‘Rinna Told Me Kyle Was Enabler!’ Eden Sassoon Backpedals & Blames Lisa Rinna For Meddling In Kim’s Sobriety!

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I’m very glad Eden Sassoon is sober, especially after she lost her sister, Catya, to an overdose. But is that her only reason for being on The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsTo wave her sobriety flag at Kim and Kyle Richards?

In her blog this week, Eden talks about…sobriety. First, she had a conversation with Lisa Rinna about Kim is close to death.

“Here we are again, Lisa Rinna and I getting deep, fast… I don’t think that Kim is close to death. I think she just needs to tap into her higher power to find her truth. However, as addicts, we are close to death at any point…so I didn’t look at Rinna’s comment as being malicious.”

If it wasn’t malicious, it was certainly thirsty. Rinna keeps inserting herself into everyone else’s storyline in an effort to stay relevant. Now that Kim’s back, Rinna finally has something to talk about.

Later, Rinna and Eden met up with Kyle Richards for lunch. But the chicken wasn’t the only thing getting grilled.

“I asked Kyle a lot of questions at lunch. Questions she didn’t want to hear or think about. But after Rinna told me that Kyle was her enabler, I felt like I had to get to know Kyle and understand where she was coming from to help Kim.”

Eden felt that she now had a purpose — getting Kim sober and keeping her that way. But Eden didn’t feel comfortable with Kyle. She thought Kyle was being very standoffish during game night.

“I wanted to make it my mission to get to know Kyle, and for Kyle to get to know me. I think she will find out soon enough that I have a #HUGE heart. And as someone who knows the pain of being an addict…I want to help!”

Kyle hates being questioned about her family secrets and Kim’s alcohol problem. So, she doesn’t take kindly to Eden giving her the third degree.

Kyle thought I was being invasive, asking questions about her mom. I didn’t mean to make her feel like that, but as the daughter of a recovering alcoholic (my mother), I know that it comes from somewhere. The more you know about how it started or who it may have been passed from, the more you can learn about yourself. It helps the whole sobriety process.”

So, did you feel Eden was being genuine in her urge to help Kim and Kyle? And what’s Rinna’s angle in all this? Simply thirsty or truly concerned?


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