‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ Samantha Wallace Breaks Down Her Beef With Yandy Smith-Harris!

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Two women are feuding on Love & Hip Hop: New YorkMendeecees’ ex Samantha Wallace and his current wife, Yandy Smith-Harris.

What’s the beef about? The “bitter baby mama” is tired of Yandy calling her a deadbeat mom, claiming she neglected her son for the past eight years. Sam got real on Instagram about Mendeecees’ “wife.”

“My story has never been about a relationship or marriage. People always say “Why do you care so much about Yandy”? Well, because THIS drama has been brought about from her. She created this fairytale story with LIES. Where is the integrity in people now of days?”

Speaking of integrity, baby daddy Mendeecees is currently serving an 8-year prison sentence for drug trafficking. But I digress.

Sam continued, “Lying to keep the drama has always been a problem for me. The biggest problem I have is her co-conspiring with the father saying I wasn’t in my son’s life for eight years. Now, as a strong pro-women advocate, I would have never lied like that on her or any women for NO man.”

Although the post is lengthy, Sam eventually gets to the nature of her beef with Yandy.

“How people view me is BECAUSE of her. She controlled that.”

On the Love & Hip Hop NY premiere, Samantha confronted Yandy over the way she gets possessive over her son. Now, props to Yandy for being an involved step-mother, but Samantha’s point is that she is the one with primary custody over the boy, and should always be in the know when it comes to his whereabouts. 

Check out her entire post above and let us know if you think Mendeecees and Yandy plotted against Sam to keep the drama going.


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