‘RHOA’ Star Cynthia Bailey Dishes On The Odds Of A Romantic Second Chance with Ex Leon!

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On Watch What Happens Live, Cynthia Bailey and Bevy Smith joined Andy Cohen to talk about all things Real Housewives of Atlanta and Golden Globe couture.

Bevy and Cynthia gave their opinions of Housewives fashions. Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams share a love for camel toe-baring catsuits. According to Bevy, camel toes are always in fashion in Atlanta, so they got a pass. They like Kenya Moore’s cleavage-baring look, and Cynthia’s afro was deemed “Foxy Brown” dramatic.

Bevy didn’t think Kanye West should perform at the inauguration and gave her opinion on retiring words like “bae”.

“Unless your culture actually created those things, you have no say on whether they should go or should stay.”

Some fans think Kenya is damaging Matt’s reputation. Cynthia weighed in on Kenya’s tumultuous relationship.

“Everything that we saw on the show is real. I just feel like the relationship has gotten unhealthy, and I want them to go their separate ways.”

Fans also noted Cynthia’s great rapport with her ex, Leon. Some want her to rekindle her romance with Noelle’s dad.

“I get that all the time. Let me just put this to rest. First, Leon is in a relationship he’s been in for many, many years. So, no disrespect to his lady. That’s not going to happen… I believe in getting along with my exes. I hope the same for Peter, but no, Leon and I–that ship has sailed. We’re good.”




When Noelle talked to Peter about her feelings of being abandoned, Peter promised to do better. Cynthia said he’s kept his word.

“She recently went to Charlotte to visit him on her own.”

Andy asked Cynthia’s opinion about the ongoing feud between Kandi Burruss and Phaedra. The two have been hashing it out among their friends, spilling tea at every meal. In the latest episode, Johnnie Winston, Kandi’s former assistant, dropped by Phaedra’s office asking about filing a lawsuit against Kandi for back wages. While Phaedra thought the suit had merit, she didn’t take the case on herself.

Cynthia didn’t like the airing of all that dirty laundry.

“These ladies were really, really close friends at one point. I’ve kind of been down that road before and I’ve kind of seen a relationship go just really, really to the left. And I think deep inside there’s really a lot of love there, and it’s just getting really, really nasty.”

The flash poll showed 72% of viewers were on Team Kandi.

Derek J. and Miss Lawrence appeared through the hidden door behind the bar. They came to give their take on the Golden Globes fashions. Everyone split on Natalie Portman’s yellow maternity dress. They loved Evan Rachel Wood’s tailored men’s suit, but Octavia Spencer’s pantsuit was a little too off-the-rack. Nods to Drew Barrymore, Emma Stone, and Meryl Streep.

So, do you think the animosity between Kandi and Phaedra will get worse this season? And does Johnnie have a case or is he trying to fleece Kandi out of coins?


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