NeNe Leakes Slams Marlo Hampton After Blowout With Kenya Moore Over Real Friends ‘The Thirst Is Real’

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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo Hampton made her return.

When she first arrived on the show, she and Nene Leakes were tight. Marlo even played the part of bridesmaid in Nene’s second wedding to husband, Greg.

As things fell apart with Nene, Kenya Moore offered Marlo a shoulder to cry on. But Kenya didn’t invite Marlo to her birthday party — after texting Marlo and asking for ideas about how to celebrate. And now the two women are no longer friends.

Marlo related what went down as she shopped for wallpaper with Sheree Whitfield.

“Before I was just like, ‘Oh Kenya is so sweet. People don’t understand her. She’s the rebel like me. But now I don’t want to deal with you Kenya. I don’t trust you. I think you’re crazy, a fake, a phony, you’re miserable, you’re not happy’…When I got a text one day like what, about five days before her birthday, she’s like, ‘Hey diva. I want to make my birthday fabulous. What do you recommend?’ I said, ‘Kenya, whatever you do, I need flowers and candles there.’ Girl, I saw on Instagram and on the blogs, she had a birthday party, I didn’t get an invite. But then I looked on the picture and I’m like, ‘Oh okay, so maybe this is why I didn’t get an invite’…I guess she just wants to go by status level of friends. It’s like, ‘Ooh NeNe’s talking to me so now I’m gonna be being her friend. I’m happy and I can’t be Marlo’s friend.”

Now, you know Nene wasn’t going to allow her name to be taken in vain. So she clapped back on social media, posting this snap of her laughing, saying “the thirst is real.”

Later in the episode, Marlo and Kenya met for the first time in months at Phaedra Parks’ charity popup shop. Marlo still felt stung by not receiving a birthday invite—especially since Nene stole her spot.

“It still is unacceptable — a friend you don’t do that to…If you could have NeNe sitting next to you but not a friend of three years, wow!”

Kenya said that she was still friends with Marlo and offered an apology. Not good enough! Marlo called Kenya a bitch and stomped off.

So, why is Marlo still coming around? And how did she and Sheree get to be such good friends?


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