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‘Sister Wives’ 6 Fishy Gaps in Meri Brown’s Online Catfish Affair Breakdown!

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Sister Wives will continue to chronicle the fallout from Meri’s tangle with an online catfish on tonight’s episode, following Meri’s detailed analysis last week. However, Mykelti could heave her mock bridal bouquet through the enormous holes exposed in Meri’s slippery tale of online love.

During last week’s episode, Meri met another Sam swooner, and the two lovelorn victims hashed out the drama. The Brown family’s confusion was rewound, and likely still remains, as Meri seeks to wriggle out of her part of the scandalous family upheaval.

“It really does surprise me that Meri fell for that. When I am listening to the facts I’m like wow — how did you not say ‘Take a flying leap,’ when that person said that to you?” asked Janelle, when she learned of the internet relationship. “The Meri I know, says those things.”

The flashback reiterated the family’s bewilderment — confusion that will never be resolved unless Meri comes clean about her true emotional involvement with “Sam.”  Consider a few of Meri’s assertions, as she swapped war stories with Cheryl.

  • Meri said that she envisioned Sam meeting the family — including Kody. A transcript of one of her infamous voicemails would indicate otherwise.

Meri remarked she “wasn’t comparing [Sam] in any way” to Kody — but that Sam would “win on all f**king levels,” if she did. “You don’t think that I think that you’re taller, better looking. Much better looking, by the way. Kinder, sweeter, you care about me,” Meri gushed, before dissolving into tears. “You want me. You say that you’re willing to fight for me, you say all these things about love and affection and passion. So yeah, if I were to compare you — you win — all the time.”

Not exactly an invitation to bring an online buddy home to meet the family.

  • Meri first said that she “figured out” what was going on, during a day trip  with “Lindsay.” It all “clicked” with Mare, she said, during the love jaunt to California. A few minutes later, Mare said that discovery was a “progression,” before eventually asserting that while vacationing in Alaska, she was “pretty sure” that Sam and Lindsay were the same person. Sam and Mare officially split, after the Alaska trip — 6 months after their online canoodle began. 
  • Meri claimed that she was scared of “Lindsay” since the beginning — but  kept the romance hot with Lindsay’s best pal, Sam, for six months. Meri described being bugged, tracked, and terrified — but still kicked Kody out of her house, halfway through the six-month affair.
  • Meri said that she was “considering leaving” Kody — but not for Sam. Huh? The last time Meri offered catfish commentary, she said that she was never planning to leave Kody. The story continues to shift. Now she claims that she wants a stronger relationship with Kody — for no apparent reason, other than Plan B being a tawdry bust.
  • Meri admitted that she continued her push to see Sam in person, all the way up to the Alaska trip — but earlier claimed that she had determined  that Sam wasn’t real, months before. The whining desire for a face-to-face with Sam continued, despite the claim that Lindsay ominously warned Meri that she “would be sorry” if she ever “messed with” her or Sam.
  • Meri has never addressed the photo evidence — numerous sexy shots sent to the person she supposedly planned to introduce to her family.

The questions could go on and on — because Meri’s story is disjointed, and only twisted pieces of a much larger puzzle. The Atlanta therapist was compelled to tell Meri to chill out and leave it alone — because Meri (along with her new bestie, Cheryl) was still enthusiastically entrenched in Fish drama.

Meri’s daughter Mariah chipped the truth when she told Kody, “I think she [Meri] felt more than she’s letting on.”  Until Meri comes clean — Kody and the wives will likely remain puzzled about the affair that almost destroyed their cultish clan.

TLC will air a whopping three hours of Sister Wives — beginning tonight at 8 pm ET.



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