Eden Sassoon Erupts On Twitter After Family Exploitation Questioned— Encourages “Squad” to Attack ‘RHOBH’ Fans!

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Eden Sassoon has been in a reality spotlight for about five minutes, but is already making waves on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills social media scene.

Several outlets reported Eden’s debut on the Bravo hit, where Eden brought up her sister’s lost struggle with addiction. Eden pointed to time spent with Kim Richards as a pivotal period in her sister’s life, tying time frames to an upcoming reunion with Kim.

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Eden ignored People mag’s original published concept, but jumped on All About the Tea’s headline — inviting colorful commentary from around the web.

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Fans tirelessly debated the light piece, which contained nothing but the facts — including what Eden revealed on the show.


Eden cried, kissed, gushed and blocked away the hours on Twitter. In a weird twist, Eden has assembled a goon squad to defend her on social media — an army of new accounts, locked and loaded to defend their hair product heroine to the end.


Some were not shy about blasting Eden for using her sister’s death in exchange for a cheap seat “friend of” ride on reality TV. In the midst of the “squad” applause, Eden was soundly thumped for using her dead sister’s story to cling to Kim’s reality cred.




Eden’s careless diss was aimed at the wrong site — evidently the rookie hadn’t gotten word that she wasn’t dealing with an ass-kissing Bravo groupie outlet. Our fearless social media specialist tangled with Eden — and set her straight.

Eden offered her cheerleading cult a Monday nod — declaring that she will bring “truth” to the seventh season of RHOBH.

Never has a “friend of” offered such a dramatic impact — but can she do it without latching onto Kim Richards? The thirst is real.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday nights, on Bravo.


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