Porsha Williams Says Kenya Moore Is The ‘Definition of Thirsty’ On #WWHL; Kenya Responds With EPIC Diss!

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On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, and her castmate in the New Celebrity Apprentice, Carson Kresley.

The shady moment of the night came from RHOA when Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield met up to look at wallpaper and spill the tea about Kenya Moore’s housewarming party. Since Marlo wasn’t invited, she asked Sheree for details. Sheree questioned the reliability of Kenya’s the plumbing at Moore Manor. It all went to shit from there. Literally.

Despite owning a hair company, Porsha chopped off her locks and wore a new bobbed ’do this week. Carson advised her to keep her long hair, but Porsha claimed the short cut was her own. In a flash poll, 56% of viewers deemed the short look “hot.”

Tonight on RHOA, Phaedra Parks hosted a charity popup shop. The women thought it would be a great time to shade one another. Porsha teased Kandi Burruss about putting up a wall of dildos from Bedroom Kandi, Sheree wondered if Kenya was still filling bottles of hair care with water, and Kenya laughed at Sheree’s “Who Gon Check Me Boo?” T-shirts. But Phaedra said all the women were “empowering” each other. You go, girls!

Porsha and Carson discussed their fellow celebrities on their thirst level. Carson thought Kanye West was “hospitalization thirsty.” And the fact that Blac Chyna is always flashing her boobs was labeled by Porsha as, “Not thirsty. She’s breastfeeding.” And Porsha said Kenya was the “definition” of thirsty.

The sneak peek for next week’s RHOA touched on Porsha’s anger management. Porsha insisted she wasn’t changing herself for the women and claimed she didn’t “really have an issue” or “appreciate the tone” of the conversation. Kenya wondered if Porsha were on medication to get herself in check. Kandi smirked at her, and Porsha flounced off. Well, at least she’s not pulling out someone’s weave. That’s what we call progress.

Kenya tweeted tonight about the Underground Railroad not being literal railroad, a clear jab at Porsha. Porsha asked, “What she mad about?”

Someone called in and asked about the “golden shower” comment Kenya made in regards to Porsha. She reminded everyone that in Miami last season, while playing a game Never Have I Ever, Porsha drank when the subject came up. Porsha now claimed she had no idea what Kenya was talking about.

“Someone asked me, I was on a press tour. I was like, ‘who did what?’ I don’t know, we were drinking. It was a drinking game. People say true and false things, I don’t know.”

Andy tried to pin her down by asking if it were true or not. Porsha cleared it up by saying:

“Well I mean, I don’t get peed on, you know what I mean. Let’s just make that clear.”

As far as her relationship with maybe-boyfriend, Todd, Porsha said:

“I just talked to him yesterday. We’re still trying to figure things out.”

When Andy said he hoped things worked out for them as a couple, Porsha agreed.

“He’s so cute, right? Normally, y’all try to say I’ve been thirsty through the years, but this guy…I didn’t throw a party for him.”

A caller asked Porsha why she’s so shady toward Kandi.

“I don’t throw shade unless I receive it. If I get it, I will definitely give it right back.”

On her friendship with Nene, Porsha said:

“I haven’t talked to her at all…I don’t know where that stands. Friends would call and talk to each other from time to time. I honestly don’t know what happened. I really, really don’t. I know I called a couple of times and my calls weren’t returned.”

Since Carson is pals with Luann D’Agostino, one viewer wondered what he got her for a gift and if her marriage would last.

“That sounds like it’s all one question. Like don’t get the present until you wait for a year. I was invited to the wedding, and I had to do the Rose Parade in LA, so I couldn’t go. Don’t tell her, but I have not yet gotten her a present, but I have a year.”

Porsha pointed out that the couple wanted guests to donate to the startup fund for an ill relative.

When asked if her donkey booty was real, Porsha claimed it was all natural. At Andy’s insistence, she got up and showed it off. She took the opportunity to tout her new cleanse called “The Dump” and hawked Body By Porsha.

So, what do you make of the golden shower thing? And what about Matt vandalizing Kenya’s house? Should she have gotten a restraining order?


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