‘RHOD’ Tiffany Hendra Endorses Donald Trump — Blames Mexicans For Stealing, Rape & Drug Problem In Texas!

Posted on Jan 19 2017 - 6:28am by BeachSpin

Real Housewives of Dallas star, Tiffany Hendra, was a guest on The Domenick Nati Show late last week, and didn’t hold back.

Tiffany dropped a shocker, when asked her views about a political hot-button topic.

“Do you think we have a problem with illegal immigrants in this country and it’s good that Donald Trump is trying to fix it?” the radio host asked.

“Yes,” Tiffany responded. “Women are being raped here in Texas and these women in random places from these immigrants. So, that is what scares me.”

Tiffany earlier shared that she was raped at the age of 16, after accepting a ride home from a boy at her school.

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continued, sharing her thoughts on a possible link between illegal Mexican immigrants and the crime rate, in her home state of Texas. 

“I just know what I hear, and what I’m seeing…with the drugs, the crime…they’re coming in, and that’s what’s happening, with just stealing, rape and the drug problem,” Tiffany said.

Press play to listen below:

Tiffany revealed that she will make appearances on the second season of the Dallas franchise. Can we expect such unleashed honesty in front of the Bravo cameras? Listen below to the full interview below.


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  • BooBooBaby

    I don’t get it! What was such a Shocker……Oh, is it that she isn’t letting the The Far Left Lying Loons Bully her, and she doesn’t care either!?? Lolz! 😉

  • Thomas Crane

    Good for her for speaking out.

  • Contessa Bel Raven

    I didn’t hear her just coming after Vicki for no reason. She was asked a question and answered it then backed it up with why she felt that way. It’s true what she said that the cancer stuff dominated thee season and you don’t really remember the other stuff cause of the fake cancer SL. Was she duped by Brooks or was she in on it? To be honest, I don’t really care other than feeling sorry for the ppl duped into believing that juicing is a cure all for cancer. We will probably never know the truuth about that. I have lost friends and family to cancer and right now my daddy is fighting prostate cancer so did not appreciate the fake SL but now am so sick of hearing about it. Put a fork in it cause it’s done and Vicki is going nowhere. Vicki does make things about her a lot of the time. That is the truth. I was uncomfortable with the guy asking repeatedly for more details on her rape. Rape is a traumatic experience that stays with you the rest of your life. Doesn’t matter if she screamed, fought or not. The guy was prob @ twice her weight and a football player. How was she supposed to fight him off? Sometimes women don’t scream because who would hear them? Sometimes they know they don’t have the strength to fight them off. Sometimes they get hurt worse if they struggle. I tried to fight and was punished by him trying to smother me along with other stuff that could have killed me. So yeah, that host was way out of line.

    • BigBrothersMother

      i have a daughter who was raped when she was in high school by a high school football player. She found it was impossible to scream. It’s part of the Fight or Flight reflex. Survival was her only goal. I have new respect for Tiffany for speaking her mind.

      • Evil Queen

        Like BBM, & Contessa,
        I too have been affected by rape. I still remember that night, etc.
        It’s definitely something that stays with u,& it took a while
        for me too move on.

        • Kissme

          I’m so sorry.

        • dj j

          I too was raped. I dont blame illegals for it.

      • Contessa Bel Raven

        For the longest time (still happens some today) women who reported or spoke about it were raped twice so to speak. Once by the perpetrator and then again by courts (both legal & public opinion) who tried to shred their reputations/responses (did you scream, did you fight, what were you wearing, etc).

  • Haz

    I hate to point out this is not really a shocker if you live in Texas. This is how many Texans feel especially the further south you go towards the Texas-Mexico boarder. I am a gay Hispanic male who found no issue with Donald Trumps proposal of building a wall. The crimes that have been committed by illegals hardly ever get national news coverage. That is one of the reasons it really bugs me when Hollywood gets on their soapbox over the possibility of building a wall. They are entitled to their opinion but they truly do not see the big picture. Kudos to Tiffany for saying what she said, not her biggest fan, but considering how nasty some people get over someone supporting Trump, I’m glad she spoke up.

    • Bryan

      A wall isn’t going to do it, what they need is to get the department of defense in on this, and R&D people, they need to make a wall an invisible force field wall so that it just not deters them from crossing it destroys them as they approach the invisible barrier the moment they cross over it, INCINERATES them ZAP!!!!, SIZZLE!!!

    • Kissme

      I live in AZ and although there are bad people everywhere. I have personally got to know many illegals or families with some illegals, they are great people, hardworking families.

    • WeCouldBeHeroes

      Don’t believe you

  • Bryan

    Well she won’t be making anymore fans if she had any at all LOL

  • Supatall2u

    Welp anyone surprised? She’s married to a low-budget Keith Urban doppleganger who’s thirsty as fuck. #byeFelicia

    • dj j

      Yes, the thirst is real, honey. Pandering for Celebrity Apprentice?

  • KCChiefs25

    Why is she even being interviewed for a show?

  • FTLHousewife

    I grew up in a Texas border town. The negative impact illegal immigration can have on a community is huge. Most people on the border have no problem with and doing business with Mexicans both over the border and in the US, but the illegal criminal element is huge and very dangerous.

  • WeCouldBeHeroes


  • dj j

    She must watch Fox news

  • dj j

    A wall doesnt deter anyone. Just make it illegal to hire one. Its basically well off businessmen (like Trump) who hire them. Do you enjoy a big selection of fresh produce at the supermarket? Do you like staying at nice hotels, restaurants, playing golf? Good luck finding Americans who will do the job