‘I Don’t Know Eden’ Kim Richards Blasts Eden Sassoon For Using Her Addiction Struggles For A Storyline!

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Andy Cohen welcomed Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kim Richards, and Lisa Edelstein, from Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce on Tuesday.

Andy started by showing a picture of Kim’s grandson, Hucksley. He was adorable in a reindeer hat.

On Tuesday night’s episode of RHOBH, Kim had to sit across the table from Lisa Rinna at her sister, Kyle’s, game night. Kim and Rinna hadn’t spoken since last year, and they still didn’t like each other. After they rehashed the past, Lisa brought up Kim‘s arrest. Lisa Vanderpump called timeout on Rinna’s behavior before Kyle finally spoke up. Kim wanted an apology from Rinna, and she finally got one. The flash poll favored Kim at 54%.

In honor of the Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce plotline this season, the ladies had to pick male athletes they would choose for their fantasy league. Ryan Lochte was out. But Lisa couldn’t decide if she liked Mark Sanchez because she didn’t know his politics.

Lisa had fond memories of working with Carrie Fisher.

Carrie was awesome. So intelligent and so on the edge, always, and so just boldly blatant about everything…in fact she would talk about herself in such a way that it felt like I was supposed to know everything she was talking about. I think she just assumed everybody did.”

On a sneak peek of RHOBH, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Eden Sassoon meet up for lunch on next week’s episode. Eden noted that Kim reminded her of her own sister who died from an overdose. Kyle defended Kim‘s sobriety and questioned whether Eden could possibly judge Kim from one short game night. Eden didn’t back down, but said that Kim‘s energy was heavy and sad.

Kim was taken aback by the footage.

“I haven’t seen that. Well, I don’t know Eden. Once again, there’s these people I don’t know that go talking about me.”

Andy quickly moved on to Lisa being a cheerleader for a team owned by Donald Trump. Lisa chided him for moving on from such a heavy topic so easily.

Kim continued:

“If I was struggling, everybody would know it, because I wear it very well, and I wear healthiness very well.”

Lisa thought Eden‘s intentions were good, even though she inserted herself into Kim‘s story.

Kim said:

“I’m tired of being that story to people.”

Lisa argued:

“But you also put yourself on a show like this, and that is what the story is. So, it’s an interesting dilemma.”

Andy immediately got back to the cheerleading story, wondering if Lisa had any interaction with Donald Trump.

“Yes. Mostly Ivanka, who designed our costumes. She was [young], I guess [it was] the early eighties.”

Andy corrected Lisa that the unborn Ivanka didn’t design the costumes, but rather Donald‘s first wife, Ivana.

A viewer wondered what Kim thought of Kyle‘s continued friendship with Rinna.

“Well, I think it’s up to her to choose who her friends are. It’s not really my choice to make a decision who she wants to be with.”

Kim admitted she’s great friends with Brandi Glanville, but is barely still acquainted with Yolanda Hadid, as they rarely talk.

The game of the night was Name That Turtle. Yep, they had to pick the names of random turtles. It was every bit as exciting as it sounds. Even Lisa commented that it was a “stupid game.”

Camille Grammer tweeted into the show saying:

“What’s the big deal about not wearing panties? Somebody shouldn’t have been peeping.”

So, will the women ever stop talking about #pantygate? Ever?! And whose side were you on: Kim or Rinna?


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