Did ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Production Manipulation Cause Scheana Shay’s Divorce?

Posted on Jan 17 2017 - 10:34am by Dani-K

Divorce by Bravo? That’s what Mike Shay’s bandmate is claiming about the failed marriage between Vanderpump Rules stars Scheana and Mike Shay.

According to Nicole Arbour, Scheana was encouraged to create drama in her marriage or risk being fired because “she wasn’t interesting enough.”

Scheana and Shay were told if they didn’t cause more drama that she would be fired because she wasn’t interesting enough,” the bandmate told RadarOnline. “They needed more drama from her. And that’s what started causing so many problems in their marriage.”

The problem, Mike “wasn’t into it” and didn’t want to participate.

Mike wasn’t into it and Scheana was like ‘well, this is my job and you have to support me and cause more drama with me,’” explained Arbour. “She’s really mean to him and it’s just like, they don’t even communicate. They can’t speak. She’s yelling at him and telling him he’s doing things wrong or they’re not making noise.”

Arbour admits not knowing the couple that well, but claims Mike and Scheana were not in love.

“He always spoke so highly of her like, ‘I love my wife. My wife is amazing. I love her so much.’ We never saw them being in love, but I didn’t know them that long.”

Even more shocking, Arbour accuses Scheana of being “full of sh*t” on a Watch What Happens Live episode about Mike having gone missing.

“One time he accidentally locked himself out of the studio and he wasn’t actually missing,” Arbour revealed. “He locked himself out and had to walk home. He was missing for a couple of hours because he didn’t call her back.”

“It’s sad that this is what these people have to do,” Arbour said about the Vanderpump Rules cast. “They have to make up lies and try to run with them so they have a career next year because they’re desperate for storylines.”

Tell us what you think. Was this marriage doomed from the start or did Bravo producers have a hand in the demise?


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  • Thomas Crane

    Nicole Arbour is not a credible source. There is amazing video of her on The View. The women do that thing where they gang up to shame someone, and she wins the crowd over. Whoopi is so annoyed that they had her on as a guest. Loads of fun, but I need corroboration from multiple sources on this.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I would say Scheana is responsible for Scheana’s divorce…

    • EvenKeeled

      I agree with you. From what I saw on the show, and what I have seen in the seasons since their arrival, is that Mike was thirsty for communication from his wife. They had known each other for over 10 years when they got married. Something worked for them at some point, that stopped working once the show started watching their lives.

      She constantly put him down in front of the cameras. She wanted him to “get along” with her “friends”; a group of malicious individuals that have not only slept with one another but also cause drama for each other. No man in his right mind would find this appealing.

      IMO I think Shay began to drink and mix pills because they were all on drugs together. Stassi said it herself; they all did drugs and took pills and drank a lot. But the show needed a storyline for Scheanna and they sacrificed Mike Shay. Not Stassi, not Jax who admitted to doing blow in Vegas, no. I think Shay was an easy target and that is why I believe he went home. His family must have really helped him realize that this life was not worth losing his soul over.

      I follow Mike Shay on IG and he is doing GREAT! He’s doing shows all over the country and he seems really happy. I am actually going to see him and his band once he gets to my area in Cali. I agree with you, Scheanna gave up her own man for the show. Shame on her.

  • Sugar in my tank

    Bravo doesn’t hold guns to anyone head and make them do anything. Scheana has a new man “ALREADY”, and that was within 30 days…but she judges Lala, Right…This washed up bunch of adult teenagers are responsible for the life they choose. The women are alcoholic mean girls and the guys are sexually deprived, alcoholic, miserable losers. What I find quite interesting is that they all deserve one another..what will be their storyline now that Lala has left the show??

    • Vogue

      I find Lala a cheap ho just from how she present herself but for Scheana to judge her is very funny to me. Didn’t Scheana joined the show because of the relationship she had with a married man??!! What an idiot for judging anyone relationship, no one care what a ho has to say.

      • Sugar in my tank

        Wow, tell them how you really feel. Look, Lala is a young unmarried woman who is entitled to date and sleep with whomever she chooses. No one has confirmed that she was sleeping with a married man. The entire bunch used her for a storyline the entire season because of nothing short of jealousy. Stassi is mean-spirited trollup who had a sex tape showing her goodies, Kristen slept with her best friend’s man while her boyfriend was in the next room and also had oral sex with another man’s girlfriend. Katie is a bullying, mean drunk. You addressed Scheana and Ariana allegedly was cheating with Tom so calling someone a ho in this bunch is a waste and all the guys cheated on their girlfriends..

  • WMK

    And next season we will see it happen to Tom because Katie has lost her effing mind.
    They rush jobbed this and have made such a deal about it, I’d be surprised not to see them fall apart within a season.
    I’d have bought the car instead.
    Then again I did get married in a ten minute park ceremony with three friends and bought a new car instead of having a big wedding, so I sided with his side comment.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    The entire show is as fake as her Sheanna’s stupid marriage. Everyone knows that VPR is part of a package deal with Li$a, but hopefully as her star fades, so will this show (right into the sunset). However, IF it does come back (for yet another completely uninteresting and dull season), I can’t see Sheanna, being part of it. Like QuasiKatie, she brings nothing. They should CAN this mess and throw Li$a another bone by replacing it with a show about PUMP … at least we’d have pretty boys to look at (instead of bloated over-the-hill losers).

    • Why is this happening to us?

      I gave up on this show after it’s second season, but a show about PUMP I would totally watch (just for the eye candy alone!). Lol

  • MsM

    Eh, doomed from the start. Sheanna is a self-absorbed whiner who really doesn’t care about anybody but herself.

  • justanothermary

    If any of this is true I certainly hope that Katie and Tom have a better relationship than we’ve been seeing. If not, they’re doomed to wind up in the same trash heap when this is all over.

  • Evil Queen

    Schena has shown her true colors,& it is all about Scheana.
    Perfect example is Stassi’s birthday, Scheana didn’t want too take shots; skinny dip; or eat any of the seafood. Her excuses are simply self-absorbed excuses. Stassi pinned her correctly, Debbie Downer.
    Hopefully, her BFF, Arianna will Take her back, cause Katie, Kristen, & Stassi are getting ready to throw her to the curb.

  • Violet~Princess Pumpernickel

    I don’t see how that equals production’s fault. That sounds like Scheana’s issues. She didn’t have to ruin her relationship, it was her choice.

    • KCChiefs25

      Scheana will choose the spotlight and money over anyone in her life, everytime!

  • JC

    I’m also tired of the 3 wicked witches + the “Wanna Be Witch.” The high point of this show is watching someone slam the the cult of four. This cast is loosing it’s appeal. Stunted growth and stupidity is not sexy and it is especially not sexy in thirty-somethings.