‘Sister Wives’ Brat! Mariah Brown Ripped on Social Media For Rude Reaction To Mom After Gay Announcement

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Mariah Brown dropped a bomb — but was swiftly embraced and accepted by the Sister Wives clan, when she revealed that she was gay.

Meri Brown attempted communication with her college-aged daughter, but due to the lingering fallout from Meri’s tangle with an online catfish, the convo was a bust. Mariah has enjoyed positive feedback from around the web, but on Facebook, fans raked her for her icy interaction with her mother.

Meri appeared to be one of the very few who was genuinely shocked by Mariah’s revelation. Mariah is now being slammed for her own behavior towards her mom’s seemingly honest struggle to process a shifted reality.

Fans blasted Mariah for being rude, selfish, and hypocritical towards her mother. 

“Mariah drops a bomb like that which is fine, good for her, but yet can’t give her birth mother an inch of decency. Grow up kid, you’re extremely lucky your family is so accepting. A lot of kids in your position have been turned away. Be grateful and show some humility.”

“Mariah is a total brat and so mean and cruel to her mother. I am sure someday she will regret how she has treated her mother. I am also disappointed in Kody who should sit the snob down and try and make her see how unkind she is.”

“I think Mariah is enjoying having this power over her mom. She is a spoiled brat playing games. She is actually being a bully. Its sad.”

“Here it is in a nutshell; “WHO is the parent, & WHO is the child? Meri doesn’t act like a parent, instead she whines & cow-tows to that brat. No parent should explain themselves or answer to their child, when it comes to adult matters. Mariah knows ZERO about adult relationships, & should be put in her place.”

“if mariah wants support then she should of given her mother support. she is one rude kid with no respect for her mother and i wonder if mariah religion believes in same sex relationship, i doubt it.”

“This is a Christian family with high values then why is Mariah permitted to treat her mother so terribly. I am so over her being so hateful to her mother. So she is gay, get over yourself. I have gay siblings &they would never treat my mom this way, only love.”

“Cody needs to knock some sense in that spoil disrespectful child of his and make her apologize to her mother. … Her Birth Mother that is trying really hard to have some kind of communication with her …Brat.”

“Mariah has found herself and that’s great. Yet, Mariah wants everyone including her mom to be happy for her and accept her for who she is but can’t give her mom any acceptance and forgiveness and love. She is a hypocrite and a selfish person.”

“She came out of national TV without talking to her own mother and father first. I think that was a move to further hurt Meri. She likes the power over Meri way too much. Not showing respect for her birth mother. She is a brat plain and simple. The way she’s treating her mother will bite her in the a$$ someday. Grow up Mariah.”

While Mariah’s attitude did score a trickling fan support — viewers were overwhelmingly Team Mare. What are your thoughts on how the mother/daughter mashup went down?

The Sister Wives Tell-All reunion sit-down begins next week.  Don’t miss it!


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