Squad Problems: Gigi Hadid Is Caught In The Middle Of Bella & Selena Gomez ‘Weekend Love Triangle’

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Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid used to be besties, but that was before Selena started hooking up with Bella Hadid’s ex, The Weekend.

Now there’s bad blood between the famous sisters and Selena.

Reportedly Bella broke up with The Weekend two months ago, because doing the long distance thing wasn’t working for her.

Sources close to Selena said she started dating The Weekend two months ago. Coincidence? And the two even spent the holidays together — while Bella was kept in the dark.

Bella felt blindsided by the betrayal. She and Gigi were always on hand when Selena was going through emotional turmoil. They only found out about the new couple when they saw pictures on TMZ.

A source close to Bella said, “Giving Bella and Gigi a heads up would have been the respectful and honorable thing to do … but I guess that’s just Hollywood.”

Bella retaliated by unfollowing Selena on Instagram. That’ll show her, Bella!


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