‘Vanderpump Rules’ Kristen Doute & Lala Kent Nearly ‘Come To Blows’ In An Off Camera FIGHT

Posted on Jan 15 2017 - 11:57am by Terri L. Austin

Even when the cameras aren’t filming Vanderpump Rules, those crazy kids (and by kids, I mean full grown adults that act like teenagers) can’t get along.

Last Tuesday, things got heated at SUR restaurant between Kristen Doute and Lala Kent. Lala was in the back room that’s reserved for former employees. She was talking business with Basketball Wives LA star, DJ Duffey. Apparently, Lala quit her job as hostess as SUR and rumor has it, she quit filming midway through the season.

Kristen came in boyfriend, Carter Brian, and fellow castmates, Peter Madrigal and Brittany Cartwright. When she saw Lala, Kristen went crazy. She marched up to Lala and demanded she leave the room.

One witness told Page Six:

Lala is working on an EP right now so she was actually having a sit-down with DJ Duffey from Basketball Wives, talking producing records and stuff like that. There were about seven or eight people when [the group] had gotten to Sur, and I guess Lala had went into the room where they let the old staff sit and drink, and Kristen went in there and told her to get out.”

In an effort to keep the peace, Lala changed tables, but Kristen wouldn’t let it go. Glass in hand, she followed Lala and continued the confrontation.

The source said:

Kristen came over and just started screaming at Lala and said, ‘Get off my show, you don’t belong here, you’re nothing.’ Just screaming and pointing at her.”

Lala tried to dismiss Kristen, according to the witness. But Kristen wouldn’t stop.

Lala was basically like, ‘Shut up, we’re having drinks, go away.’ Kristen continued to yell, and she stomped out and yelled over to across the bar, ‘Peter, get her out of here.’”

But DJ Duffey alluded to the drama on her Instagram account, saying:

“Got into some trouble with my baddie @lalakent last night.”

And Lala tweeted:

“I wonder if some of the cast members from #PumpRules ever get exhausted with being so invested in Lala’s life.”

So, will Kristen ever get kicked off the show? How did she worm her way back in with the group, anyway?


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  • Deanna777

    Why does SUR have a room for former employees? If you don’t work there any more, you should not be hanging around the premises. There are plenty of restaurants in L.A. and Kristen chooses to hang out at the one restaurant where she was fired and the owner can’t stand her. She should be banned from SUR and fired from the show since she brings absolutely nothing to it. The same goes for Stassi. Both of these sociopaths need to get jobs and lives of their own.

    • Elle

      Lisa did ban critter Kristen when she fired her skank ass. She just keeps coming back daring Lisa to say or do anything about it. Bitch cannot stand it unless she is stirring up and causing drama.

    • Btheladyinred

      They most likely have that because of filming. There are a lot of times old employees are filmed but don’t work there so they need a place to be out of the way from real people.

    • WMK

      I think the “room” is the back alley lol and the only ones told to go to the “former employee room” are Kristen and Stassi but they haven’t figured that out yet.

  • Marsbars09

    If LVP really cared for the VPR cast, she’d get them help for their drinking and drugging issues.

    • Elle

      I honestly cannot wait for this show to be canceled!

    • Btheladyinred

      If she cared about them she wouldn’t allow them to film something that is a part of her.

    • MsM

      Can you imagine the rehab bill for that crew?

      • Marsbars09

        Let’s hope LVP provides good medical insurance.

    • MonaLucy

      and tested for STD’S

      • Marsbars09

        Hey Mona! That too! That cast is too promiscuous for words.

        • MonaLucy

          Remember when Jax got genl warts on his Mister Mister??? UGH! They are all a walking STD, and I don’t mean Stupid Twenties Drama! Or are they in their 30’s. I know Jax is 35ish? I’m disappointed that Britney turned into a Hillbilly Harlot, she was sweet.

  • Bryan

    Why are these two even allowed back into the restaurant when they aren’t filming,, they should be persona non grata

    • MsM

      Exactly Bryan. You get fired from a location you’re usually not allowed to return.

      • Bryan

        its ridiculous they are still allowed on the premises

  • Mrs.K

    Kirsten,Stassi and Katie are epic bullies! American girls are so mean and vindictive.

  • Sugar in my tank

    See when will LVP close the door to Kristen finally? Who in the hell does this trick think she is? Her hoeing ass was not only fired but booted from the restaurant for this very behavior. This b*tch has the audacity to throw someone out of a restaurant where she was FIRED from. Kristen screwed Jax on the couch and blew him while her man was asleep in the other room but she’s mad at Lala because of WHAT? OH, I know because she’s younger, prettier and more talented and had the balls to quit not only where she was fired from but the show. Not only does this hoe have no pride, her loyalty is only present when the cameras are rolling..Kudos to Lala for taking the high road against that funky b*tch Kristen because if it were me, she would be wearing my foot print permanently on her ass; I detest bullies. Lisa needs to put her Stilleto down and ban that raggedy bum b*tch from her restaurant.

    • Cdw789

      She called Katie fat and I guess in LA that is worse than murder.

      • Sugar in my tank

        She called Sponge Bob that because she’s been a b*tch to her. I recall last season when she went topless and Schwartz was staring; she was pissed at Lala instead of her man. I detest insecure women who attack women as a sign of deflection as opposed to the man they are really angry at. Katie is pudgy, angry, mean-spirited and a bully and was deserving of much worst.

        • Btheladyinred

          On Watch what happens live when Katie was on before this new season, I swear she looked pregnant. So yeah Lala was just saying the obvious.

          • Sugar in my tank

            Especially since Katie was rude and mean to her.

      • Gibney13

        Katie is fat.

  • T Loves Martinis

    I’m on team Lala on this one.

  • Elle

    Wait…..What restaurants have a room for old staff to sit and drink? On the show they seem to always go out back and sit around what looks like to be in a alley. Kristen, Stassi and Jax needs to be fired from the show. All three of them are just gross!

  • WMK

    I really liked Lala when she first came on and was like “I’m a girls girl” and I thought “finally!” Then these idiots push the only one who was super pro girlhood to a breaking point (which btw when does it count as to work place harassment?? Because that’d be my thought “hostile (effing) work environment and not worth it at 10 an hour). She was about the only one worth watching the show for anymore, when I saw Kristen was back in about quit watching it. If there’s anyone I could just smack the veneers right off of it’d be her. She’s assaulted about everyone including her manager at the restaurant, I don’t know how or why she was able to come back and NONE, ZERO PERCENT of them have any background saying anything about what Lala does.
    I’m sad she left, but I totally get why, and she has a freaking beautiful singing voice the few times I’ve gotten to hear it, and she may do side parts and bit pieces in movies but it’s more than the other girls can do and instead of being congratulatory in a place where connections are everything they attempted to shred her. She may have been mean to Katie but honestly Katie has deserved it. Look I’m fat, so I’m not offended when someone points out the obvious, I’m also not a pansy who whines about “its my birthday” or “I’m getting married to a guy who can barely tolerate me and will grow to resent me more as time goes on because I won’t let him freaking talk to me” (Katie not Sheena lol).
    Hopefully Lala will end up on another show (so I can watch it).
    These women are my age and older making my age group look like damn fools who can’t even have careers because “ewe” (clam bake dinner).

  • MsM

    Now why, pardon my stupidity, but why, if you’d quit a location due to it being hostile and you quit the show centered on said location why would you take a business meeting there when there are a gazillion other eateries in WeHo? Granted, Kristen is batshitfuckingcrazy, that’s a given, but purposely going into an environment where one knows they might engage with hostility is probably not the smartest thing Lala has ever done…but then, the girl DID sleep with James Kennedy. That right there shows a distinct lack of intelligence but I was willing to give her another chance because she was taking no shit from the mean girl squad. I suppose I could quit watching but I’m waiting for Brittany to snap…

  • Gibney13

    LVP should rethink her loyalty to the original cast. They are all waaaay past their sell by date. The first couple of seasons were fun but the only way this show will stay watchable is to have fresh meat like LaLa. I think LVP hit on the real reason the 3 bitches hate her so much is because she is a rising star. She has a small part in the new Nicholas Cage movie and she can sing. She is far prettier and thinner (unforgivable sin) than those cows. She must be destroyed. I can’t wait until LaLa eats Katie’s lunch and I would love to see Tom 2 dump Katie and take a romp with LaLa on his way to the arms of Tom 1.

    • Nancysue


  • MonaLucy

    These overgrown kids need to go. They are all a bit too old to be acting like 6th graders and still waiting tables as their career. L O S E R S just jealous of Lala.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Having listened to Brandi Landfill’s podcast (who had LaLa on recently), it would be an understatement to say that LaLa truly loathes and despises these people, so I don’t know what the hell she would even be doing there.