‘Vanderpump Rules’ Kristen Doute & Lala Kent Nearly ‘Come To Blows’ In An Off Camera FIGHT

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Even when the cameras aren’t filming Vanderpump Rules, those crazy kids (and by kids, I mean full grown adults that act like teenagers) can’t get along.

Last Tuesday, things got heated at SUR restaurant between Kristen Doute and Lala Kent. Lala was in the back room that’s reserved for former employees. She was talking business with Basketball Wives LA star, DJ Duffey. Apparently, Lala quit her job as hostess as SUR and rumor has it, she quit filming midway through the season.


Kristen came in boyfriend, Carter Brian, and fellow castmates, Peter Madrigal and Brittany Cartwright. When she saw Lala, Kristen went crazy. She marched up to Lala and demanded she leave the room.

One witness told Page Six:

Lala is working on an EP right now so she was actually having a sit-down with DJ Duffey from Basketball Wives, talking producing records and stuff like that. There were about seven or eight people when [the group] had gotten to Sur, and I guess Lala had went into the room where they let the old staff sit and drink, and Kristen went in there and told her to get out.”


In an effort to keep the peace, Lala changed tables, but Kristen wouldn’t let it go. Glass in hand, she followed Lala and continued the confrontation.

The source said:

Kristen came over and just started screaming at Lala and said, ‘Get off my show, you don’t belong here, you’re nothing.’ Just screaming and pointing at her.”

Lala tried to dismiss Kristen, according to the witness. But Kristen wouldn’t stop.

Lala was basically like, ‘Shut up, we’re having drinks, go away.’ Kristen continued to yell, and she stomped out and yelled over to across the bar, ‘Peter, get her out of here.’”

But DJ Duffey alluded to the drama on her Instagram account, saying:

“Got into some trouble with my baddie @lalakent last night.”

And Lala tweeted:

“I wonder if some of the cast members from #PumpRules ever get exhausted with being so invested in Lala’s life.”

So, will Kristen ever get kicked off the show? How did she worm her way back in with the group, anyway?


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