‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Dr. Jackie’s Husband Leaves her Stranded in Hawaii

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Recap by guest blogger LisaAnnP.

Aloha! Married to Medicine heads to Hawaii — let’s see how the gang behaves outside of Atlanta and in a tropical paradise. But before take-off, there are some topics to discuss on the home front.  We begin at Dr. Simone’s house. She and Cecil are choosing his vacation attire and reminding their sons to be respectful while they are away. Miles is smiling and appears happy to have a few days sans his folks. Cecil is holding up a shirt and wondering if it looks like an “island shirt.” This is their 20th wedding anniversary, significant for any couple.

Across town at Dr. Jackie’s office, she is thrilled to be getting away with Curtis. Jackie has a look of concern on her face, but refrains from saying anything that would hint to a possible hiccup in plans. She has lots of TLC in mind for Curtis on this getaway, as he has grown weary of her never-ending hours at the office. Jackie has just the remedy for his ailment. The couple will spend the majority of their time in the hotel room on this vacation. They have a lot of catching up to do and she is determined to make the next seven days unforgettable for Curtis. Jackie, the fitness fanatic, is keeping tight-lipped as to what the ladies will look like in bikinis. 

The group is slowly arriving at the airport and the “vacation cam” shows big smiles and happy couples. As predicted, Darren is not leaving with the group. He is working again, and will join them in Hawaii at a later date. Sigh. The couples board the plane, shy Lisa’s lesser half. Heavenly is attempting not to drink alcohol on the trip so she can remain her heavenly self. The gang has arrived safely on the island and I sincerely hope laid-back Hawaii is ready for these bold personalities. Simone thanks everyone for coming on the trip to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary. They take off for The Fairmont Orchid, the beautiful, beachside hotel where they are staying. Well, almost everyone thinks it’s amazing, except for Quad, who is underwhelmed. 

Toya was not happy with her hotel room in the Bahamas last season and she was very vocal about her feelings on the matter. This year, however, she is very pleased with her and Eugene’s accommodations. The difference is like night and day, says Eugene, with a gleam in his eye. Mariah takes a quick nap and orders Aydin to wake her up when the luggage arrives.

Quad is ready to party as she joins Heavenly and Simone at the hotel bar. Toya approaches the ladies exclaiming that her room is “Bangin!” Plans for tomorrow include a yacht ride and the group is excited, except for Quad who is worried about her wig in the ocean air. Heavenly is concerned about the women fighting and the possibility that someone may be thrown from the boat. Lisa places a quick call to Darren, and makes excuses as to why he can’t be there. He is a doctor, she reminds us. Should I remind her that almost everyone in the group is a doctor?

Simone is discussing Lisa wanting to get pregnant and what a bad idea it is because she and Darren both work so much and things aren’t exactly harmonious between the two. Mariah strolls in very late as some of the ladies are ready to call it a night and go to bed. She was napping and changing clothes. Simone doesn’t appear to care for Mariah’s excuse and attempts to leave at the very moment she arrives. Mariah pleads with her to stay for one drink and she obliges. Heavenly is angry that Mariah was late on their first night out. This trip is supposed to be about Simone. Mariah explains that she had to remove the boot and wash her sweaty foot. Toya has a look of disgust on her face. Mariah promises to remove the boot from her injured foot IF it gets sweaty on the boat. A few petty jabs are flung back and forth. Toya is tipsy and riding Mariah’s scooter, to Mariah’s annoyance. Mariah makes a crack about Toya needing to ride the scooter straight to the real estate office.

The next morning, the couples are off for a day of fun on the yacht. Heavenly sees the ladies drinking Patrone and has a bad feeling about someone being shoved off the boat. Greg expected to see a “Puff Daddy” yacht, and instead they see an unimpressive, tour boat. Heavenly agrees this is a raggedy-ass boat, but feels Simone doesn’t know any better and probably thinks it’s nice. Heavenly’s husband, Damon, is looking for “wildlife” as she explains that he will not see any. This isn’t a safari in Africa, but a boat ride. He insists he may see a sea turtle, or two.  The group is sailing along smoothly and shade-free, until Toya and Eugene sheepishly inform the group they will be switching hotel rooms, in order to save money. Quad can’t let that one go without smirking, “The Jefferson’s moved on up and Toya is moving on down.” Toya addresses Genise and lets her know that she hurt her feelings, but she is sorry for her over-reaction. Genise accepts her apology and wants to move past this real estate issue because they are friends. The couples go for a dip in the ocean, except for Simone, Cecil and Lisa Nicole. Lisa hopes that Jaws is swimming nearby and nabs Toya. The gang heads back to the hotel and Simone thanks everyone for coming. She demands that everyone be on time for dinner at 9:00 sharp! 

Toya is reluctantly putting on make-up, and complaining that she is tired. The ladies are deciding on dresses. Simone and Cecil are the first to arrive to dinner. The couples will be dining outside under the stars and the table-setting looks amazing. I love Simone’s sundress, adorned with iridescent sequins. The couple exchange beautiful and supportive words to one another and agree that it has been a remarkable 20 years together. They have a rock-solid and happy marriage. Lisa shows up looking lovely but melancholy, and wishes that Darren was there. She needs him and I feel very sad for her. Poor Lisa Nicole.

Quad is late for dinner despite the warning and Simone decides to begin without her and Greg. Simone asks Mariah to make the toast. Genise’s husband, Courtney, tries to give a Kumbaya speech that no one really understands. He starts off with a metaphor about marriage and rafting, and ends wishing everyone success in their marriages. I give him an A for effort. Simone looked confused and asked jokingly, “Whatcha talkin’ about Willis?” Simone asks the table, “When is it okay to keep a secret from your spouse?” Eugene mentions strip clubs. Toya pipes up, as expected, and the couple begins yelling over one other. “Shut up,” Toya tells Eugene. He glared at her, “Don’t tell me to shut up.” Toya interrupted, “I didn’t say that. Stop putting words in my mouth.” She then ordered Eugene to put the biscuit on which he’s munching in his mouth before he goes too far. Sheesh. Last week, Toya commanded him to stop eating, watch his diet and this week, she orders him to stuff a biscuit in his mouth. Make up your mind, Toya!  Her level of respect for Eugene is truly lacking and she thinks nothing of talking down to him in front of the group. This happens repeatedly. Eugene did attempt to stand up for himself this time. Heavenly looked at Toya with a side-eye knowing that level of disrespect would not fly in her marriage. Eugene again raises his voice at Toya and Cecil takes his side.

Quad shows up late and prefaces it with an apology. Mariah notices that Quad’s apology was readily accepted and feels like the group singles her out. Damon tells a story about Heavenly standing by his side and being full of determination. Aydin is praising Mariah for acting like his Mother and putting the family above all else. Quad begins a speech and starts to cry. She thanks Greg for allowing her brother and his family to move into their home. Mariah smirks at her tears and believes it’s for show. Cecil expresses how blessed he is to have Simone as the mother of his kids, and how she also reminds him of his Mother. My heart is really hurting for Lisa Nicole, and then I am reminded that Jackie is also alone. Simone feels that something is very wrong with Jackie’s marriage because Curtis has not yet shown. Where could he be? Simone shows up at Jackie’s hotel room to ask about Curtis. Jackie explains that Curtis has gone over the edge. He is not being understanding regarding her busy work schedule. He is not an obstetrician and does not understand the pressure. Simone is afraid Jackie may lose her marriage if this continues. Simone also feels that Jackie throws herself into her work to avoid thinking about her battle with breast cancer. Jackie breaks down and Simone reaches over and gives her friend a warm hug. Simone and Cecil should have expected the drama that follows this group like a grey cloud. They would’ve had a more relaxing anniversary if they went alone.

Scenes from next week show more details of the rough patch between Jackie and Curtis.


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