Nettie Stanley Talks ‘Gypsy Sisters’ Returning & Fight Video Of Annie Garfunckle & Dallasn Williams Malone

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I don’t want to get you excited, people, but Gypsy Sisters may be returning—er…minus the Sisters.

It’s been eighteen long months since the show has graced our TVs, and oh, how we’ve missed these misfits. But it looks as though the original production company may be interested in continuing the show — only this time, Nettie Stanley could be doing a solo project.

Nettie took to Facebook to post a message between herself and Firecracker Films producer, Kirsty Smith. According to the message, Kirsty called Nettie the “star” of Gypsy Sisters. She’s looking to get Nettie her own show. Thanks Starcasm for the screenshot of the text below. 

Nettie posted the message in response to sister, Mellie Stanley’s, earlier post. Mellie said all the women were approached to revive the show but turned it down, however, she didn’t know how Nettie felt about returning.

“They want ALL the gypsy sisters to get together on the gypsy wedding show and film and then they want to come back with GYPSY SISTERS none of the gypsy sisters wants to do it I don’t know bout Nettie but me Kayla Annie Joann and Dovie are not…”

The women are still the rough and tumble gals they’ve always been. Here’s just a few of Nettie’s videos from the last two weeks. The first is a vid of Nettie’s grown daughter, Dallas, and Annie Johnson—both stars of Gypsy Sisters—getting into an altercation after Annie threw shade at Dallas’ kids. Bear in mind, Dallas gave birth on December 2.

[Insert video of Dallas and Annie fighting]

On January 1, Nettie posted this update of her status with her sisters:

“Well it looks like for this New Year I will be f**king UP my sisters and then divorcing them indefinitely Mellie Stanley has had it coming and Dovie Lori Levon Carter has F**KED one too many times not her her closes sister joanns man and not only Dallasn Williams Malone man but now she’s f**king nuckies ex pookie and talked to her Friday and made it very clear she had no business to be out partying with and for her NOT to be around him in that manner at all…..but not only did she say ppls crazy and ignorant for saying that…….and I’m like WTF are you crazy u are making ppl talk and they are gonna when your gonna put yourself in the same bed with him while both is drunk ???? so GO figure”

The second video is of some woman named Jett, who found herself on the wrong side of Nettie and her clan.

So, while the show may have been canceled, the drama continues. The question is, will the cameras start rolling again soon? Thoughts? Are we ready for Nettie to have her own show?


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