[VIDEO] Renee Graziano’s Boyfriend Diss Her In A Major Way Following Her Oxycontin Overdose!

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Mob Wives badass, Renee Graziano, took her then boyfriend, Joe Gambino, to Marriage Bootcamp in an attempt to salvage their relationship.

But in an exercise where Renee lay on a stretcher, pretending to be dead after text driving accident, Joe didn’t give her the response she was looking for. Covered in fake bruises, Renee played possum while Joe simply laughed.

Dr. V tried to get Joe to participate by having him imagine losing Renee in a terrible accident. Joe refused.

“Why would I wanna go there? What’s that gonna benefit me to go to that deep, dark place?”

He read the last words he’d said to Renee:

“My trust issues are making me feel like you’re not going to believe anything that I say and that leads to foolish fights for no reason. Your insecurities weigh on me and I don’t want to feel that burden.”

Renee was “disappointed” that Joe wouldn’t participate fully in the exercise. She “wished he had more compassion” When Joe admitted that he had “no love left for” Renee, she jumped off the stretcher and confronted him over the situation. Joe just turned and walked away.

Renee has been in rehab since November after suffering an overdose from oxycontin. However, she scheduled for release in time for the birth of her first grandchild. 


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