‘RHOA’ Peter Thomas Responds To $150K Lawsuit For Defrauding Investor — Files Countersuit!

Posted on Jan 20 2017 - 3:09pm by Dani-K

Club One is fighting back. The new club in Charlotte opened by Peter Thomas on The Real Housewives of Atlanta was originally named in a lawsuit back in September 2016 for “allegedly ripping off an investor.” But don’t mess with Cynthia Bailey’s ex because he’s now filing a claim of his own.

As previously reported, the lawsuit was originally filed by Tony G. Taylor claiming that Thomas lied to him about his position as partner and manager in the club in order to secure a $150,000 investment.

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On Jan 3, Thomas responded that Taylor was “never offered” those positions and denied “ever stating he was giving Plaintiff a 15% ‘ownership’ interest” in Club One.

“Plaintiff’s role was solely that of a financial investor,” The court papers stated. “Plaintiff received no decision-making authority, nor was he to be an active participant on a day to day basis, whose consent was necessary for any decisions that needed to be made for the Club.”

While Thomas’ attorney was at the courthouse, he filed a counter claim for breach of contract. Turns out, Taylor was in breach when he didn’t use arbitration to first dispute these claims.

In the meantime, Thomas is also busy at the courthouse with back due taxes in the amount of $350,000.


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  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Didn’t this story break like two weeks ago? Talk about a slow response … Papa Smurf really needs to lay off the weed.

  • Bryan


  • RealitytvJunkie

    I actually like Peter and proud of all his success. One thing no one can take from this man is his hustler mentality. He knows how to hustle to make things happen for himself

    • shayvoe

      He does know how to hustle….to keep those lawsuits, and tax liens rolling in.

    • Trippinhhard

      It’s called a con man hustler.. They hit and miss, then they keep hustling.
      He owes more than listed, lawsuits, back rent etc..
      Oh I don’t doubt he’s a hustler, but I wouldn’t invest a dime in his endeavors..
      How are you going to buy a new Mercedes over 130K and you owe everyone, you ever did business with..

    • Bobbi

      I with you. Peter understood what few who are afforded the reality platform gets -It’s not going to last forever. Imagine if he had taken his time? He’s now divorced so that platform is no more. He had some rough starts but that doesn’t negate his success. That only defines it imo and just because an investor sues you doesn’t make you a con. He now has 4 legit businesses that he worked relentlessly to build and they all appear to be doing well. No way in hail you can knock that.

  • Deanna777

    This is probably the first of many lawsuits to come. I hope Peter didn’t buy that expensive car he was looking at because the price would just about pay for this lawsuit.

    • BeckyGrey

      He couldn’t afford that if he prostituted himself…wait he already did.

  • Bobbi

    There are different types of investors. Not all investors get say in the business. That has to be negotiated and stipulated in the agreement when the investment is made. Peter’s investor has already violated his agreement by suing in the wrong courts- probably because he was unable to afford arbitration. Sounds like the investor had it ALL twisted and apparently didn’t understand what he signed.

    • Karoline

      Peter probably wanted it that way.

      • Bobbi

        …..or maybe not. I don’t know anyone who goes around looking for people who know how to read and negotiate contracts when trying to fiance their company. You make your pitch and hope they believe in you and your business enough to invest. Understanding it all is on the investor.

  • Why is this happening to us?

    Seems like a trend with Peter and his businesses…
    Didn’t he have problems with Kordell too?