Lisa Vanderpump Feels Lisa Rinna Has NO Knowledge Or Authority To Speak On Kim Richards’ Addiction Struggles

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Lisa Vanderpump takes Lisa Rinna to task in her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog.

LVP has defended Kim and Kyle Richards before, but when she saw the conversation between Rinna and Eden Sassoon, she was shocked. Rinna insisted that Kim wasn’t totally sober, called Kyle an enabler, and thought Kim was near death.

“…LR‘s intent to humiliate Kim at her “game night” was unacceptable. To constantly initiate subjects referring to Kim‘s struggles is not necessary. …her assertions…seemed retaliatory because where, when and how could she profess to have any knowledge of Kim‘s well being? She had spent little, if any, time with her whatsoever in the last year or so.”

Rinna and Eileen Davidson like to parse through everyone’s comments, dissecting and sifting them apart until they can find offense. But Rinna had no problem throwing out comments about Kim’s struggle.

I’m not saying Kim’s an angel. She’s a flawed, massively damaged person, which is all the more reason for Rinna to rise above. I don’t for one minute believe Rinna’s “concern” is real in regards to Kim. LVP feels the same way. 

“I don’t believe anyone has the right or authority in a public forum to contest somebody’s sobriety without good reason.”

LVP also questioned Rinna’s assertion that Kyle was an enabler. (And since when did Rinna become an expert in sobriety?)

“In my experience, and I believe I am a thousand percent more qualified to comment than LR, I have never seen anything but a supportive, albeit strained at times, relationship…”

LVP points out that Eileen picked apart her questions about her marriage to Vinny last season, but when Rinna makes assumptions about Kim, Eileen is mum. LVP wouldn’t play it like that.

“As a friend, I would reprimand her, for being so unduly judgmental in regard to Kim. What was the word she used regarding our conversation in the Hamptons one long year ago? …Icky…Yes that’s it.”

When Lisa and Ken took son, Max, to the lawyer who assisted them in their adoption, LVP couldn’t contain her tears.

“As an adoptive mother in his younger years, I felt threatened at the prospect of him searching for his biological family… Unfortunately my emotions got the better of me…”

And for those women who insist LVP is a tough cookie, she showed her soft side last night.

“I have been accused in the past of not being as vulnerable as some of the other women, as I have remained stoic in my attitude when under attack, but when it comes to things concerning matters of the heart (my children and many issues I support wholeheartedly), well tears, I suppose, are just a blink away.”

So, will LVP and Eileen have a final battle this season? The animosity is palpable with every encounter. I hope Lisa finally has a chance to check Eileen once and for all. Thoughts?


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