New ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jeremy Madix Arrested For Beating & Threatening To Kill Ex!

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Vanderpump Rules newest part-time cast member has a criminal record. And he’s working at SUR.

Jeremy Madix, Ariana’s brother, moved into the apartment she shares with Tom Sandoval. She said Jeremy needed a place to stay, but now we know why. Jeremy’s had a long history of arrests and violating restraining orders.

Back in 2011, Jeremy had been dating a woman 19 years his senior for almost a year when she filed for an order of protection. She said the abuse had been ongoing for at least three and a half months, and gave details of an incident to Radar Online.

“[He] threw a beer can at me, hitting me in the chest. Then he forced me in the car. As we were driving, he was ripping off my top and slamming me into the passenger’s side door.”

“When we arrived home, I tried to get out of the car and he jumped into the passenger’s seat from the driver’s set and tackled me onto the driveway. I was screaming for him to get off of me but he continued to wrestle me and push my face in the ground.”

Breaking free, she ran into their shared home. Jeremy followed, chased her around the house, and “started waving his guns around, threatening to shoot me and my adult children.”

“My son was able to restrain him and force him out of those without his guns. I’m not sure how he ended up leaving that night or what happened after he was removed from the house.”

The woman claimed she had bruises from the incident. Despite Jeremy’s threats, she remained in the house because she couldn’t afford to move.

Ten days after the event, Jeremy violated the temporary restraining order, first by texting her, then going “to a place that he knew she would be and threatened to hurt a male acquaintance she had with her.”

Five days after that, the case was dropped. His girlfriend dissolved the restraining order and they made up. But things didn’t stay peaceful.

In 2012, Jeremy was arrested for battery and domestic violence.

The police responded to a call and arrived at their home. Here’s his statement:

“Redacted] advised she was in a verbal altercation with Mr. Madix at their residence,” the officer detailed in the report obtained exclusively by Radar. “She advised during the argument, she asked Mr. Madix to leave the residence. She stated Mr. Madix took her dog and walked out of the residence. [Redacted] advised she walked after Mr. Madix to retrieve her dog, at which time Mr. Madix did actually and intentionally grab her with one arm against her will while he had his other arm around her dog.”

Though he released her, she followed Jeremy into the house where he put her in a “bear hug” against her will. After she freed herself, she called the police.

Jeremy admitted to a verbal argument, but denied that it got physical. A witness said otherwise, and Jeremy was arrested. Released on a $500 bond, days later he was re-arrested for violating his pre-trial release. That case was dropped.

And now Jeremy is squatting in his sister’s apartment, bussing tables at SUR, and working as a part-time photographer. Do you think he’ll stay out of trouble in LA?


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