Kenya Moore Says She Knows Which Guy ‘Peed’ on Porsha Williams [VIDEO]

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Porsha Williams‘ sexual exploits are about to be put on front street!

In tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, things are getting very timely as Kenya Moore tries to figure out who was involved in Porsha’s golden shower escapade.

Yeah. They’re going there, people.

Kenya started out having a normal-ish convo with Kandi Burrus and Cynthia Bailey. They were sniping about a group text Phaedra Parks sent them. She wants fifty percent of the popup shop she’s doing for charity. But that wasn’t the original deal.

Cynthia says the original figure was much lower. Sheree Whitfield remembers that too, and Sheree remembers everything.

“Sheree Whitfield is a human tape recorder, OK?”

Kandi couldn’t disagree more. According to her, Sheree always brings the wrong facts.

“She always brings stuff back wrong. Sheree invited me to a lunch with her and Porsha. Then all of a sudden, Porsha goes, ‘Sheree was telling me how you had said that me and Block [Spencer] had sex.’ The part that I had spoke on was that they’d dated before. I guess Sheree had the conversation with her again — I guess [Sheree] threw in the part of them having sex.”

Kenya Moore begins to put two and two together.

“Is he the one that peed on her?”

Kenya reminds the group that in Miami, they played the drinking game Never Have I Ever, and Porsha drank when golden showers were mentioned. Could Block be the Rain Man?

Kandi shuts it down right quick.

“Leave me out of the pee!”

We always thought Kandi was the biggest freak on the show, but Porsha might be giving her a run for her money. Watch a preview above and tune in to find out — The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bravo. 


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