‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Lisa Nicole’s EPIC Showdown With Heavenly & Toya Explodes In Hawaii!

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This week’s episode of Married to Medicine — entitled “Hawaii Five Uh-Oh,” picks up where we left off, on vacay in Hawaii, with Dr. Jackie questioning her marriage. She never wanted to accept that the “D” word could be a possibility. But she is asking for the first time, is her marriage on the rocks? Jackie is not a newlywed and realizes that marriage involves compromise, but she IS the breadwinner and there must be allowances for her career. She’s not out partying every night after all. She is holding down the lifestyle to which they are both accustomed.

Dr. Simone and Cecil planned an event for the day. While the ladies are on their way, Lisa Nicole is explaining that Darren will not be arriving until that night. He has to plan his schedule three months in advance. Toya looks at her sideways knowing that Dr. Damon is also an ER doctor. The ladies are on the beach in bathing suits and respective wraps waiting for instructions from Simone. I’m sure that Simone envisioned a positive experience for everyone when she put together the friendship therapy/outing on the beach. She wanted the ladies to put the past behind them, and grow closer through interpersonal discussion, team-building, trust exercises, etc. She did not realize at the time that some of the ladies would be alone on the couples trip and pre-occupied with collapsing marriages on the horizon, while others play in the sand seemingly uninterested. But, these ladies are receptive to therapy so there is hope of leaving Hawaii in a much better place, at least in terms of their friendships.

Simone asked Jackie to explain the situation between her and Curtis, so they know how to better help her as friends. Jackie regurgitates the issues we all know she is facing with Curtis, who has grown unyielding towards the amount of time she spends at work. He knew she was a doctor when she married him and it hasn’t been an issue for fourteen years, so why is there a problem now? It may come down to the fragile male ego, but that is purely speculation on my part.  In any case, Curtis is not willing to come or participate today. Lisa Nicole wishes that Darren was there because they gained a lot through therapy in the past. But, she is optimistic about their future and happy that he will arrive this evening. The first couples activity is building a sandcastle. They played in the sand and laughed with their frenemies. They seemed to be squashing negative feelings as they arose, proving there is much to be gained from any therapeutic activity. Toya and Eugene win for the best sandcastle. I salute Jackie for building her sandcastle alone. Simone’s many years of doctor-to-patient talks must have molded her into a counselor of sorts, because she played the role of group therapist, managing the discussions and exercises. The next exercise seemed focused on getting Toya and Eugene to open up about their financial issues. Toya spoke with candor about wanting to have a separate bank account from Eugene at the beginning of their marriage, but it was he who wanted a joint account. As a result, this is now a shared debt. They were never taught how to manage money and were forced to learn on their own. Unfortunately, they weren’t playing with Monopoly money and their mismanagement of funds, compiled with Toya‘s love of spending, resulted in massive debt. Mariah takes the opportunity to educate the group on how she and Aydin acquired wealth. Both came from impoverished places. Aydin is from India and had very little as a child. They built their empire together.

Simone asks Lisa how she feels about the response(s) from the group on wanting another baby. Lisa felt she was judged in regards to the state of her marriage, her age and other issues. The ladies try to point out that their concerns are for her own well-being. Lisa pointed to Janet Jackson as an example of another woman who had a baby at a later stage in life. She is fully aware of the risk factors with her age and past health issues, and she still wants this baby. Basically, Lisa wishes they would keep their noses out of her uterus, especially Dr. Heavenly. There is some finger-pointing and altering perspectives from both Lisa and Heavenly. Dr. Heavenly points out that Jackie is also having problems in her marriage, but the difference between her and Lisa is that Lisa is in denial. Jackie is being forthright and open about her marital issues. Everyone handles pain differently, Dr. Heavenly!

As the women continue their discussion/argument, the sun appears to be setting. It must be time for some serious healing because Lisa Nicole apologizes to Heavenly for her comments about Heavenly having a drinking problem. This isn’t good enough and Heavenly demands that she recant her statement. Lisa doesn’t back down, and tells Heavenly that her comments were said in a joking manner and that Heavenly DOES hide her drinking, which is a sign of alcoholism. Lisa feels that Heavenly has no business bringing up Darren when they are having an issue. Lisa states in her confessional that Heavenly enjoys drinking and can finish an entire bottle of Crown Royal alone in two hours. Toya stands up and lays into Lisa for bringing up her husband, Eugene! Lisa cuts her off asking why she always has to involve herself in issues that have nothing to do with her. Toya insists this does concern her because she is the one who Lisa addressed regarding Heavenly’s drinking. Flashback scenes from Greg’s party prove that Toya is being truthful and Lisa did reference Heavenly’s drinking while talking with Toya. I still wish Toya would have let Lisa and Heavenly have their moment. The situation got heated for a bit, but Simone redirected their anger and calmed things down. Simone moved the conversation to Jackie, who is still hurting over Curtis. Jackie is also hurting over missing out on the whole experience of motherhood. She never got the unconditional love that comes from having a child of her own. Is she working all these hours because of that void? The viewers haven’t had a chance to see Jackie this open before, and it showcased a vulnerable side. Eugene advises Jackie not to get so caught up in work that her family is comfortable living without her. Heavenly was even reduced to tears in her confessional talking about Jackie. She wanted to stop crying so she changed the subject to Lisa Nicole in order to get angry again. That was just the laugh I needed! Thanks, Dr. Heavenly.

It is nighttime at the Fairmont Orchid, and the couples are gathered on the veranda for a luau. Everyone is present and accounted for, except for Lisa Nicole, who is crying upstairs in her hotel room. The group hears about Lisa and they feel guilty for their earlier comments, especially Toya. They realize that she is hurting and alone. Dr. Damon was not feeling this luau one bit. Dr. Greg, on the other hand, was the life of the party! Mariah told everyone to “Look at Greg!” He had to be buzzed because he was dancing and shaking it up with the hula dancers. Finally, Lisa Nicole makes her way down to the Luau, sad and in an apparent daze. Can you guess why she is sad? Once again, Darren called to let her know that he missed a connecting flight, or it was delayed, or got struck by lightening, or some other excuse as to why he is still not on his way.

Lisa is humiliated, her voice is shaky, and she takes a moment to half-heartedly explain to Simone that Darren won’t be there until tomorrow morning. Simone immediately apologizes to Lisa for her earlier comments and asks for understanding for being remiss in her judgement. Simone isn’t buying Darren’s excuse, but she puts Lisa’s feelings first and stays compassionate. Simone does admit in her confessional that she believes Lisa’s marriage is in trouble. Either that, or Darren does not want to spend any amount of time with the people in this group. Lisa goes on to say how hard it is for her to be alone among all the happy couples. Toya also apologizes to Lisa for referring to Darren as “gay,” but believes Lisa deserves more from a husband. She admits that she was just trying to hurt Lisa with that statement. Lisa insists to anyone who will listen that Darren loves her.  Surprisingly, Eugene disagrees with Toya, and agrees with Lisa! He feels that Lisa married Darren for better or worse and she is right not to throw in the proverbial beach towel on her marriage. Men have a tendency to defend one another in these situations, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Cecil is defending Lisa to Mariah. He feels it’s wrong for the ladies to critique her marriage, and she shouldn’t be kicked when she’s down. Mariah agrees and says the “gay” comments were out of line. But, Mariah and Cecil also feel Lisa was wrong to claim that Heavenly has a drinking problem because this could affect her career. Interestingly, Mariah reveals that she could handle Aydin being called a “drunk” but could NOT tolerate any gay rumors about her husband. The island natives are fire-dancing as everyone applauds. Quad asks to talk to the entire group of women. Mariah demands to know if it’s about her, and if it is, she wants to talk one on one. Quad ignores her and asks Jackie to leave with Cecil. Quad then talks to the remaining women about ruining Jackie’s Look-Book party. Jackie wanted a photo at the event and it never came to fruition because of the infighting. In turn, Quad wants to recreate the photo for Jackie. All the ladies agree, except for Mariah, whose paranoia got the best of her. Mariah is standing off to the side murmuring that she heard her name mentioned. Sigh. Quad then talks to Lisa and explains that they don’t know how to support her at times, because she gets so defensive. Lisa appreciates Quad taking the time to address her, but stands firmly in defense of her collapsing marriage.

On the next morning in paradise, the couples are waking up and Simone and Jackie are in bed together! They call Heavenly in her room to request her presence in the lobby. They want to share something special with her. Simone gathers all four women who have lost their fathers in the past year. She wants them to engage in a loss ritual in hopes of gaining closure. The women will say a few words in their fathers’ honor and place a lay of flowers in the water. They will go in sequential order with Quad up first, because her Father passed first. Quad is sobbing and explains that her Dad never took care of his health, but she will go on and take care of the family in his stead. In order to get complete closure, she would need to see him one more time. Jackie is second to say good-bye to her father, and acknowledges that he was her first love. It is he who she called when her marriage was tested. She vows to continue to be the woman he taught her to be. Mariah is bittersweet about spending the last days of her father’s life with him. He had COPD and died on Christmas Eve. She will miss his tough love and guidance. Simone places her lei in the ocean and simply says “To you Dad, peace has found you.” She says he did not die alone because her spirit was with him.

Simone explains that these women are bounded together by so many reasons that surpass the petty arguments. They really understand one another and have a deep spiritual bond. Scenes from next week show the happy couple renewing their vows.


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