‘I Don’t Know You’ Kyle Richards Is Appalled By Eden Sassoon’s Intrusive Questions About Her Family!

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Viewers are about to see part-time rookie, Eden Sassoon, step over the line with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran, Kyle Richards — and Kyle is not happy.

In a preview clip of Tuesday night’s episode, Eden hammers Kyle with questions about her family history with alcoholism, and how it all links back to Kim Richards.

“May I? Where did the drinking come from in your family?” Eden pries. “Did it get passed down from somewhere? Was your mom a drinker?”

Kyle had already told Eden that her mother had died years before from breast cancer.

“She was not an alcoholic,” Kyle responds, but unloads what she really feels in a confessional spot.

“Whoa…I don’t even know you,” Kyle says. “Why are you jumping to conclusions?”

Eden drags her sister back into the convo, along with Kyle’s sister, Kim. Eden’s sister, Catya, died of a drug overdose in 2002.

“She reminds me of my sister, who was in the thick of it, and just sitting in the clouds,” Eden says. “She’s [Kim’s] sad, her energy is heavy.”

Kyle assures the brash newbie that Kim is sober, but Eden keeps pushing for details, until Kyle shuts her down. Eden posted the preview clip on YouTube, labeling her inappropriate prying just an effort to get to know Kyle and/or Kim better. “ANGRY KR #truth U get 2 know someone by asking #curiosity ????it’s #hereditary #logical ???????? WATCH TUESDAY,” Eden tweeted.

Interestingly, Eden has been busy behind the scenes, blasting any public mention of her own family history. Another hypocritical Housewife?

Catch the brazen interrogation on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Tuesday night at 9 pm, ET.    


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