‘Sister Wives’ Bombshell! Mykelti Brown Wants A Polygamous Lifestyle

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Mykelti Brown dropped a bombshell on her Sister Wives family during Sunday’s episode — announcing that she might just follow in her mother’s plural footsteps.

Mykelti confessed that she and her fiancé, Antonio Padron, had NOT ruled out living a polygamous lifestyle. Mykelti dropped the bombshell during a relationship trivia game night, answering a question about personal  reactions to the idea of another wife being introduced into their marriages.

Tony responded “no way” to the question, but added a #waitwho? on his answer card. Mykelti took it from there.

“Guys, there are a couple of women that I’ve asked…I’m like, ‘I’d be ok living polygamy with her’…there have been a couple of those,” Mykelti revealed.

Mykelti and Tony wed last December. Mykelti’s mother, Christine Brown, was shocked, noting that the revelation “opened up a whole new world she had no idea existed.” Robyn Brown added, “My world is spinning right now,” but later noted that Mykelti had never categorically shut down the idea of plural marriage. “She always said, if my husband wanted to,” recalled Robyn.

“We didn’t think that they were going to live plural marriage, but now, obviously they are talking about it,” Christine said, adding that she was anxious to hear more.

Could Kody Brown’s legacy become an official reality for the next generation? Stay tuned.


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