Kyle Richards Slams Lisa Rinna’s Low Blow & Praises Kim Richards Handling Of Game Night Fight

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Kyle Richards blames her ruined game night on Lisa Rinna.

“They went back and forth regarding their past issues, and then Rinna threw out ‘let’s talk about your arrest.’ That’s where the evening ended for me. It was a low blow. Very low. I felt bad for Kim and knew she must have been humiliated, but she handled it well. Because she is in such a good place, she was able to hold her head high and not let it get the best of her.”

On the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, game night seemed to be going well — for a change. Until Eileen Davidson brought up Erika Girardi’s damn lack of panties. When Dorit Kemsely stated that Rinna let Eileen work her up, Kim Richards agreed. And that’s when things went left.

Kim voiced her opinion of Eileen and Rinna’s relationship, stating that the two “bounce off each other.” Kim then said:

“I think that Lisa uses excuses, this Lisa, you use excuses all the time…you came after me all last year…You came after me all last year and the year before and you never really sincerely said you were sorry.”

Kim’s referring to the disastrous trip to Amsterdam two years ago. As we all remember, over dinner Rinna brought up Kim’s drinking. And like the first rule of fight club, we never talk about Kim’s drinking.

In retaliation, Kim threatened to expose Rinna’s secrets about husband, Harry Hamlin:

“Let’s not talk about what you don’t want out. What you don’t want out, for everybody to know! Everybody will know! Everybody will know!”

Lisa reached for Kim’s throat and broke a glass like she was ready to cut a bitch. And apparently, neither woman is over it, because it was very close to the surface at Kyle’s game night.

Now, sitting around Kyle’s poolside table after a round of charades, Rinna demanded her own apology from Kim for bringing Harry’s name into the mix two years ago. Kim denied she ever mentioned Harry.

“I never said anything about your husband. Let’s get the story straight. I never said one thing about your husband.”

Rinna went in for blood and brought up Kim’s shoplifting arrest from August 2015.

“Well let’s talk about your arrest. Why don’t we do that? Let’s talk about your arrest then. If we’re gonna go there…”

The other women, beginning with Lisa Vanderpump, criticized Rinna for bringing up the touchy subject. Instead of attacking Rinna like her pit bull, Kingsley, Kim once again denied talking smack about Harry.

“I didn’t. I said, ‘Do you want to talk about him.’ Such a good lady, aren’t you?”

Kim’s delusional, clearly, but Rinna admits she made a mistake by bringing up the arrest.

“The truth is, it was a low blow. Her low blow, I low-blowed back. My feeling was she was attacking me and instead of going high I went low.”

The topic of Kim isn’t going away. Rinna and Eden Sassoon get together and discuss Kim’s sobriety next week.

It’s hard to pick a winner in this mess. Thoughts?


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