Marlo Hampton Claps Back At Kenya Moore’s Skin After ‘She Will NEVER Hold A Peach’ Diss!

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Marlo Hampton returns to The Real Housewives of Atlanta this Sunday, and preview clips reveal that all is not cool between the drop-in and Kenya Moore.

Marlo was originally introduced as a friend of NeNe Leakes, later becoming friendly with Kenya. Their relationship has apparently crossed over into the frenemy zone, and the tea spilled over in real time, after the preview for the upcoming episode aired.

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A viewer suggested that Marlo be hired full-time to come after Kenya — and Kenya fired back, assuring the tweeter that Marlo will never hold a Bravo peach.

Marlo clapped back—reminding her fans that her bank account doesn’t need Bravo. She threw in a bonus personal dig, insulting Kenya’s skin.

A second preview clip offers insight about what happened between Marlo and Kenya. Marlo is seen dishing with Sheree Whitfield, revealing that she had been shut out of Kenya’s parties. Marlo says that an  Instagram photo of Kenya’s birthday dinner triggered her to believe that she had been bumped out by her ex-pal, Nene Leakes. Marlo explains how the perceived diss went down.

“Before I was just like, ‘Oh Kenya is so sweet. People don’t understand her. She’s the rebel like me. But now I don’t want to deal with you Kenya. I don’t trust you. I think you’re crazy, a fake, a phony, you’re miserable, you’re not happy’…When I got a text one day like what, about five days before her birthday, she’s like, ‘Hey diva. I want to make my birthday fabulous. What do you recommend?’ I said, ‘Kenya, whatever you do, I need flowers and candles there.’ Girl, I saw on Instagram and on the blogs, she had a birthday party, I didn’t get an invite. But then I looked on the picture and I’m like, ‘Oh okay, so maybe this is why I didn’t get an invite.’”

Marlo accuses Kenya of ditching her for a bigger name, choosing to keep NeNe happy by shutting her out.

“I guess she just wants to go by status level of friends. It’s like, ‘Ooh NeNe’s talking to me so now I’m gonna be being her friend. I’m happy and I can’t be Marlo’s friend.’”

Marlo earlier jabbed at Kenya during her last week’s Watch What Happens Live appearance, tweeting a request that Andy Cohen ask her about her “fake butt.” Kenya twirled off the snark, and pretended to not know her former friend. NeNe confirmed that her friendship with Kenya was back on track, by inviting her former co-star to Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards.

Catch the backbiting drama, on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, airing Sunday nights on Bravo.


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