Jenelle Evans Reportedly Quits ‘Teen Mom 2’ Amid Bizarre Temper Tantrums Before Giving Birth!

Posted on Jan 20 2017 - 10:49am by BeachSpin

The stars of the Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 franchises are reportedly getting nervier by the day.

During the last season of Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood pitched a social media fit against what she viewed as a bad edit, and now Jenelle Evans has supposedly thrown the mother of all hissy fits.

According to a source, Jenelle threw a monumental tantrum, halting production of the messy MTV hit. Supposedly, Jenelle “told he producers that they capitalize on all her drama and she was sick of it.”

“In the promos for the show, they always show happy moments for the other girls with their kids, but she said if it was a promo involving her it’s all drama and stuff that makes her look bad,” the source explained.

“So Jenelle put her foot down. She had a huge fight with the team and told them she was not going to film anything else. She was ready to walk away from the show,” said the insider.

The insider claims that Jenelle got her way, after blasting the production team.

“She was so mad,” the snitch dished. “She said they never show any of the good peaceful stuff or give her ANY positive time at all. Like that trip to Florida, all they featured was her bashing Nathan.”

“Jenelle made them rearrange editing,” the source said. “So the last two episodes have been better for her. She even made them delete some of the things that had been put on social media that were negative about her. She just refused to film until they fixed some things.”

Jenelle had the very same complaint last year — ranting and raving against MTV’s direction and portrayal of her story. Jenelle threatened to walk last season — but did not. Amber Portwood backtracked almost immediately, after recently threatening to quit. Kailyn Lowry was allegedly peeved that MTV filmed her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, behind her back. A recently aired behind-the-scenes episode revealed Leah Messer melting down over how editors were splicing her footage. Teen Mom OG veteran, Tyler Baltierra, exposed MTV on Twitter, for adding images and comments out of context.

So what gives? MTV foots their bills — but the post-teen divas call the shots? The Florida vacation scenes with Jenelle and her boyfriend were sleepy throwaways — and few fans care about watching belching car rides, or boring hillbilly banter.

Do you believe that any of these girls will make good on their manipulative and repetitive threats? Who will pay for their pet food and tattoos?

Teen Mom 2 airs on Monday nights, on MTV. 


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  • Athena Panagakos

    JMO. She’s a horrible mother, she’s repulsive, stupid, vapid and selfish. On top of all that, she finds “people” just as vile as she is, if not more, to lay down with. Cliche but water truly seeks it’s own doesn’t it. I’m 9 months pregnant and ready to pop any day, but I would love to take care of that little one in her uterus. No child deserves trash for parents. Ugh.

    • Evil Queen

      Congrats! Do u know what u r having?

    • Chickpea16

      Congrats, bet you can’t wait for it to be over. So uncomfortable at the end.

  • Sandy Wood

    Wait…What…is this Janelle in NYC riding the subway… no car service for her? Maybe an indication of her importance.

    • the underground train

      IKR. She couldn’t even get an Uber

  • anonymous

    It’s funny the one’s threatening to walk don’t have jobs, if I were the production company I would say bye FELICIA and walk my ass right out the door.

  • Birdie

    MTV should call all these tricks’ bluffs and say GIRLS BYE. They look like losers kowtowing to these train wrecks.

  • Why is this happening to us?

    What a bunch of entitled, snotty DIVAS. MTV created these monsters, it only serves them right that they have to deal with the outcome. Get them all off the MTV tit and see how fast they all come crawling back for a job. God forbid any of these people actually have to WORK for a living. Only in America do 16 year old girls get rewarded for getting knocked up and never have to work again….smh.

    • Evil Queen

      Amen!! I affectionally call the show, ” My Bastard Baby.”
      If it walks like trash, quacks like trash, must be trash!
      Janelle has the nerve too; she is the ultimate piece of white trash! Stopped watching, cause I cannot stomach the way she disrespects her Mother!

      • Why is this happening to us?

        “My Bastard Baby” is a much more fitting title…lol.
        She is pure trash. This is her fourth pregnancy by the fourth baby daddy (one was aborted). Smh…unbelievable.
        I don’t like how she speaks to her mother either and she does it right in front of Jace. That poor kid is going to need a lifetime of therapy. Barbara has done the right thing by keeping him away from his mother. Nathan is the only hope for little Kaiser (and we know how wonderful Nathan is ????). You could tell he loves that kid and the kid loves him too. That’s what these babies need…loving, caring parents.

  • Jersey

    She isn’t going anywhere. She will be broke alone if she quit this show. NONE of these men will stick around without the shows money.

  • WMK

    It’s not like their real housewives on Bravo. Even most of them can be transitioned to a degree or so. I know few people who even know this show still exists. Let them walk away, which I think is why they backtrack so quickly they are very easily replaceable.