Brandi Glanville Goes After Lisa Rinna On ‘Watch What Happens Live’ “Absolutely Nothing About Rinna’s Sincere”

Posted on Jan 18 2017 - 1:16am by Terri L. Austin

Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Ladies of London star, Sophie Stanbury, and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville, joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse. Dean Sheremet, LeAnn Rimes’ ex-husband and Brandi’s partner on My Kitchen Rules, manned the bar.

Andy first commented on Brandi’s snarky tweets to Lisa Rinna. There’s nothing Brandi likes better than ragging on Rinna about her bad “wig” and eating disorder. Brandi had no regrets.

Meanwhile on Ladies of London, the women went to Scotland, and were not only served haggis, but they had to listen to a poem being recited to the dish. Sophie wasn’t converted.

“It wasn’t great. I ate it to be polite, but it wasn’t great. I’m not going to have it again.”

Andy showed a clip of tonight’s RHOBH episode, where Rinna discussed Kim Richards’ sobriety with Eden Sassoon. Rinna expressed her belief that Kim could die soon. Brandi said:

“I just don’t understand why Lisa Rinna, who clearly does not like Kim, is so concerned with her sobriety, whether she lives or dies. I just don’t get it.”

On a sneak peek of next week’s episode, Dorit Kemsley talks about Rinna whipping out a big bag of pills that she likes to add to her smoothies. Was it Xanax or something else? We don’t know! But I’m willing to bet the ladies will talk it to death in future episodes.

On Ladies of London, the Stanbury sisters-in-law have been feuding all season. They’re finally on a good note during this trip to Scotland, but is their truce still in play after filming?

“It’s still broken. I think we’re just giving each other some space. It was quite traumatic going through the show, then watching it back again. And now…we’re just giving each other a bit of room.”

Brandi gave her opinion on the RHOBH castmates. As far as Yolanda Hadid is concerned, Brandi never sees her. “We texted over Christmas. She’s busy with the kids.”

About pantygate, she said:

“It’s like these elderly women are worried for no reason.”

On Rinna apologizing to Lisa Vanderpump:

“She’s full of s***.”

And on Rinna’s apology to Kim Richards:

“Absolutely nothing about Rinna’s sincere.”

Brandi also thought LVP “one thousand percent” talked to PK and Dorit ahead of time and let them know what happened last season with Eileen Davidson and Rinna.

A caller thought Julie Montagu was the cause of the rift between Sophie and Caroline Stanbury. Sophie agreed.

“I think that’s where it started, and then it developed into something else…it was my fault.”

On Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Shay has been talking smack about Lala Kent supposedly dating a married man. What did Brandi make of that, considering Scheana slept with Brandi’s husband?

“Obviously, I think it’s hypocritical. Does anyone really know if that’s what happened with Lala? I like Lala, and honestly, she’s the only girl I like this season…she seems like she’s the only one who has the voice of reason. She’s being normal.”

On a sneak peek of Ladies of London, Julie is angry that Sophie won’t indulge in gossip about Caroline Stanbury. But Sophie is merely trying to keep the peace.

Sophie also mentioned that she knew Prince Harry this season. And now:

“I got in so much trouble for saying that. I was in trouble with friends of ours we have in common…I was drunk.”

And commenting on the Prince’s relationship with actress Meghan Markle, Sophie approved, but she had yet to meet the TV star.

A viewer wondered why Juliet Angus got so defensive with the other women, but seemed to kowtow to Caroline S. Sophie said it was because the two women had made a pact.

“They’ve just agreed to have each other’s backs. So, whatever Caroline says or does, Juliet will agree with, and Caroline will look after Juliet. Although she did slightly throw Juliet under the bus in the last episode.”

What was Brandi’s biggest regret from her time on RHOBH?

“Telling the damned truth so much.”

Brandi gave her opinion on the friendship between Kyle Richards and LVP.

“Honestly, I’ve been watching the show. All I know is if Kyle and LVP are best friends, Kyle, every time in her interviews, throws LVP under the bus…so if that’s your best friend, good luck with that.”

Sophie didn’t comment on Marissa Hermer’s choice to leave baby Sadie in London while she went to New York.

“It’s a very personal thing. We all parent in different ways, and Marissa is an amazing mother. She loves her kids to death, and she went through a very horrible experience having her baby.”

Sophie doesn’t think Caroline S. is jealous of Julie’s title.

“No, I don’t think Julie thinks that either. She was hamming it up a bit.”

During game time, Brandi and Sophie had to guess what shirtless hotties wore under their kilts besides boxer briefs — whip cream, lube, and fuzzy handcuffs, of course.

Brandi said she’s dating, but didn’t give any details other than the fact that they’ve been seeing each other since September. “He’s the best thing ever.”

So, do you agree with Brandi? Is Kyle the worst bestie? And what about the relationship between Sophie and Caroline — will it ever be repaired?


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  • Why does Andy love to bring back utter gutter trash like Brandi Glanville?? Wait, I forgot, garbage loves the stench of other garbage. Should have realized this a loooong time ago.

    • Perturbed

      Right? It’s like he’s doing it to stir up problems with the current RHOBH cast! Brandi will never change – she got so wasted at a gay club in NYC they threw her out! Poor Sophie Stanbury had to drag her away from the stage! All documented on Twitter & Instagram (unless she’s since deleted it).

      • pixntrix

        Jeez the woman is her own worst enemy…when will she learn?!?

      • chacha1

        she is a scumbag ….. fugly as hell and she needs to disappear …. bye Felicia

    • Marina

      I agree…Brandi is garbage and loves attention. Go and die Brandi!!! U is so “last year”!! Idiot!

    • Jay

      stop watching then

      • So I have to stop watching a show just because of one person who isn’t even a cast member any more? You sound silly.

        • chacha1

          Ignore the trolls

          • You’re right. Don’t entertain them and certainly don’t feed them.

          • chacha1

            yes …. they look for a fight but will not get one if we ignore their snipping at the regulars here … we love new people to join our group, we have fun and we refrain from bashing and we respectfully disagree, 🙂

        • Jay

          stop watching her is what I meant, as for the troll, we know you are trolling this article not me ^^

          • Boy shut up and get out my mentions.

          • Jay

            shut up grandma stop replying crap

          • Look. I know you’re upset about the adult section of Backpage shutting down but don’t take your frustrations out on me. There’s always Craigslist. ???? #TheMoreYouKnow

    • chacha1

      scum and slime always floats to the top, that is where Andy looks to find Brandi

  • Glooba!

    Surprise, surprise! MESSY Cohen strikes again!

  • smalltalk

    I will agree with Brandi on one thing: Kyle throws LVP under the bus every time in her interviews. Surprised not more people reacts to that.

  • jb44

    I can’t believe I agree with Brandi about Kyle throwing Lisa V. under the bus during her interviews. Not sure why they are still friends.

    • Jay

      Lvp tried to trow kyle under the bus last season, so I guess it’s just tit for tat as usual with these morons

      • chacha1

        I do not remember LVP throwing Kyle under the bus ….

        • LuxLuxLux

          me neither

        • Jay

          “tried”, read again, she did when she told rinna “I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO BRING KYLE INTO IT” and to kyle “I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO BRING YOU INTO IT.” throwing.under.the.freaking.bus.

  • WeCouldBeHeroes

    Oh I thought the article said Brandi was dating LeAnn’s ex. He seems gay

  • WeCouldBeHeroes

    She’s right about Kyle and LVP. I think they’re frenemies. They both throw digs at each other. LVP was bringing up games night and the fact that Kyle never stood up for Kim.

    • Darris

      Bingo. They both throw shade at each other

      • Perturbed

        Sometimes I wonder if it’s an act – like playful digs at each other a la British humor? Then again, Kyle seems to be the only one doing it in the confessionals.

    • Jay

      kyle & lvp hate each other, they only tolerate each other for the sake of the show. But Brandi was right all along, she knows all the dirt.

  • WeCouldBeHeroes

    Brandi should come back. I think Andy wants it too

  • wellWellwell

    I’m ashamed to say, I almost agreed with everything Brandi said..sigh

    • Oh Snarky Me

      I think that’s one of the signs of the end times!! REPENT! REPENT! If you see four guys riding by on really scary horses–run and hide!!!

      • wellWellwell

        LOL, I’ve been nervous all day what did I do…

  • Lynn

    Agree 100% with Bandi this time!!

  • Sugar in my tank

    Who cares..this trick is desperate for relevance. Why was she even on WWHL? Miss Andy is running out of guests..I agree she was half correct Rinna doesn’t like Kim but the pendulum swings both ways because they dislike each other..

    • chacha1


    • Jay

      Brandi is on My Kitchen Rules, so she’s promoting it as she should.

      • chacha1

        oh good, thanks for the heads up so that I will make sure I never watch it

      • Sugar in my tank

        Never heard of it and if it involves a stove, let’s hope her plastic face doesn’t melt..

  • italiano bambino

    Is more then obvious the pump told dorit and pk about what happened last season.

    • Jay


  • pixntrix

    I thought BG said she like Scheana this season, am I wrong? I love Sophie’s hair!!! I hate to admit this but Brandy is right about Rinna.

    • italiano bambino

      I doubt she ever will

    • Jay

      Brandi always brings the truth. We all see that Rinna is full of it, and reached a new low this week. Rinna belongs in the trashcan.

  • MidwestMiddie

    Brandi is 100% correct about Kyle not being a good friend to Lisa VP.
    Sophie and Caroline S. are family. They’ll be fine.

  • chacha1

    Cannot believe any decent man would go out with Brandi after their first date, I guess this Donald Friese must like gutter trash ….. and Brandi should enter herself in a parade, her head is so big it looks like one of those balloon heads, the pig looks more like Madam Flowers the wooden puppet every time I see her skank face

    • Oh Snarky Me

      She’s terrifying to look at! What did she do? Shove tennis balls up her face into her cheeks? It’s beyond bizarre! How can she look in the mirror and think she looks good???

  • LuxLuxLux

    WHY does LVP get blamed for telling Dorit & PK what went down last season when IT WAS ON TELEVISION???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Fucking idiots.

    • chacha1

      how come she wasn’t asked about her BFF Kim Richards ….. they were joined at the hip especially when their drunken asses were stalking and hiding in bushes spying on a guy who Brandi banged one time

      • Jay

        lol stop trolling

    • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

      IKR? So pathetic.

    • Jay

      it’s clear LVP filled them in. If they just had seen the show she wouldn’t be on LVP’s side since last season it was proved she lied and manipulated all along. LVP told her side of the story period, nothing else.

  • MsM

    Why does anybody even take Brandi Glanville seriously? She’s a walking STD with no income?

    • chacha1

      that she is …..

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    OT: Brandi’s new gig WorstKitchenNighmaresInAmericaRules (or whatever it’s called) is actually a hoot. There are lots of LoL moments, one being when Brandi was making small talk with co-stars Naomi Judd and her husband, and he casually mentions his mother (being a great cook) …. Brandi suddenly asks “how long ago did your mom die?”. So Naomi’s husband asks “how did you know my mother has passed on?” Brandi responds “because you’re really old”.

    ….. *dead

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    I hope Brandi now sees how very stupid it was of her to side with Yolanda and Kyle against LVP. Yolanda is “busy with the kids”??? Seriously how busy can she be with two daughters who live away from home most of the time and one son that spends half his time with his dad? Yolanda used Brandi and never had any real interest in a friendship with her.
    What’s with all these HWs accusing LVP of briefing Dorit and PK (like they didn’t watch the damn show) but all remained quiet about Yolanda and Erika’s fake friendship and Erika’s second hand opinions on LVP?

    • chacha1

      ITA … Brandi is always throwing shit out there and hoping it sticks, she has been proven to not only being HO, she is a liar and a slanderer …. she never freakin stops with her jealous skank ass

      • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

        She will never admit that she totally lied about LVP “manipulating” her when it was really Yolanda all along. She will never admit to herself that Yolanda played her like the fool she is. We all knew once this show was over Yo would have zero use for Brandi. But LVP and Joyce’s friendship is still going strong 🙂