said “You know when you’re at work and you bend and pull something.” Um, no.

Simone announces that she and Cecil will be renewing their vows. It was a surprise until now. Simone wants all of the couples to join them and renew their vows as well.  Heavenly will be officiating the ceremonies! Upon hearing this revelation, Lisa says “Jesus take the wheel.” Mariah announces that she and Aydin will not be renewing their vows, because their situation is “complicated.” She went on to explain that their families had issues with their first wedding, and she did not want to escalate the drama. Heavenly addresses Mariah about the situation the night before, between her and Quad. She feels their tension is affecting the group, and they need to communicate.

The men are learning to surf, or paddle-board, or something that involves standing on boards in the ocean with paddles. I’m not really certain. Darren refused to participate, and heads to the bar. Back on the veranda, Quad and Mariah are in a heated discussion. Mariah says she has found herself apologizing repeatedly, but Quad can’t let anything go. Quad feels Mariah’s histrionics aren’t history, because she just acted up the night before, by acting paranoid. Remember when Quad gathered the ladies to discuss recreating the photo for Dr. Jackie, and Mariah assumed it was about her? Mariah claims to see Quad for who she really is, and names her “Quad the Fraud.” I thought Mariah was about to go home wearing two boots after that comment, but Quad stayed in control and stated her case. She spent the whole week in Mariah’s presence, and feels that was enough. Their friendship will not progress further. Simone attempts to protest, but Quad has drawn her line firmly in the beach sand.

The men are finished already, and are relaxing with a few drinks. They ask Darren what happened to his arm. He immediately went into missing his flight, being busy at work, as the men sat listening with puzzled faces. They explain to Darren how much Lisa held it down, and had his back. Darren responded by talking about himself, and the accusations that were made about him. The men agree to check their wives going forward if any petty insults are thrown. They toast to wife-checking!

The ladies are decked out in beach attire (on a particularly wet part of the beach) with a photographer on stand-by, waiting for Jackie and Simone to make their way down to the water. Simone is keeping Jackie occupied so she is not privy to what the ladies are doing on the beach. Simone is discussing the vowel renewal, and is very aware of all the trials in Jackie’s marriage to Curtis. Back on the beach, Quad is managing the surprise for Jackie. Quad suggests they “Dare to bare!” As they approach, Quad leads the cheer “Breast Cancer who, Breast Cancer what” and Jackie is visibly touched. She feels guilty about throwing a few of them out of her party, now that they have made up for it in such a big way. This group has had their problems, and they will no doubt have more in the future, but they come through on this project for Jackie. Jackie’s hearted melted, as Quad exclaimed “We have love for you and your mission because breast cancer can’t beat you!” Their collaboration has definitely paid off and they all look amazing. Lisa Nicole runs ahead of the group because she directs videos, y’all. Toya donned a coconut bra and posed seductively on the rocks. Of course, there is some light shade even in the Hawaiian sunlight as Heavenly remarks that Toya “thinks she has a Quad body, but she doesn’t.” Genise was breathtaking, and looked like a supermodel in her shots. She has a natural poise and can rival any swimsuit model out there. Mariah was posing with a parrot on her arm and the bird defecated on her. Toya almost fell down laughing. Mariah handled the faux-pas like a trooper. The ladies joined hands in a line along the beach, and the photo turned out fabulous.

Back at the Fairmont Orchid, the ladies are planning their couples’ outfits for the evening. Simone feels that she has been a “bitch” at times to Cecil, and  hopes that he remarries her. Simone and Jackie are huddled close, and Jackie knows tonight will be tough for her friend who is alone. Simone offers words of encouragement. I love their friendship! Heavenly wants the women to see how much she’s changed, and believes the ceremony with be a celebration for all of them! Lisa loves the fact that Simone and Cecil have made it for 20 years and are going strong. I truly wonder if Lisa and Darren will make it that far. Quad also praises the happy couple and admires their commitment to each other.

Quad and Jackie are walking hand in hand, and both look lovely in white dresses. The men are also approaching, all in white. Cecil jokingly asks if this is a vow renewal or white party. Heavenly is nervous about officiating for Lisa and Darren, but promises to do her best to make them feel comfortable.  Simone looks beautiful with a ring of flowers in her hair and is grateful for her husband. She would do it all over again. Jackie watches her dear friends renew their vows and confesses that there is hope for her marriage. Simone and Cecil’s union is serving as an example, an inspiration, and a symbol of hope by just loving each other. Cecil announces that he has a surprise for his lovely bride because he is a “Morehouse Man!” He gives her a gorgeous, diamond wedding band. You may also refer to it as some major bling, bling! Her finger is frosted and the carats are bulbous.

Heavenly calls Lisa and Darren to the front of the congregation and says a few beautiful words. Darren surprises everyone by responding that he and Lisa will make it to 20 years! Heavenly calls Quad and Greg up next and Quad may finally be ready to become a mother. Simone thinks he better hurry before she changes her mind!  Finally, Toya and Eugene share some lovey-dovey words. We still know who wears the pants in this family. Lisa is teary-eyed and apologized to Heavenly for the comments about her drinking. She sincerely wants to move past their issues and be genuine friends. Heavenly is all about forgiveness today and very receptive to her apology. Change looks lovely on Dr. Kimes! Jackie decides to go back to her room and sulk and I don’t blame her. Simone reminds Jackie that she is there for her “Ride or die!” Everyone needs a girlfriend like Simone. I give major props to Jackie for making it through the entire evening without shedding a tear. She is a tough cookie.

Back in Hotlanta, Toya and Darren toast to moving! Hurray for living within your means! Lisa is treating herself to a spa treatment, because her vacation was more stressful than she anticipated. Mariah is present and wishes she could have changed things for Lisa on the trip. Lisa was on an island of her own. Mariah starts talking about Quad, and all that she has done for Quad; paying for her apartment, getting her into pharmaceutical sales. Lisa is not surprised because she knew about Quad’s early life. The streets are talking and they allege that Quad dated a drug dealer (Mariah’s cousin) in the past. Once he went to prison, Mariah was there to catch Quad and lift her up again, in a number of ways. But, that was the past. Today Mariah is steaming mad and talking about possible revenge, going forward.

Over at Jackie’s, Curtis wants to talk and I am nervous! Curtis wants to know why Jackie went to Hawaii without him. She explains that she was honoring her commitment to Simone. Curtis feels their marriage is more important that her friendship with Simone. Jackie reminds Curtis that he never even asked to her to stay! Well, what the heck, Curtis? She’s not a mind reader. If he would have gone, they would have fought the whole time and ruined the trip for their friends, according to Curtis. Jackie explains how embarrassed she was to be alone at the vow renewal. Curtis’s solution would have been for Jackie to stay home. Jackie rightly explains that they would’ve had plenty of couples time, the very thing he claims to want, if he would have got his butt on the plane! (My words, not hers. Sorry. This gets me heated.)

Scenes from next week forecast a tornado of shade between Lisa and Heavenly. Their “joint” conference is about to get disjointed! The truce may not last.


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