‘Married To Medicine’ Dr. Heavenly Kimes Threatens Mariah Huq Over Alcoholic Allegations In Messy Twitter Fight

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Things are getting thirty this season on Married to Medicine.

After last Friday’s episode aired, cast members Mariah Huq and Dr. Heavenly Kimes got into a twitter fight over accusations that Heavenly has a drinking problem. It was actually Lisa Nicole Cloud who made the statement, but Heavenly is upset that Mariah, who is now friends with Lisa Nicole, for supporting the drinking problem claim. “@iluvmariah we all need our blood levels checked for something #catch #married2med,” Heavenly tweeted then later deleted.

Was this Dr. Heavenly’s way of suggesting the other ladies have drinking problems – or worse – as well? Mariah didn’t like that insinuation, so she tweeted back that Heavenly was thirty for attention. “Drink some water girl your throat is obviously dry. Im not sure what lies & rumors u trying 2 start but I aint the 1! #Chariot,” Mariah responded to Heavenly.

Here we go! Heavenly threatened to unleash the truth if Mariah didn’t back down, “You lie on me I WILL tell the truth about you! #StopTheS**t.” She tweeted then deleted.

Of course this didn’t stop Mariah, she accused Heavenly of being messy, “Most decent people tweeting condolences you tweeting mess. Stop trying to create mess honey,” Mariah fired back.

The cup reference has to do with Lisa’s contention that Heavenly drinks so much she hides it in her coffee cup. On the show, Dr. Heavenly told Lisa to take it back, but Lisa only apologized if her accusation hurt Heavenly. In a confessional, Lisa Nicole made the claim that Heavenly can drink a whole bottle of Crown Royal by herself in two hours. Wow! That’s a lot of Crown.

Heavenly made light of the situation by posted a picture of a small bottle of Hennessy next to a burning candle with the line, “Yes I can drink this enter bottle.”

As the season progresses fans will come to learn that there is no recovery for Heavenly and Mariah’s friendship. Tune in to Married to Medicine on Friday’s on Bravo at 8/7c.


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