‘RHOBH’ Dorit Kemsley Believes Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson ‘Team Up and Go After’ People

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Dorit Kemsley may be new to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s learning how the game is played — and I’m not talking about charades. I’m talking about the minefield of reality TV.

In her blog this week, Dorit stated once and for all (God, I hope this is the end of it) that she never meant to hurt Erika Girardi, and all the women knew about her “cheeky” gift and not one of them dissuaded her.

“For the record, I never wanted to hurt or shame Erika in any way. …no one discouraged me from getting them or even gave Erika the heads up — and these are her friends — so I honestly thought she would find it funny.”

But not only does Eileen Davidson keep bringing up the panty situation, she also wants to know all the intricate details of what was discussed at Dorit’s dinner party. And Lisa Rinna has been right there with her, rehashing old shit and trying to serve it up like it’s fresh.

Eileen and Lisa R., these two are the closest of friends — they share every little thing together. Not sure why Lisa R. and Eileen need to keep making something out of this dinner conversation… It was a few comments with friends over dinner, that’s all ladies. Please, this doesn’t need to continue…”

Poor, naïve Dorit. Of course it will continue. This Eileen we’re talking about!

While game night was a fun distraction, Eileen picked up where she left off — Erika’s panties! Under the guise of concern for Erika, she roped Dorit into yet another confrontation.

“…quite honestly having heard Eileen rehash “pantygate” ONCE AGAIN felt more than I could bear. Erika continues to reassure me that it’s behind us, but Eileen can’t seem to allow that. It doesn’t feel like a “friend” sticking up for a “friend” at this point. It feels more like an attack.”

Although Dorit is learning the reality rules, she needs to learn to shut Eileen down fast and hard, or this pantygate talk will never end. And I mean never.

“…I’ve now learned in just a few weeks that when things get brought up again and again, it doesn’t end well, so why on earth are we continuing to repeat the same things and discuss something that Erika has said time and time again was over?”

When Kim Richards agreed with Dorit, that Eileen and Rinna get each other worked up into a frothy whipped smoothie of anger and paranoia, she felt vindicated.

“Then when Kim started talking about Lisa R. and Eileen’s relationship…it was precisely what I was explaining to the girls at the table. …Eileen and Lisa R. really look out for each other and how they could team up and go after someone. I can appreciate a close friendship, but it’s starting to feel like one winds the other one up.”

Dorit isn’t going to take their crap, and if they come after her, she’s going to fight back every time.

“I, for one, will always stick up for myself and not allow people to bully me or drag things out to make more of a situation then it has to be. Even if it feels like four against one, I have to know I did my best to defend myself, particularly when I NEVER had any mal intent.”

So, can we forget this unfortunate incident ever happened? Can we erase from our memories the past three or four episodes? Probably not, because Eileen is still a cast member, and girl likes to beat that poor, deceased horse.

So, do you think Dorit has a point about Eileen and Rinna? And what about Kyle, washing her hands of the panty gift? Why didn’t she discourage Dorit if she thought Erika would be “blindsided”?


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