‘RHOA’ Recap: Matt Jordan Vandalizes Kenya Moore’s Home Again; Marlo Hampton Confronts Kenya

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We join The Real Housewives of Atlanta just in time for a public self-serving announcement from Phaedra about her Flint, Michigan Water Crisis camp. Little Ayden is excited to help and sell cookies for the cause. Cynthia calls on the phone, and blah, blah, blah, three days later, Phaedra gets off the phone.

Next up is Sheree picking out stuff she can’t afford for Chateau Sheree when Marlo and her breasts walk in. Sheree wants old world Hollywood sprinkled with 50 Shades of Gray. Marlo has a hot flash as she explains why she’s fallen off the face of the Earth. According to Marlo, she and Kenya had a falling out. Kenya chose to invite NeNe over Marlo to her birthday party. Sheree tells Marlo to be glad she wasn’t invited to that cheap-ass house-warming party.

Over at Moore Manor, Kenya arrives home to find her house has been vandalized again. We all know who did this, but in case you don’t, it was crazy-ass Matt. Kenya calls Kandi who tells her not to mess with Matt anymore. Here’s the thing, Kenya feels the need to save Matt from himself. Kandi asks what her dad would say. He would say get a restraining order. Kandi invites Kenya over to her place if she needs to get away.

Across town Cynthia is packing up the townhouse because she sold it and must move out by the end of the week. Turns out there was a “glitch” with the closing of her Lake Bailey house (because she’s got to name it) and the deal may fall through. Chile, this is called a blessing in disguise because that house is too expensive. The two appraisals on the house have a $300K difference so a third appraisal must be ordered. Kenya has offered her home for Cynthia and Noelle to move into, but that’s not a good idea what with crazy Matt on the loose.

In the meantime, Kenya stops by Phaedra’s office to talk about the problems she’s having with Matt because being in a bad relationship is something Phaedra knows a lot about. They talk about a restraining order and how jail won’t help Matt. Kenya asks about dealing with a hot-tempered Apollo and Phaedra warns her the bad behavior intensifies 100% once you get married. Kenya confesses her love for the old calm Matt, but doesn’t want to be with the new crazy Matt. Phaedra recommends counseling and a prayer.

Next Kenya stops by Kandi’s house. She has decided not to file a restraining order on Matt and would like to know which bedroom is hers. Kandi’s like, say what? Then Cynthia stops by to announce she too is homeless and which bedroom is hers. And since Kandi has a big ass guest house, why not? They move on to throwing shade on Phaedra for wanting 50% of the proceeds for her charity and then to Porsha for receiving a golden shower. Just think, if Kenya and Cynthia move into the guest house, they can do this all the time.

In the past, charity fundraiser have gone off the rails on RHOA and Phaedra is concerned this one will go awry too. The ladies are getting together to talk set-up and which booth will go where. Porsha shows up with her new sassy, short hair even though her product line is hair extensions. Sheree is selling her, “Who’s Gonna Check Me Boo?” shirts and that should rake in $50. Kenya is selling her water shampoo line and Kandi is selling her Bedroom Kandi products. Hopefully they will have an all adult turnout.

Over at the townhouse, flashbacks upon flashbacks are shown of Cynthia and her many hairdos in happier time with Peter. The townhouse is empty and it’s time to get out. Her realtor stops by to get the keys. Cynthia doesn’t like not being in control, but likes new beginnings, even if her new beginning is her being homeless.

It’s pop-up time! Everyone is all jealous of Kenya and her booth with the giant poster of herself. Sheree’s booth is a little sad with her T-shirts on a table with a couple pink flowers. The doors open and the people trickle in to spend money. Shocker, Apollo’s mom and step-dad are there to buy some cookies from Ayden. Phaedra says she and Apollo’s mom are very close. This is the first any of us have heard this news.

In struts Marlo who completely ignores Kenya on her way to help Sheree sell her t-shirts. Kenya goes over to say hello and pulls Marlo aside to apologize for not inviting her to her house-warming party. Marlo says, what about your birthday party? Where was that invite? Kenya says a lot of stuff was going on. Marlo tells her that excuse is unacceptable. They argue over the definition of being a friend, but not even their jazz hands can save the conversation. Marlo struts off.

However the day was a success. Sheree made $7,541.83 for her camp in Flint, MI. This wasn’t the amount she had hoped for, but its close enough. Congrats!

Tune in next week when Kandi tells Porsha to piggy-back her ass up.


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