New Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Which Stars Did Arnold Fire In Week 3?

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Last week on The New Celebrity Apprentice each team won a task. Sent packing were pro-footballer Eric Dickerson and reality star Nicki “Snooki” Palazzi. Stand outs were Matt Iseman and Laila Ali for winning $50K each for their charities. Celebrities with something to prove are Lisa Leslie for being a Debbie-downer in the boardroom and Jon Lovitz for being a whiny baby whose comedy is questionable. Let’s get started with the next two episodes.

Episode 5

The Task

Kawasaki is the client. The task is to complete a full photo campaign for the new Kawasaki Vulcan S. The 4-page photo campaign will be judged on creativity, demographic appeal and presentation. The men are excited about this one because it’s a motorcycle. The special boardroom advisor has a fancy British accent with a no-nonsense attitude and tells both teams to pay attention at the executive briefing. Up for grabs is $25K for the winning project manager’s charity. Special note: this is the first time a company has not matched the money from Celebrity Apprentice.

The Project Manager and Strategy

Team PrimaKyle Richards says she’ll do it if the remaining ladies have her back. In the executive briefing the ladies learn the Vulcan is made for everyone who rides, has two different seats available, and that 1.2 million riders are female. Kyle realizes what their concept should be. Brooke Burke-Charvet’s husband David Charvet has agreed to be in the couple concept shot. Lisa Leslie suggests she be in one since she’s so tall. Laila Ali will be in a photo all by herself because she’s so tough and Porsha Williams will take the keys from a man. Good news, Lisa is on board and thinks they are on a powerful path. They set up to take their photos outside. The special boardroom advisor likes the imagery but doesn’t feel the women are pushing the creative envelope enough. Another problem is Brooke’s husband is not having anything to do with sitting on the back of the bike. Brooke says he’s macho, but basically he’s uncooperative and won’t participate unless he gets his way, which he does. They need to eliminate one of the four shots, either Lisa Leslie pushing the away men or Porsha taking the keys away. Kyle decides to eliminate Lisa’s since she’s in the photo with her.

Team Arête – Has chosen the unorthodox project manager Carson Kressley who says he’s brave because he wore white after Labor Day. They executives stress that Kawasaki is a rebel brand and looking for something that’s disruptive. Jon thinks company’s say that, but then don’t like what you’ve given them. Carson wants something artistic and feels they don’t need to leave the studio to show unexpected people riding motorcycles. Carson likes the idea of an edgy nude and perhaps a drag queen. Boy George thinks Carson is a bloody genius. The rest of the men are quiet. Vince Neil feels you can only push the envelope so far. Chael Sonnen thinks this has disaster written all over it. Jon Lovitz doesn’t understand how a nude Carson will help sell motorcycles. Boy George tells him to tuck it like a drag queen. Speaking of drag queen, in walks Alaska Thunder(bleep), in a tight black dress and a very tall wig. The shot is very artistic, but Chael is already planning his speech for Arnold of how he had nothing to do with this. The guys have too many photos so they have a brilliant idea to make a collage of the outtakes. The men question the drag queen photo again, but BG and Carson fight to keep it because it’s edgy and inclusive.

The Presentation

Team Prima goes first. They display the four images they’ve chosen that appear on a flat screen and along with it, a speech from each of the women explaining why they love riding motorcycles. 1) Lisa and Kyle show their height differences 2) Laila in a white tank top next to a motorcycle 3) Porsha handing in her heels for riding shoes, and 4) Brooke on the back of the bike, behind her husband, saying the bike is versatile and truly for everyone, according to her husband.

Team Arête is up next and they have lots of photos around the room in addition to the four photos on the flat screen. The images are 1) And oiled up Ricky Williams duplicating the infamous Arnold shot with Annie Leibovitz 2) The drag queen photo who challenges convention 3) A female model in a gold lame mini skirt holding her helmet and 4) Vince Neil in a tuxedo holding a Yorkie. Let the good times roll, but did they take the risk too far?

The Boardroom Feedback

The Governor welcomes the teams and right away asks Carson why they didn’t use his nude photo in one of the four shots because the camera ads ten pounds. Ba-dum-tsk. Kyle says that everyone was great on her team. Brooke has to defend the fact that her husband railroaded her decision of him being in front of the bike – the Gov felt David should have been in the back. Carson said they were told to push the envelope so they did. Chael said he wasn’t sure about the drag queen shot, but Boy George sticks up for that shot.

The results for Team Arête – The execs loved their creativity and Carson nailed the presentation, had great knowledge of the brand and was very entertaining. On the negatives, they pushed the envelope too far and that would raise eyebrows with their core enthusiasts.

The results for Team Prima – The execs thought they nailed showcasing the ergo fit and made the bike approachable. The negatives were they did not push the envelope far enough, in particular Brooke’s photo with her not driving the bike. The photos were amazing, but safe.

The Winners and the Losers

Arnold explains the Kawasaki executives said this was a very close call, but in the end, the men win. He gives congrats to Carson’s charity, True Colors, who help the LGBT youth get off the streets. They will receive $25K, but get this, so will Kyle’s charity, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, because they felt sorry for her.

So the men leave and the women face Arnold who explains they played it too safe. Their least favorite photos were Brooke’s and Porsha’s. Kyle explains her concept for those photos, but doesn’t claim Brooke’s. Arnold explains they probably would have won if David would have agreed to sit on the back of the bike. Brooke says she wanted it to be that way but in real life, David told her it wouldn’t be that way. The Gov explains it’s about taking risks and asks for Lisa’s opinion. She says David wasn’t a model that they could tell what to do. Brooke asks Arnold if he would have sat on the back of the bike and he said, absolutely. He also would have let Brooke drive with him around on the back. Brooke takes responsibility for that missed opportunity but says they didn’t lose because of her. Laila recommends that Kyle, Porsha, and Brooke be the three to face firing. Kyle reluctantly agrees.

The Firing

The good news is the women aren’t being catty in the waiting room as they wait for the axe to drop. And if Arnold’s nephew has his way it’s Kyle who gets fired because she’s been responsible twice before for the loss, but not called into the boardroom. When called into the room, Kyle says she shouldn’t be fired because she works hard, and therefor she says Brooke should be fired. Brooke says she’s a hard worker too. Porsha says that Kyle should be fired since she’s PM. Kyle is asked yet again, and she says to fire Brooke for her chauvinistic husband. Brooke is still in denial. Arnold says, Kyle you are terminated – now get to the chopper! But don’t take it personally.

Episode 6 – Arnold decides it’s time to mix the teams. The women have been “decimated” and the switch is made. The new teams are Team Arête: Boy George, Matt Iseman, Jon Lovitz, Ricky Williams, Laila Ali and Brooke Burke-Charvet vs. Team Prima: Vince Neil, Porsha Williams, Chael Sonnen, Carson Kressley and Lisa Leslie.

The Task

See’s Candies who is owned by Warren Buffet is the client. They teams will create, name and package their own celebrity candy. Then they will need to call their wealthy friends and sell it in a See’s store. The winner of the task is the team who raises the most money. One member from each team will fly to Omaha, NE and meet with Warren Buffet who will decide the winner of the new candy. That team will receive a $25K bonus that will count toward their total sum raised.

The Project Manager and Plans

Team PrimaVince Neil is selected to be project manager because he loves chocolate and money. Right away Vince is on the phone, calling friends, asking for money. On the car ride home they have raised almost $200K as a group. Back at headquarters they research Warren Buffet’s favorite candies: they are peanut, caramel and chocolate and brittle. Chael recommends they keep the candy simple. They find a recipe that everyone loves. Lisa wants to go to Omaha to meet Warren and so does Chael because he’s read three of his books. Vince chooses Chael. Porsha and Carson are preparing the brittle and getting along pretty well. She laughs at everything he says.

Team Arête Ricky Williams is chosen as project manager because he says he can raise $300K. Laila Ali is tasked with coming up with a winning recipe for the candy. Jon starts listing his favorite Girls Scout cookies that he likes, but they need something more original. Everyone likes Laila’s confection and not Jon’s. Ricky finds Jon to be a distraction and decides Jon should go to Omaha so he can get him out of his hair even though Ricky doesn’t have any hair. Jon protests at first but then finally agrees to go. Good day. Matt is struggling to raise money so he volunteers to go work in the candy factory with Laila. Their candy has lots of ingredients. Laila thinks Matt is a great guy with a great attitude. Ricky is quiet and not leading and tries to calm Brooke that the people will show up and pay. Brooke thinks they better because she originally wanted to be the PM.

The Presentation

Team Arête has their one piece of candy ready for Warren. Jon’s sample is milk chocolate covering caramel with pecans, almonds, vanilla and a taste of raspberry. Jon offers to introduce his friend Abraham Lincoln to Warren before trying his sample. Warren says, “Mmm, I could eat a box of these.”

Team Prima has their one piece of candy ready for Warren. Chael’s sample is a classic brittle recipe using cashews and dark chocolate. Warren says nothing, but takes a second bite.

Warren has made his decision, but says he will call The Governor with his choice of the winner. He likes both pieces of candy, Mr. Buffet choses…

The Sales

Team Arête – So many fans show up for Boy George, but the amounts are kind of small at first. So far the big money hasn’t come in. Matt isn’t worried because Ricky has lots of friends in the cannabis culture. However, it they’re stoned they aren’t exactly reliable. PK and Dorit (RHOBH) stop by to donate $80K on behalf of Boy George. And the money rolls in from this point on.

Team Prina – Things get off to a slow start, but finally the money starts to come in. Strippers, Carrot Top, Hooters Girls, basketballers, even fired Kyle stops by to give $10K. The friend of Vince who died of the rare brain disease Vince is fighting for comes in with a check. This is going to be close.

The Boardroom Feedback

Arnold explains he has gained five pounds from this task. Lisa sings her praises for Vince as their project manager and she likes her new team. Carson explained that they researched what candy Warren loves. Ricky said he got the PM job because he thought he could raise $300K but he didn’t reach that mark. The biggest fund raiser was Boy George. Laila gets credit for the candy.

The results – Team Arête raised $365,745

The results – Team Prima raised $378,535

It comes down to the winning candy and the $25K bonus money.

The Winners and Losers

Team Prima is the winner! Warren chose their candy and they received the $25K bonus. Vince gets $769,280 because he gets Team Arete’s money, too. Vince’s charity is the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Disease. The team celebrates their way out of the boardroom and Vince is completely choked up.

The Firing

Arnold explains not only did they fall short on fundraising, they fell short on what Warren Buffet likes. Ricky is asked who raised the least and he says Jon. He raised the pathetic amount of $500. Props are given to Boy George who raised $119,000 which is the same amount that Ricky raised and he wasn’t the project manager. BG says Jon should be fired. Laila refuses to accept responsibility for the candy because she created something unique. Matt raised $39K and he wasn’t expected to raise much. Jon defends his lack of fundraising because he was on a plane and they didn’t like his candy suggestions. Laila raised $45K. Ricky chooses Jon and Laila to come back into the boardroom with him. Arnold asks Ricky who should be fired and he says Jon. So does Laila. Arnold says it’s easy to pick on Jon, but what about Ricky the PM who didn’t raise the amount he pledged. Ricky says he didn’t sleep all night because he was calling his stoner friends. Jon says he was sent to Omaha to get out of their way. Jon says that Laila’s chocolate was awesome and should have won. But it’s not up to Jon. Arnold blames the team for not researching what Warren Buffet likes. Jon you’re terminated, – now get to the chopper! Though he tries to run away from the chopper several times and has to chased down.

Tune in next week to see which celebrity goes rogue and a triple termination in the boardroom.


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