‘Below Deck’ Kate Chastain’s Lesbian Domestic Violence Arrest Video Released— Watch HERE!

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Below Deck star, Kate Chastain, shines on Bravo’s reality stage, but her world turned dark last June, when she was arrested after a volatile altercation with her then-girlfriend. 

Newly released body cam footage reveals Kate’s unexpected arrest in her Florida apartment, after the violent run-in with her then girlfriend, Rocio Hernandez.

The film shows a visibly shook-up Kate, wearing sweats and a top bun, along with her friend, Will. The police separated Kate and Will in different rooms, questioning them individually. An officer also questioned Kate’s neighbors to corroborate her story. Two neighbors said they saw and heard nothing on the date in question, and the one neighbor Kate claimed had videotape of one of the incidents, was not at home. The officers determined that Kate was the primary aggressor, and they would need to arrest her in compliance with Florida law.

Kate explained in the footage that she was the victim, and had resisted calling in the police because she was on TV and “a public figure.” Kate added, “I can’t have this domestic nonsense.”

Viewers witnessed snippets of Kate and Ro’s relationship on Below Deck. Kate showed the officers an alleged bite on her lower hip, and reiterated why she chose to not involve the police. 

“I’m on television, and I don’t really need a news report coming out that I have a lesbian domestic violence,” Kate said.

In a shocking twist, Kate claimed that her ex-girlfriend held her hostage inside her own home—for three days.

Kate said that “She texted me this morning. … ‘Never ignore someone who loves and cares for you.’”

“She’s obsessed. She gets insane,” Kate said. “I don’t know how to handle it. She was on the floor breaking glass. … She poured champagne on my head here. … She attacked me Wednesday afternoon. I was a hostage in my house until Friday morning.”

“OK, don’t you think that’s a pretty severe thing to not have to worry about contacting the police so you don’t go on the news or stuff like that?” the officer responded. “Somebody’s a hostage in their house, don’t you think you would call the police and not worry about anything else?

The video footage reveals Kate telling the officers, “There was one day where when she would have these episodes. I started looking in the mirror and said I should maybe put on makeup because I’m afraid the cops are about to come. I said, ‘what kind of relationship is that?”

“Normally if, most people, if they’re in a hostage situation, wouldn’t care about anything else but their own life and their safety,” the officer replied. “So they would call the police. To stay in a house from Wednesday to Friday. Three days?”

Kate said that she didn’t think that calling the police was the best course of action.

”I didn’t think that calling the police was going to help the situation. … I think calling the police is an extreme measure. I know that there were many lines crossed.” Kate added, “It’s been a horrible week. It’s been broken glass, fighting, screaming …”

Kate was taken away, asking her friend, Will, to call her lawyer.

Kate’s ex, “Ro,” claimed that Kate bit her “on the forearm, inner bicep and leg” and “also held down and choked, ‘strangled’” her after a night of drinking. She also alleged other violent episodes.

Kate was granted a continuance in court on January 17, and is due to appear again on March 27.


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